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Chapter 14 - Rise of Ultron

LEGO Marvel Avengers Walkthrough and Guide by mogg1342
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Chapter 14 - Rise of Ultron

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Here you have Quicksilver and Scarlet Witch in your team. Simply track the ghost studs first to the elevator then to the Quinjet once you get outside.

Minikit #01: When you start the level proper with Hulk and Black Widow, climb up at the beginning and this collectible can be seen just below the first overhang.

Take Hulk and start climbing, smash the debris on the platform to your right. Continue until you get to the next platform. Grab the rock here and throw it at the damaged section of the train. Enter the train with Widow and create handholds she can use. So climb until the train gives way. Hop onto Hulk and have him climb to the top. Take control of Widow next to aim at the target marker. Make your way over to the top of the train and fire at another target marker.

Minikit #02: Send someone with scanning ability to check the side of the train from the ledge just before you land on the second train.

Kalaue Henchman Character Token: Search the area for a white vehicle and wreck it.

Continue up the wall with Hulk while keeping a look out for three more target markers for Black Widow to shoot. Hop onto the ledge and proceed to the next section.

Minikit #03: Use your scanner on the statue here to discover all of its destructible parts. Destroy all these to claim the minikit.

Minikit #04: There's a food cart hidden behind the statue that you can destroy and turn into a speed pad. Have someone like Quicksilver use to grab the collectible.

Minikit #05: To be awarded this minikit, you use Scarlet Witch to paint on a total of five Hydra graffiti in the area.

Take Scarlet Witch and let her have a go with her powers on the red truck, while Hawkeye breaks the window in the back. Create a drill and have Scarlet Witch use it on the right wall. Use Hawkeye to deal with the destructible sections. Circle around the debris using the handholds. In the next area, wreck some dumpsters and build something else. Scarlet Witch should then put this object on the building. Scale the rope to access the structure to the right.

Character Token: Ultron Sentry At the apartment building, destroy the planks blocking access to the room with this token inside.

Minikit #06: There is damaged wall panel in the apartment complex that characters like Hulk can smash. Power up the electric panel behind it with Thor's lightning attack.

Clear away whatever you can here then stand on the checkered bit and have Scarlet Witch take you up. Bust up more stuff including the golden wall in the back. Head on back to the streets through the new hole.

Minikit #07: Check in on the building to the right of the street to find a person you can hypnotize. After he pulls the switch, have Vision go through the vent to where this piece is waiting.

Minikit #08: Explore the rear section of the level to find a van with doors that can be opened by a brawny character. Do so and some birds will fly. You now need to find and shoot five of these birds to be awarded with this minikit.

Next you must face off with a rather large horde of Ultron sentries. Keep killing them until a counter appears to tell you how baddies are left. Get that number down until the battle ends.

Fast Dig Red Brick: The Collector has set up shop not far from the beginning of the Sokovia Streets. To get the flag he wants, scan the green van in the area and have someone like Hulk pull at the green handles. Build a speed pad from the bricks that you get, and send Quicksilver to get the item.

Minikit #09: This minikit is hidden behind a damaged panel that is cloaked in flames, not far from the beginning of the area. Douse this then smash through the panel.

Character Token: Thunderstrike Scan the side of the blue train to find a red handle for Hawkeye to pull.

Stan Lee In Peril: Again with the blue train, use Hawkeye to break the window on the right side to get Stan Lee out.

Minikit #10: Use you scanner on the truck near the Avengers Initiative Pad. Cut through the golden section with lasers. Move the objects inside using telekinesis. Reassemble the minikit from the bricks that appear.

Make your way to the opposite side of the train to find a car and trailer you can wreck. Make a switch out of them and have Cap access it. Cross over the newly filled section of the street. Douse the semi and have Thor break through the damaged wall. Use the Avengers Initiative Pad beyond the semi. Put Cap on it followed by Thor.

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