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Chapter 01 - Struck Off the List

LEGO Marvel Avengers Walkthrough and Guide by mogg1342
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Chapter 01 - Struck Off the List

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As with all Lego titles, you can try to pick up as much of the collectibles for each level as you want, but it would be best to leave them until you have access to Free Play. With that said, this stage begins with Black Widow and Hawkeye trying to get across the river. Try not to fall into the water as it will freeze your character. Use Hawkeye to shoot at the silver boxes then build control panel from the bricks that appear. Next, take Black Widow to stand next to the panel and activate it.

Send Black Widow to the spot indicated by the Avengers logo then press the action button so she scans the area. Keep an eye out for the locations as well as the sequence (order) of which the pulses appear, then examine each of these spots to find a red handle. Switch over to Hawkeye afterwards and aim at that handle to produce a rope that lets you get across to your destination.

Minikit #01: You should notice this frozen piece bobbing along the river at times. The ice must melted first before you can pick this minikit up. Do so with a character who can use lasers.

Once you are at the opposite side of the river, take Black Widow and have her use the gun to destroy the bad guys then aim at the gold section of the truck to move on. Next up, press the button indicated by the Avengers logo to reveal the Initiative Pad. Have your characters use it.

Minikit #02: Use Hawkeye's arrows to destroy a total of five red lights on the ground close to the Avengers Initiative Pad to get this collectible.

You will now be controlling Hulk and Iron Man. Start by moving past the mine then use Iron Man to fire at the gold chains on the ledge above. Next, use Hulk to pull the green handles off the wall to the right side of the gate. Then have Iron Man use his lasers on the gold brick to proceed.

Minikit #03: Use Hawkeye to deal with the red handle on the boards so you gain access to the mine's entrance. Ultron should then move the black bricks so Scarlet Witch can pull the cart out.

Minikit #04: You need to knock down the tower that stands across from the laser gate. Do so by having Captain America and Thor use the Avengers Initiative Pad.

Sentry Character Token: Clear away the debris on the ledge by the laser gate to reveal an electric panel that Thor can activate, to get this collectible.

Onward to the third section of the level with Captain America and Thor. You'll want to first hit the hovering enemy towards the frozen waterfall, to create a fissure which can then be smashed with Thor's Hammer. In the next room are some fires that can be taken care of using Captain A's shield. After which you must smash up anything that appears destructible and use the resulting bouncing bricks to bust through the wall here.

Minikit #05: In the room with fires, you'll find some bars blocking access to a control console. Destroy these bars and operate that panel on the other side for this piece.

Destroy the truck in the next area and create a switch out of it, to be hit with Captain A's shield. This opens the gate, allowing you to access the Avengers Initiative Pad. Switch it on and Captain America's partner gets replaced with Iron Man.

Minikit #06: This one requires somebody with stealth or cloak ability, like Fury or Black Widow. Use that to safely slip past the cameras undetected and activate the switch off to the left side of the bunker. Switch to Scarlet Witch next and hypnotize the person inside.

Classic Crossbones Character Token: Pick someone who knows how to dig and use that ability to deal with the patches in front of the bunker to find this collectible.

As Iron Man, you must destroy a total of 8 hostile aircraft and a missile will smash something near Captain America's location. Build a lever for the mortar out of the bricks; pull that one so the mortar turns then pull the lever to the right, which should open up some stairs in the back.

Minikit #07: While destroying enemy planes with Iron Man, there is a missile tailing him that you can destroy for this minikit.

Captain Universe Character Token: Destroy about 5 hostile aircraft with Iron Man to receive this.

Minikit #08: Pick out someone who knows how to use a scanner and use on the wall off to the right of the mortar. This will reveal some poles for an athletic character to use.

Minikit #09: For this minikit, there is a crawl space or grates that Vision can pass through. Then trace the golden hydra on the wall at the other side. Build a SHIELD logo from the bricks. Fly and snag the collectible.

Minikit #10: From the 9th minikit, head right to find a toll booth and smash it, so you can build a ramp instead for Quicksilver to use and get this piece.

Studs x2 Red Brick: At the beginning of Area 4 (where Captain America is joined by Iron Man, there is a space that Vision can access, and beyond it is control panel where you must input the green numbers. This grants you access to the garage and destroy everything inside to find the Strucker's Monocle. The Collector that wants this is on a ledge to the northeast of the area that you must fly to reach.

Stan Lee In Peril: You need to put out the flames off to the right of the above gun position, and take the boxes out of the elevator shaft.

Proceed up the stairs, turn right and smash some crates so you can create handholds to reach one of the guns. Destroy the thing when the prompt appears. Return to the fork at the stairs and turn left this time. Smash the gun position that you find here before dropping through the hole. Go left to find the last gun position after you put the flames out.

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