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Chapter 06 - Avengers Assemble

LEGO Marvel Avengers Walkthrough and Guide by mogg1342
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Chapter 06 - Avengers Assemble

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Start following the ghost studs to the Intelligence Center where you must proceed into the room to your right. Hawkeye and Black Widow will be here and your next task will be to locate the latter's bow. As Iron Man, scan the rear wall and smash the silver object to get what you're looking for. Go return it to the owner. With that done, follow the trail of studs to the Control Room. Use the elevator there and continue onward until you get to the Helicarrier's deck where a jet awaits. Get on the aircraft to proceed.

You will run into Loki again here, this time with Black Widow and Thor in your team. Use Thor's rolling dodge ability to close in on Loki so you can melee him. Loki will use his illusions trick after awhile, so counter this with Thor's lightning attack to stun your opponent. At this point, approach him to initiate the QTE sequence that ends the encounter

Minikit #01: You can spot this collectible at the top of the screen while flying the aircraft.

Minikit #02: After Loki flies off, search the top floor of Stark Tower for an electric panel that Thor can power up to make the minikit appear.

Back on Black Widow's jet, destroy a total of 13 hostile planes then destroy Chitauri flyers until you some missiles. Take Aim at Loki and shoot him to send him down to Thor. Kill off the goons first then approach Loki and use melee attacks on him.

Minikit #03: Search the streets for three fire hydrants and destroy them.

Minikit #04: Look for a sports shop at the southwest corner of the area and have Captain America extinguish the flames in front of it. Create a red handle from the bricks that appear and have Hawkeye pull it to open the door.

Minikit #05: There is a police car in the area that you can fix using either Ultron or Tony Stark. Do so and drive the car toward the bus at the end of the road to get this minikit.

Detroit Steel Character Token You need to use powerful characters such as Hulk to smash through the cracked object at the eastern section of the area.

Minikit #06: Keep an eye out on the street for a blue car that you can destroy to find a vent underneath. Send Vision through here so you can get inside one of the shops to collect this minikit.

Fast Fix Red Brick After defeating Loki on Stark Tower, seek out the Hats and Wigs shop and have Scarlet Witch move the obstacles away from the entrance so you go in. Collect the wig in here and deliver it to the Collector who is at the building across the street.

Minikit #07: This collectible is hidden in the van next to the Collector's location. Simply use Ultron's powers on the vehicle and destroy the box inside.

Kill off all the hostiles you come across and once the area is safe, have Hawkeye shoot the destructible silver object to find a civilian in the back. Next, send Cap to wait on the Avengers Initiative pad; approach him with Black Widow so they can team up to get to upper portion of the building. Stay as Widow, use the poles to your right to land on the bus where an enemy awaits at the end. Defeat him with QTE to initiate a crash that will smash the red vehicle. Get rid of more hostiles below and create something from the bricks. Widow should then scan the car nearby to reveal a gold piece underneath it.

Have Hawkeye destroy this gold piece then create a switch from the bricks for Cap to use. Hit the side of the bus to find a red handle. Have Hawkeye use this to open the bus so that the civilians can escape. Still with Hawkeye, break the glass window next to the bus. More civilians will escape. From here, return to the corner and proceed down the left street to the another civilian. Use Widow to scan for a red handle and Hawkeye pull set the person free. After Loki appears, have Cap extinguish the flames then get rid of the enemies to rescue one last group of civilians.

Minikit #08: After saving the final batch of civilians, there's a green car in the area that is blocking a vent under it. Blow this car up so Vision can access the vent then have a character that can dig locate a total of three digging spots. Finally, take someone who has telekinesis and set the statue pieces back onto the clock to claim this collectible.

Minikit #09: For this minikit, you need to use telekinesis to move or manipulate a total of three planters in the area.

Moving on with the level, continue right to find a cracked object for Thor to smash, then fire at the silver section of the car with Hawkeye. There is an Avengers Initiative Pad next to the fire truck a little further down the road. Have Cap stand here and Thor interact with him. This blows another vehicle up, create a switch from the bricks and have Captain America use it.

America Chavez Character Token Have Hawkeye break the window on the driver's side of the fire truck to get this token.

Next on the destruction block is the green van for you to build a Deflection Pad out of. Have Captain A stand on that pad with his shield up, while Iron Man's lasers destroy the hostile vehicles as they pass by. One of them eventually destroys the bridge and sends you down to the area below.

Minikit #10: In the area with the Deflection Pad, you need to destroy all of the Chitauri ships using Iron Man's lasers.

Stan Lee In Peril Have someone with scanning abilities check the section underneath the collapsed bridge. Have Hawkeye pull on the revealed red handle.

Abomination Character Token Send someone with telekinesis to move the big brown object not far from the collapsed bridge.

Continue right and have Black Widow scan the wall to find a panel for Thor to destroy. Use the new handholds to climb back to the streets. There, destroy all the stuff and use the bricks to create a rocket. Thor should then power up the electric panel on it. When Hulk arrives follow the QTE prompts to deal with the alien, while Iron Main aims at the destructible silver parts on the creature. Destroy all of these and the stage ends.

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