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Chapter 02 - A Loki Entrance

LEGO Marvel Avengers Walkthrough and Guide by mogg1342
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Chapter 02 - A Loki Entrance

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Head left as soon as the level starts and operate the terminal to open a door close by. Switch to Maria and have her climb up the wall to the upper area. Destroy the blue boxes up to build a ladder so your partner can climb up. Switch over to Nick Fury, activate his cloaking ability then operate the control panel. Pay attention to the direction the arrows point to and press those buttons accordingly. This allows access through another door and Phil Coulson will added to your character roster.

Switch to Phil, jump down and head right. You should spot some silver boxes to be destroyed. Use these bricks to build a ramp. Now for the vehicle, switch to Maria Hill, go left and have her scan the Avengers symbols to reveal a wheel Clamp for Phil to smash. After your vehicle goes over the ramp, Turn invisible with Nick Fury and step onto the Shield platform, then send someone else to operate the control panel to move on to the next area.

Minikit #01: Drop off to the lower level at the beginning, and look around for a red box that Hulk and can open. This piece will be inside.

Minikit #02: Check along the right side of the area for a gold gyroscope, and have Ultron mess with the thing within it to claim this minikit.

Studs x4 Red Brick: Take a character who can fly and send him up onto the right side of the catwalk. Next hypnotize the person you see; pick up the rocket that drops and take it to the Collector, who waits along the west side on ground level.

Absorbing Man Character Token: Back on ground level, look for a shield switch behind a steel ladder and have Captain America toss his shield at it.

Minikit #03: Head to the right end of the catwalk and hit the target you see there to get this one.

Minikit #04: Head to the left end of the catwalk where you'll find a terminal for Thor to charge up.

Minikit #05: For this minikit, you'll want to descend along the staircase not far from Loki's first position where you follow the path to a busted machine. Both Ultron and/or Tony Stark can fix it.

Take Hawkeye to smash the shiny boxes at the middle of room so you can build a control terminal. Operate this to get a crate onto the crane. With Hawkeye, aim for the link between the box and the crane, sending the former down on Loki's head. Next, walk up to the crane to build an access panel that Nick Fury can use. Again pay attention to the directional input. Switch back to Hawkeye again and fire at the newly revealed glass panel, then climb up to the switch. For the next bit, simply defeat about 12 of Loki's illusions to proceed.

Leader Character Token: While battling Loki's illusions, look for a speed ramp along the right side of the area.

You're now in the garage with Maria Hill and Agent Williams as your team. Start by examining the control terminal just to the left of the massive door here. This should allow you put the car back together now. Do so and after the ceiling falls apart, build a control terminal from the debris so Maria Hill can use it to open the shutters to the right. Watch the bike wreck itself then salvage its parts for your vehicle.

Minikit #06: Check the rear left section of the garage for a Shield switch that you can activate. Scarlet Witch can then use the red key to open the safe for this piece.

Minikit #07: Check the rear right section of the garage for a vent that Vision can pass through.

Minikit #08: Enter the room to the left and have someone who can use lasers to slice through the golden wall inside.

S.H.I.E.L.D Scientist Character Token: Have Hawkeye fire at the glass of big red box off to the right of the area.

Stan Lee In Peril: You can send Hulk to smash through the cracked section of a van in the garage to free Stan Lee.

Minikit #09: Once you've activated the sprinklers in the garage, send a Hydra agent, such as Baron Strucker to operate the S.H.I.E.L.D. terminal to claim this minikit.

Minikit #10: This minikit should be visible during the early sections of the tunnel car chase sequence. Switch control over to Maria so you can snag this collectible when you see it.

The final section of this level involves a car chase where you can control both Maria (the one driving) and Agent Williams (the turret person). Your goal is shoot and destroy all the hostile vehicles in sight to complete the level.

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