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Chapter 9-2: The Weapons Factory

Knack Walkthrough and Guide by Bkstunt & AbsoluteSteve
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Chapter 9-2: The Weapons Factory

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Knack Guide Video 9-2

Head forward and kill the gun goblin when the boomerang guy is committed to his attack. Further in are some relics and a door with some sunstone behind it. Head up the stairs and defeat the goblins, then move on to a room with two gun goblins. Avoid their attacks and take them out one by one to make the door open.

Continue on past the conveyor belts and hit the lever. You have to ascend on the platforms now but its easy. Defeat the goblin up here and carry on, hitting another lever and heading up the ensuing platforms. Fight the two gobins here (gun first) and break down the door behind them for relics. Continue to the right and watch out for the crusher. Jump past it after it is done. Keep on going for a scene.

Metal Knack! Oh yeah. You're fairly big now so goblins should pose little problem. Go and knock out the first two and head right. You'll find some more puny goblins and an orc with a new weapon: a spear! He will thrust at you with it of course but can also charge it up and unleash a horizontal wave attack. Overall he's pretty easy.

To the left you'll see a magnet and get a warning from the doctor. We have no choice but to go through it for now though (it will take away all your metal bits). Follow the path and hit the lever to stop the magnet, then go back and you'll have to fight a spear orc. Use a power here if you wish to play it safe (Blast works well).

Continue north and get past the moving magnet, then take out the warmahher orcs. After you beat them the door on the right will open, but go punch the door outline to the north for:


After getting past the second magnet, defeat the two orcs you meet and go punch the north door outline to find this room and chest.

Continue on to the right for a scene.

Down here take your full-metal self to the north when the floor magnets turn off. You will need to put them in the machine. This will take a couple of trips but thankfully there is a pile of metal to the south. Once you get the machine going, go back and get full on metal then follow the conveyor belt.

Note: These floor magnets make you go *really* slow, but they don't actually take away your metal bits.

Follow the path to a room with some more metal in in. Break down the wall to the left for:


After getting past the crate-making machine, head to the next room with the pile of metal on the floor. Punch the left wall to find this hidden room and chest.

Further up are two warhammer orcs. They are on magnets that activate in a clock-wise pattern. Either Blast them or go up there and fight them. Past that you'll head upward and will need to dodge another moving magnet. There is also a room with some floor magnets (jump over them) and some enemies. Beat them up and you'll find another cube machine. Fill it up then head to the left for sun and a way back down You need to keep bringing it meteal until the path opens.

You'll automatically be sent to the next area. Go beat up the axe orc and break the north door for relics. Continue on and beat up the gun goblin and the melee goblins after him. The northwest room has some relics. Continue on and fight the goblins in the next room. The far one has one of those guns that shoots gunk so watch out and head past them for a scene.

Continue on and break the door for sun, then hit the lever. Use the platforms to go up, where you'll beat up an orc and do it all again (door, sun, lever, go up). At the top head past the conveyor belt and jump down to the metal bin. Bwahaha! Go forward and kill the enemies you see (the floor magnets will turn on and off). Head up and give up your metal to get through to the next area.

It's a trap! Quickly gather up two of the boxes here to gain some bulk (or three) and then get ready to defend yourself. The enemies aren't really that much of a challenge compared to the rotating floor magnets. They go in a clockwise pattern, so slowly move with it and you'll be OK.

Head into the next area. See the north path? Yeah, no. That's death. Head off to the left and kill the enemies here, then hit the switch they are guarding. That turns off the moving magnets. Head back and bulk up then head down the left path. No enemies here: just hit the lever and then go beat up the enemies on the north path. Feed the machine what it wants so we can carry on.

Once you land head to the left for sun stone and then follow that path to the end. Punch the far wall for:


After heading outside of the factory, take the left path and punch the wall at the end to find this chest.

Head to the right and beat up the axe goblin, then further in beat up the three gun goblins (dangerous, a Blast here works well). Keep going and in front of a gate are two spear goblins and a gun goblin. You can usually take one out before they know you are there if you rush in.

Head through the gate to end this part of the chapter.
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