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Chapter 5-3: The Legendary Land

Knack Walkthrough and Guide by Bkstunt & AbsoluteSteve
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Chapter 5-3: The Legendary Land

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Well... that wasn't very nice...

Head to the right for some sun then follow the left path. You will eventually come to a room with two spiders in it. Take them out. Now, the north wall here has two separate places you can break down. The left one has a spider in it and the right has sun. Keep on going and you'll soon have to drop down into a room full of spiders.

Kill one off quickly then carefully kill off the other three (air attacks after they spit). Three more spiders will show up from the right, so punch them as they come out to help yourself. Follow the path now and take out the bats you will come to. Pick up the relics you find and head north up the ramp for a really cool scene.

Wow, this area is neat. Break the three boxes here to grow bigger, then head to the door and use it (triangle). In the next area there are three lines of blocks cycling from left to right (or vice versa). However above each line is a seeker that sucks in the blocks. What you need to do (to each line) is to stand in it and collect blocks, but move before the spotlight comes down on you. Do that for each line to get bigger, then go north and use the door to get past it (see why you needed the blocks?).

Here run past the first seeker and on the second ones double jump (and then dash to the north) over them. Pick up the blocks you see and continue on for a scene.

So the big eye isn't playing nice. Ah damn. Run to the right and get behind the structure. Collect the blocks here and run to the next structure and get behind it. Now the next dash is going to be harder. Jump to the high block to your right and drop down once, then jump over the gap.

Continue on to a drop with some relics producing red energy lines on the floor. Jump to the middle of the first area then note that they are protecting the right path. There's a path down that way: jump over there to find:


During the big eye chase, once you first get to the relics on the ground producing red electricity, jump to the right to find a path leading to this chest.

Continue on and you'll drop down to another area with giant blocks giving you temporary shelter in the wall. Move when you can and step onto the teleporter. Here head forward, gather the bricks and then move into the eyes view. Drop down on the right and get some more bricks, then wait for the outer block to pop up so you can make a run. Look for a drop again, the we'll need to repeat this two more times. Only now the bricks raise and lower in unison. Make sure you collect the relics between runs and wait for the bricks to lower before going (as well as dashing towards the safe zones at the end) and you'll make it. Hit the teleporter at the end.

Here break all the runes and use the door. Once inside quickly break the two relic boxes and watch out for the golem to the north. He has four attackst o be careful of: a shield (do not punch this), a sword swipe for when you get close, a large spear attack (if you are far enough away the game will warn you with a dodge, but don't count on it if you are going up to him) and three small spear throws. Close the gap on him and hit him hard when you can (rush into him after his attack and get in a combo).

Further in jump past the spikes and open the door. Past that break open the relic boxes while avoiding the seekers and head north. Here you'll meet a new enemy: some animated relics. These things do a dash attack at you but can easily be jumped over. Plus when you kill them they drop the relics, so it is win-win. Destroy them and open the next door.

Here destroy another animated relic and continue on to a room full of floor traps. Jump to each box and break it, then open the door to the northeast. Head forward and kill the golem you see (kinda tight space), then head north again and take out another golem. Once you take him out open the door and you will be done with this part of the chapter.
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