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Chapter 5-2: Into the Depths

Knack Walkthrough and Guide by Bkstunt & AbsoluteSteve
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Chapter 5-2: Into the Depths

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Knack Guide Video 5-2

Head forward and take out the two miners you find, then head to the right and take out the next one as well (these guys are pretty easy). Keep going and kill the next two after that. One of them will have relics in case you got hurt. Continue on for a scene.

Head forward and take on the three miners here. Each of them is an explosive miner so be careful. Grab the sun from the south and head onto the conveyor belt and to the left. Over here a robot will chuck a rock at you. Take him out and then the miner at the top. Continue to the left and punch the dozer you see for relics, the take out the robot and miner past it. Head north now for a scene.

So, that guardian looks friendly right? Heh...

Head forward and lure the robot to you so you can kill it. Take out the bottom guards now and then the top one (there's some sun under the stairs). Head left past the conveyor belt and kill the robot and two miners you find. Further in you'll reach a large circular room. There's a single miner here but more will drop down from the upper right and left sides once you kill him, so be ready to smack any miners or robots that fall down for a bit to make things really easy on yourself. Some of them even have relics so you should be good.

Start up the generator afterwards and enter the elevator to see a good scene about Ryder. About time they advanced that bit of the story!

Head forward and take out the two miners. The weak door to the north has some sunstone behind it. Head to the right and the robot here will chuck some rocks at you. Dodge them and destroy him before he gets to the barrels, as they are messy. Note that you can destroy the barrels yourself but to do it safely you need to punch them and dash backwards.

Continue up the stairs for some more barrels being thrown at you and two more miners (a Blast stops them early here). Further in you'll drop down and a miner will enter a bot. This one is more dangerous than other ones: he can punch *three* times in a row and shoot some fast missiles at you. Just be wary of the extra punch and beat him up like normal. Past him two bots will throw some barrels at you (you could always just let them throw them all). Beat them up to open up the gate and continue on.

Grab the sunstone and head to the right. Two gun miners and a robot will be here (ah, only one barrel). Take them out, grab the relics and head north for a scene (the door is in sight!).

Head down and beat up the miner and miner robot. To the right is another dozer you can break for relics. Past that is a room with two miners and two robots. Watch out for rocks and take out the miners. The close robot will pick up a club so take him out while the back robot has an infinite supply of rocks to chuck at you (when you are near him and he's got a rock, do a small jump to make him throw it and make it safe for you to crush him).

Continue on and destroy the miner and robot you find. We're in for an up-hill battle now. Destroy the enemies while dodging rocks and climb up and kill the robot. Further up is a robot with barrels and an explosive miner. Save your sun and head up and smack them (get the miner and watch out for any of his death bombs). There's some more sun to the right. Keep going and soon you'll head up some steps to the area before the door.

Now this can be a rough fight, but thankfully you have Steve and I. Strategy for the win! There are *five* robot suits here, but at the start of battle only two are being used. Go around and destroy the three un-used suits first and foremost. After that use a Shockwave to destroy the two active suits. Now all you have to deal with is miners dropping down from the left and right sides. Kill them off as they come and when you are done go up to the door for a scene that ends this part of the chapter.
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