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The Throat of the World

The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim Walkthrough and Guide

by Chris Boots-Faubert  

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P05A: The Throat of the World

Before we do the next stage in our main quest we need to make a short side-trip to Shearpoint -- one of the Dragon Walls marked on the map.  If it is not on your map yet, go to Tumble Arch Pass and you will see it on your compass radar.

When you arrive you will immediately battle a Dragon, and when you approach the wall you will trigger the spawn of an undead mage named Krosis who can be a bit to handle because he sort of floats around casting spell after spell and using his boss staff to hurt you.  Yeah, but you are good, you can take him!  Just heal up and keep whacking at him until he is dead... Again?

With the final obstacle cleared away, loot his body and grab his three-enchantment mask, then head over to the wall and learn the Shout Voice, Throw Voice.  Yeah, it is not a sexy Shout but still, it is a new one.  You will need to spend a Dragon Soul to unlock it -- do that now so it is done.

After you have your new Shout fast travel back to Hrothgar you do the sensible thing and ask Arngeir -- but the conversation does not go quite the way I was expecting...  It seems he really does not like the Blades at all!    No matter what you say you are not going to please him, but if you are honest with him at least he will not go postal on you. 

While he cannot teach you the Shout -- he does not know it -- but he suggests that maybe it is time for you to chat with the Master of the Order, Paarthurnax -- you know, the guy on top of the mountain that you cannot reach?  It is time to learn the shout to reach the Master!

Follow him to the Courtyard where the other members will assemble and learn all three words of the Shout Clear Skies.  Now head up the steps and use the Shout to clear the path and head to the top of the mountain!

Master of the Greybeards

Master of the Greybeards

--== Meeting with the Master ==--

You will need to defeat a few Ice Wraith and a Frost Troll on the way up, and you will need to use that Shout more than a few times, but once you get to the top you meet... Whhhaaaaaat?!  The Master is a Dragon?!  But...  But...  We KILL Dragons!

Chatting with him you learn about him, but first you have to learn his Shout and then demonstrate it for him - so go do that now.  You actually have to use that Shout on him -- and once you do he seems very pleased to meet you!

Now the real conversation begins, and so do the revelations!  The Shout that you need is not his to teach it seems, because it was not created by the Dragons, but by the Dragonborn!  This is a problem, because they are long dead -- and are actually responsible for the problems that we are now having it seems -- the Throat of the World was the location that Alduin was at when he was defeated last time, and as you listen you learn that he was never actually defeated at all, he was sent forward in time to become YOUR problem!  They did it with the Elder Scroll -- remember the Elder Scroll?  This is an adventure about the Elder Scroll, I am just saying...

It appears that the Master knew the futility of the gesture that the ancient Nords made, and has been patiently waiting for Alduin to return.  As you listen you learn that obtaining the Elder Scroll just may be the solution to the problem!  And now it all comes full circle!  We not only need to find a bloody myth, we need to use that myth to travel back in time to learn the Shout we need...  Sure, no problem!

--== Before You Depart ==--

You have now flagged the next quest in the series, Elder Knowledge.

First listen to everything that he has to say -- it is all important -- then when you are given the option, ask him to tell you about meditation on the words of power...  Ask him to teach you Fus, Feim, and Yol now -- Fus is Force (Unrelenting Force Word 1), Feim is Fade (Become Ethereal Word 1), and Yol means Fire (Fire Breach Word 1).  Each of these words can now give you additional benefits when you use them, adding strength to your Shouts.

When you are done fast travel back to High Hrothgar.

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Comments for P05A:
The Throat of the World

2 comments, latest first.
May 5th 2013 Guest
I've finished the alduins wall quest but when I talk to the grey beards they will only give me quests to find words of power. My game is modded so would that have anything to do with it?
ID #280411
Jan 2nd 2013 Guest
this did not work for me. i already defeated the dragon and krosis but it just wont start the actual quest.
ID #235375