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Alduin's Wall

The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim Walkthrough and Guide

by Chris Boots-Faubert  

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P04B: Alduin's Wall

Getting Esbern to Delphine will be a challenge -- keep your weapon ready as there are more Thalmor patrols out and clearly they are searching for Esbern!  Retrace your steps back through the Ratway, through the Ragged Flagon, and out to Riften. 

Once you emerge fast travel to Riverwood and meet with Delphine at the Inn, where you will lead the way to the lair and Delphine and Esbern will begin dialogue.  Esbern puts the book Annals of the Dragonguard on the table -- read that to learn more of the story of the events of the war and Alduin's Wall.

Esbern now schools us on Alduin's Wall and the lore of it, and its location which is Skyhaven Temple.  The wall may hold the secret to killing the Master Dragon Alduin!  Your smartest move is to travel separately so you can go get your regular companion to join you...  But when you exit the Inn you exit into an Ancient Dragon Attack!

This is a really rough battle because the Dragon is strong and rarely lands -- so if you cannot do ranged damage you need to find cover and try not to die until you can get it on the ground!  Once you do get it on the ground be sure that you have your Resist Fire Potions and Health Potions ready -- best not to use those until you can really hurt this thing, stay under cover until then.

This was a nasty attack and people in town died...  That sucks, but on the other hand you just killed an Ancient Dragon!  Good on ya mates!

Deciphering the Wall

Alduin's Wall

--== Karthspire ==--

When you arrive you will need meet up with Esbern and Delphine -- lead them to the Temple and take out the Forsworn who are guarding the place -- including some nasty mages, so go careful here.  

When you reach the bridge turn the pillars so that they all have the bug-face and it will drop down, then try to keep up with Esbern as he is in a hurry to show you the trap floor ahead.  Basically you want to only step on the tiles with the bug-face on them --  and then pull the chain to turn off the traps on the other side.  Now it is safe for everyone else to pass, so head into the Temple and empty the chest on the alter, then Esbern will tell you about the Blood Seal.

Activate the Seal and you will open the secret door, gaining access to the main temple area and, once your team gets the lights on, Esbern interprets the wall for you.  It is a good thing you have him on your team -- he knows a lot about Dragon Lore.

Delphine concludes that there is nothing for it but to consult the Greybeards -- she does not like it but there does not appear to be a choice.  She tells you her reasons for distrusting them...  You have pretty much wrapped up what you can do here now -- so it is time to head back to the Greybeards to see what they know.

You unlock the Achievement "Alduin's Wall" (20 GS) and flag the next stage, The Throat of the World.

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Alduin's Wall

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Jan 18th 2012 heffe11
I found a room straight across from Alduin's Wall on the other side of the long table. If that is not helping center your self in the center of the wall then look west then go straight. that has a cool little sword on the table called dragonbone that does 61 reg. damage along with 35 extra damage to dragons, 10 points of shock damage to others. Then in the chest to the left of the table where the sword is on there is a chest with some cool stuff in it. Basically a blades armor kit. Kind of cool to look like an old blade.
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