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The Journey to Morthal

The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim Walkthrough and Guide

by Chris Boots-Faubert  

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The Journey to Morthal

As we begin the next stage of the story we will be visiting the town of Morthal -- as this gets us in the general area of the quest location.  If you have not already used the wagon to visit each city then use it to go to either Morthal (which is closer) or Dawnstar.  If you have, fast travel to one of the other.

There are basically two route you can choose from, east or west, and I recommend you go the western route through Morthal for two reasons -- the first is that it is closer, and the second is that there is a greater risk of being attacked by some harry mobs from the east.  But we are not actually headed directly to the quest location -- first we need to explore Morthor and some of the other sites in the area, and maybe wrap up a few minor quests!

--== Welcome to Morthal ==--

Quest Givers
-- Idgrod the Younger: Misc Quest -- Deliver Idgrod's Note to Danica
-- Jarl Idgrod Ravencrone: Misc Quest -- Assist the people of Hjaalmarch
-- Jonno the Innkeeper: Misc Quest -- Kill the Dragon located at Eldersblood Peak
-- Jonno the Innkeeper: Side Quest -- Laid to Rest.
-- Lami the Alchemist: Misc Quest -- Bring the Song of the Alchemist to Lami

Do some shopping -- there is an alchemist here -- rest, save your game.  You can flag a pretty cool quest at the Inn to investigate a set of suspicious deaths -- and one from the bard to investigate the Bard's College in Solitude if you have not flagged it already from another bard... 

Since we are here this is a good time to do the quest Laid to Rest -- which is loosely an homage to the book Interview with a Vampire -- so jump to that quest and complete it now! 


Solving the Mystery of the House Fire


Ghost Whispering

Back?  Well what did you think?  Tough kill at the end, right?  When you report back to the Jarl if you ask if there is anything else you can do, she offers you the chance to earn the title of Thane for her town if you like -- it basically means doing a three-part Miscellaneous Quest so why not?

Go ahead and jump to the Miscellaneous Quest Assist the people of Hjaalmarch and wrap that up now -- I will wait for you but hurry up!

Welcome back! 

If you flagged the Miscellaneous Quest Kill the Dragon located at Eldersblood Peak you are in luck because that is the peak that the town sits under!  Simply head along the path near to the top to engage the Dragon, kill it and then head to the top of the peak to learn the Dragon Shout Weapon Disarm!  Yes, that Dragon was guarding a Shout Wall...

That wraps up the quests for this section, and it is time to jump back on the Story Path.

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The Journey to Morthal

2 comments, latest first.
Mar 29th 2012 Guest
I love your walkthrough you actually put ALL the quests in logical order instead of the usual ...main quest...factions quests ... misc quests etc. Making some players feelthey have to do them in that order. I'm going to find your page for Oblivion and redo it. It will be like doing it new Smile
ID #127454
Dec 28th 2011 Guest
you skip to much in yor videos.. and u dont even help with quests!! -.-
ID #99868