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The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim Xbox 360 Cheats and Tips

We have 112 cheats and tips on Xbox 360. If you have any cheats or tips for The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim please send them in here. We also have cheats for this game on : PC : PlayStation 3 : Switch

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Easy Pickpocket Levels

Go to jail in Riften and unlock your cell door. In a cell directly across from your cell is a man named Black-Briar who you can pickpocket even after he has caught you. Pickpocket ALL of his stuff and then place it back into his inventory and pickpocket him again. Keep repeating until you have the desired Pickpocket level.

Free Training

When you have a Skill Trainer as your follower you can get any training for free. Train your skills and then ask them to trade and take the gold back.

Easy Gold

Marry a follower when completing the quest to get married and make them follow you so you can trade items. They will have 750 gold because of the store they run. Take the gold, leave, wait a day and rinse. Keep repeating to get as much gold as you want without having to sell anything.

How to Level Up Conjuration Fast

To perform this you must first buy or steal a horse. Then Learn the spell soul trap and use it on your horse. Your horse will not be hurt and your conjuration will increase. Keep repeating until you have the desired amount of conjuration.

Invincible Dog Friend

If you find yourself at Falkreath, speak to Lod. Once you accept the task of finding his dog, Barbas, go outside the village and you should locate it. Barbas will then lead you to the Shrin of Clavicus Vile, after which you will receive the 'A Daedra's Best Friend' quest.

Throughout this quest, the dog is invincible, must survive, and can't be killed. This means that you can use him for other tasks, and he will provide a very effective addition to your combat strategies.

Armor Duplication

At your house in Solitude use the armor stand and place any piece of apparel on the mannequin. Then immediately place it back into your inventory before exiting the menu. If you now leave your house and return the armor will appear on the mannequin and it will still be in your inventory. This tick can be performed using any mannequin (just leave the area) and it also works for jewelry.

Easy Illusion Leveling

To get an early increase in your Illusion skills, cast the Muffle spell as often as possible. It makes your movements quieter, and the bonus is that you can use it while walking around all the time.

You also gain general experience from doing this.

Mountain Climbing Glitch

There are a lot of mountains in Skyrim, and many seem too high to climb up. However, if you reach a point that is too steep, turn around and jump backwards, moving all the way. So you should be looking down the mountain and jumping backwards up it.

This should allow you to reach previously inaccessible areas.

Remove Fast Travel Weight Limit

If your hero becomes 'over-encumbered', it means that you can't fast travel. This prevents you from pillaging treasure rich locations and just traveling back to store it.

There is a way around this issue, however. Basically you just need to buy yourself a horse. Because horses can take the extra weight, the game allows you to fast travel in this situation, regardless of your excess weight.

Unbreakable Lockpick

It is possible to get an unbreakable lockpick during the "Darkness Returns" quest. This is part of the Thieves Guild in Riften line and if you refrain from finishing the quest once you have been given the 'Skeleton Key', you can keep it and use it to unlock doors and chests.

Use the Sneak Roll without the Perk

Activate Sneak Mode and hold the 'Sprint' button, if you then double tap the 'Ready/Sheath' button while moving forward you will perform a forward roll. If done while moving sideways you will instead do a hop in that direction.

Infinite Storage

Whenever you come across a storage container, you can store any excess items in it and should be able to return to it and collect them later.

This is not guaranteed but is nearly always the case. The only way to store items with no risk is to buy a property and keep them in there.

Oghma Infinium Glitch

To do this you must have Hermeus Mora's Daedric artifact, Oghma Infinium, and a house with a useable book shelf.

Activate the bookshelf and go to the books section and read the Oghma Infinium.

Choose your path then close the book and store it.

WHITHOUT leaving the bookshelf take the Oghma Infinium back.

Rinse and Repeat.

*Note: It is wise to save before trying this as leaving the bookshelf with the book in your possesion will cause it to dissapear as it is only meant to be used once.

This can be used to get your character to the max level, level 81, in about 15 minutes.




Rotating Models

You can fiddle with the models on all of the loading screens by moving the analogue sticks.

'Do Not Delete' Chests

Eventually you may come across an item in a shop's inventory called simply 'Do Not Delete'. It looks like a chest and, when purchased, will float in mid air. You can use it to climb to previous unreachable areas, and, if you get multiple chests, you can build some stairs!

It has been frequently reported as part of the inventory at Arcadia's Cauldron in Whiterun, though is not there all the time.

Constant Slow Motion

To perfom this you require a bow, arrow and the Eagle Eye Perk. Zoom in with the bow so the game slows down then reload a 'Save' file while still zooming. The game will now be in slow motion until you use the zoom again.

Easy Arrows

When you come across someone who is shooting arrows at a dummy target, you can pickpocket the arrows they have been using and then give them an arrow of another type - I.e. The one that you want to get a lot more of!

The NPC will then begin to use this type of arrow to shoot their target, allowing you to get them as they hit the target and build up a stash of your own in this particular variety.

"Glitch" How to get 100 Sneak,One handed,And speech.

Okay I tested all this stuff myself and it DOES work it might not if you've downloaded patches though, All you have to do is start a new character and follow the imperial dude into the tower but DO NOT take the gear from the trunk, Take a sword from the wall instead and sneak behind him and proceed to attack him every 5-6 seconds this gives you a nice chunk of sneak xp and a little bit of one handed xp he wont die or attack so don't worry once you get 100 sneak you can't just beat the living crap out of him to level your one handed "it takes FOR-EVER" but he wont fight back. Once you've escaped go right to riften and visit the black briar Meadery and talk to the guy standing behind the counter and ask him about Melvain Black Briar "forgot the *****'s first name" and then tell him to get ..

No Fall Damage

There is a way to remove the risk of fall damage when falling, as long as you are against a surface I.e. Falling down a steep slope. To do this, toggle sneak mode - this sticks you to the surface and stops you from receiving damage.

This means you can descend high areas much more easily knowing you are not going to take high damage.

Horse Swimming Glitch

There is a way to make your horse's slow swimming speed much faster. While in deep water, if you dismount the horse and then get back on, it should be able to effectively run through the water at high speed.

Changing Your Appearance

Head to the Ragged Flagon in Riften. There you will find a woman named Galathil who can "change your face." You'll be able to do anything except change your race and it will cost you 1000 gold to do it. This will also give you the achievement "A New You."

Picking Stuff Up

It may seem obvious to other people, but it took me a while to figure it out: to pick stuff up (bodies, objects etc) hold A while pointing at the thing. If it isn't too heavy, you should be able to pick up the object and carry it.

How to get Conjuration to 100 fast!

First, Find or kill a animal or human.Second, Use soul trap on it over and over again. Tada there you go I hope this helps!

Special pickaxe

If you fast travel to the throat of the world location (were Paarthurnax the dragon lives) you will see that it's not the highest point of the mounitan: if you go up the rest of the mounitan you will find a special pickaxe

Easy leveling with soul trap spell

As long as you kill something that was living as in animal or huminiod, you can use your soul trap spell on it after it's dead to raise your conjuration skill.

The hidden chest

There is a hidden chest in Dawnstar that contains very valuable and useful items such as soul gems, about 20 potions etc. To find it, first go to the iron mine in the city, but do not go in it (you can do that later). Next, look to your left and you will see two or three trees next to a mountain/ big rock. Go between the trees and the rock and look down where the rock meets the ground. The chest will be toward the mine (to the right). You will find it as long as you keep looking, for it does not stick out or show, but it will say "search chest". P.S. The chest refills regularly.

Easy starter pack

There is a chest in whiterun that is located under the skyforge.This chest is good in two ways: 1- about 70 percent of previous items sold to any vendor in whiterun hold will be transferred here. Along with other choice bits. 2- depending on your level of smithing you can find special armor's and weapons (including enchanted).To get these items you're going to want to enter whiterun and cross the mini moat and turn left follow this path and there should be a elevated stone ramp go up this ramp then turn left you should be facing a roof of a House jump on to the roof and keel jumping until you get to the top then Turnt right until you see a double headed dragon figure jump ontop of this head(May take a few tries).Once you get on top of the head(No pun intended) turn right again until yo..


In order to marry someone, go to Riftin (far right side of Skyrim) and head to the Temple of Mara. You can purchase an Amulet of Mara there for 200 gold. Then, wear it around, and someone will eventually tell you they're interested in you. It's more likely if you do something for the person before hand.

After the marriage, you can either tell your spouse to come live in your house, or go live in theirs (if they have one). You can switch houses later, if you want.

Ingredient Properties

Below is a list of every ingredient in the game with each and every one of their properties for potions. Hope you enjoy.

Abecean Longfin: Weakness to Frost, Fortify Sneak Weakness to Poison, Fortify Restoration

Bear Claws: Restore Stamina, Fortify Health, Fortify One-handed, Damage Magicka Regen

Bee: Restore Stamina, Ravage Stamina, Regenerate Stamina, Weakness to Shock

Beehive Husk: Resist Poison, Fortify Light Armor, Fortify Sneak, Fortify Destruction

Bleeding Crown: Weakness to Fire, Fortify Block, Weakness to Poison, Resist Magic

Blisterwort: Damage Stamina, Frenzy, Restore Health, Fortify Smithing

Blue Butterfly Wing: Damage Stamina, Fortify Conjuration, Damage Magicka Regen, Fortify Enchantin..

Cheating your way through Ustengrav

If you find that place where the horn of jurgen windcaller annoying, you've come to the right cheat. You can't skip ALL of it like this. Go to the room full of urns. Pick up a wooden plate (make it float) and put it flat against that REALLY suspicious rock... Its a door that only opens from the other side. Now, run as hard as you can against the plate. This make take a few tries, and you might have to move the plate a bit, but eventually you should glitch though the rock/door. Go to the end of the passage you find, and go though the door. Congrats, you've just cheated/glitched your way through most of a dungeon! (middle of dungeon to end of dungeon)

Secret Dragon In Blackreach

In Blackreach you will see a giant glowing ball of light suspended above the largest part of the Dwemer ruins there. Use Unrelenting Force on it and it should ring like a bell. Wait a few seconds and the secret dragon, Vulthuryol, will come flying in.

Super easy sneak level up.

When you start a new game and you get to the bear that you can either sneak by or kill, sneak by it but instead of passing by it, use a rubber band to put u'r remote in the forward position and sneak into a rock. Leave the Xbox on and come back the next day or so and you will have a sneak of level 100 or so!!!

Smithing/Enchanting/Speech/Alteration level exploit

Go to the bandit camp just north of whiterun. Once you get inside, kill a bandit outlaw. The one you want to kill is the first one you see. He should have the key to a nearby door. Open that door, and avoid the traps in the area. Get all the iron ores you can. IMPORTANT- do not smelt them. Reach the end of said bandit camp. On a table near a large chest, you will find a spell book that lets you turn iron ores in silvers ores, and silver ores into gold. Use this spell until all of the iron you picked up are silver, and then until they are gold. Leave the camp, and go to the nearest mine. Whiterun works for this too. Smelt all of the gold, and make as many gold rings as possible. This will raise your smithing skill like CRAZY. The transmuting spell will level your alteration skill. If you ..

Two Blades of Woe

If you have the pickpocket perk that allows you to pickpocket weapons, then you can have two Blades of Woe. Join the Dark Brotherhood and find Astrid. Hide behind her so that you can pickpocket her Blade of Woe. It will work as long as you are hidden. Later on, when she is burned after the attack, she will give you another Blade of Woe. Only problem: one is stolen and one is not. Who cares!!

Easy way to get arrows

Go to solitude an easy way to get there is to use a carriage near whiterun stable (make sure you have more than 50) find the archery training grounds there will be an archerer shooting in the target then go near the target don't worry you won't be damage when he is shooting then you will have lots of steel arrows (you can also sell them for 1g)

NOTE: you can only do this in the morning

Infinite cicero's armour

Do the dark brotherhood missions and kill Cicero Then get 100 conjurarion and take his armour then use dead throll too ressurect him teleport to any place outside of a city and he should be wearing his armour kill him take his armour then do it again as many times as you want.

Fast smithing level

Smith daggers,leather bracers or helmet to get more bonus activate the warrior stones. There is also another way to level up smithing use the grindstone or the table with the irondaggers and leathers bracers and helmet. It really works my smithing is now 91.

How to get and keep wuuthrad

Wuuthrad is a battleaxe given to you at the companion quest "glory of the dead" eorland will give you wuuthrad to get in ysgramor's tomb when you activate ysgramor quikly activate him again to wuuthrad back and the door will still be open even if you take the battleaxe back

Using Werewolf Totem Perks

To use perks like being able to call on werewolves you will need the Totems of Hircine. You can get the Totems by doing quests for Aela the Huntress at the Companion's. There are 3 in total and each will allow you to activate a perk. You can only activate one of them at a time though. The Totem of The Hunt gives you the ability to see enemies in a similar way to that of Detect Life. The Totem of Brotherhood will allow you to summon either Ice Wolves or Werewolves depending on which perk you have. The Totem of Fear will increase your howl's ability to scare higher level creatures or characters. You only need to howl (RB) to use whichever perk corresponds with the totem you've selected.

Beginner- Invisible Chests and Merchant Chests

There are several hidden chests throughout the map that allow you take any and all

Items desired and is not considered stealing. In this manner, you can begin with a higher

Level weapon of your choosing, some gold, and other things you'll need/use throughout the

Game before even beginning any of the quests. Keep the items you want and sell the rest for

More gold. A map will be very useful in finding the locations of these chests. Dushnik Yhal,

Orc Camp has an invisible chest in the blacksmith's hut. When you get to the hut, just look

Down and scan the ground slowly. You may have to crouch in order for the chest to register.

If you're still very low on level, you may not be able to get to that one yet. Daw..

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