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Companions of the Circle Faction Quests

The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim Walkthrough and Guide

by Chris Boots-Faubert  

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Companions of the Circle Faction Quests

The Companion House

The initial introduction to the Companions is made through a Miscellaneous Quest that takes you to talk to their leader and then complete a series of small stages before you are inducted as a member.  Following that the quests are all covered under this section of the guide.

Something that you should probably remember is that, like most things in Skyrim, there is often more happening behind the scenes than you realize or is obvious....

You can scroll down this page of the guide to find all the quests in section or use the links below to jump to the specific quest you are interested in.

Trouble in Skyrim
Hired Muscle
Proving Honor
Rescue Mission
The Silver Hand
Striking the Heart
Stealing Plans
Blood's Honor
Purity of Revenge
Glory of the Dead


Trouble in Skyrim

The Halted Stream Camp

Kill the Leader of the Halted Stream Camp is the order of the day -- but if you have already done this for the Bounty Quest you will be happy to learn that the game resets the mine portion so that you can kill the leader a second time!  If you have not already done this, you will be doing it for the first time, but it is still a straight-forward proposition -- go into the camp and clear out the bandits and then kill the leader.

With the deed done fast travel back to Whiterun and report in to let the Circle know that you have dispatched that evil doer, and you will end the quest.


Hired Muscle

A Little Intimidation

Your next task from Farkos is to intimidate the target designated by the client -- it seems we do all sorts of odd jobs these days!

Find Nazeem and you will discover that he cannot be intimidated, so you end up having to put a beat-down on him (brawl) so give it your best shot and put that bad boy down in the dirt!

Once you have completed the beating, return to Farkos to report your success, and get your reward and the next quest.


Proving Honor

The first step in this one is to go talk to Skjar -- and you learn that this is your final challenge before being admitted as a full member.  Your task is to retrieve a fragment of a special blade that is important to the Circle -- and Farkos is to be your buddy on the mission.  You are admonished to do well, and not get Farkos killed...

Talk to Farkos and ask him about the mission, the weapon, and whatever else you want to know...  Tell him to meet you at Dustman's Cairn and then get going in that direction yourself!

When you enter the dungeon with Farkos you will work your way through killing undead until you reach the very end of the dungeon -- the way ahead seems blocked so you look for a lever and find one in one of the alcoves -- but it locks you in!

Stuck behind the steel bar gate you watch as Farkos is attacked by a large number of foes -- with you unable to help -- and just when things look dim Farkos turns into a werewolf and kills all of them!  Whoa!  Did not see that coming!

The path that was blocked by a gate is now open so follow it deeper into the dungeon, taking out Silver Hand and Undead as you go, and eventually you will reach the doors to Dustman's Crypt and go inside, and ultimately you will arrive at the chamber outside of the main crypt, where you will find the key to the main crypt in a chest. 

Dustman's Cairn

Opening the door leads to an area with an Alchemy Bench -- if you have ingredients by all means go ahead and make some potions!  Go through the door to the right of the Bench and kill a few spiders and some more undead as you cross the double bridge over the water and in to another narrow passage that leads to an iron door and your destination -- the actual crypt.

On a table in the back is the blade fragment you are seeking as well as some potions and soul gems, and after you take them you are attacked by several waves of undead -- simply help in defeating them and then exit by the side exit that the undead opened, working your way up and out of the dungeon!

All that remains is to return to the Circle House and report your success -- and find that Vikas is waiting for you.  He instructs you to follow him and you do, to discover the members of the Circle are waiting for you in the back yard...

You are made a full member of the Companions, as this is your induction ceremony!  Good on ya!  Well done!


Rescue Mission

Valtheim Keep

This quest is obtained from one of the officers at the Companion House -- it has at least three variations but essentially it is a rescue mission.  You are told who needs to be rescued and where they are, and then told to hurry!

The mission that I received was to head to Valtheim Keep to rescue Skulver Sable-Hilt, who has been kidnapped by bandits!  The other variations of this mission are pretty much the same -- go to the place, kill the bandits, rescue the client, get them to safety.

Once you have rescued the victim you can fast travel back to town -- part ways and turn the quest in!

The Silver Hand

Talk to one of the officers to flag this quest -- and once you do you will be sent to speak with Skjor who will ask you to meet him at the Underforge -- ask him where it is and he will show you the way!  Follow him and he will show you the secret door on the side of the cliff.  Come back at night to meet him to learn about the mission.

The first part of this requires you to drink of the blood of the Companions and be turned into a werewolf!  You black out and, when you awake you are a werewolf!  Woot!  You can run around for a bit but eventually you will black out again and, when you wake up Aela the Huntress is with you.  She will answer your questions --

You unlock the Achievement "Blood Oath" (10 GS)

It seems there was a purpose to this transformation - you are going to help the pack attack the Silver Hand -- a band of werewolf hunters!  Take out the guards outside and then go inside the lower section of the ruined keep and

Taking out the leader and the rest of the Silver Hand in the Keep ends the quest.  Talking to Aela flags the next quest.


Striking the Heart

Beginning the Long Questline

Aela send you out to assassinate the Leader of the Silver Hand -- he is hiding at the Lost Knife Hideout -- so head in that direction and be prepared to start wiping out the Silver Hand!  As you approach you find werewolf heads and impaled werewolves -- head inside and start the slaghter because mates, we are in the Silver Hand Killing Business, and Business is Good!

Once you take out the leader you are to return to Aela, who is waiting for you at the Companions HQ.  When you arrive and report your success, she is very pleased with you.


Stealing Plans

Helm Hollow

The next job is to break into the Silver Hand Camp at Helm Hollow and steal their plans -- the location is in the far southeast, so head there now.  You have a few options - you can go all stealthy, or you can go all postal -- I went postal because hey, that's how I roll!

The plans -- a book -- are in the back of the cave, guarded by the leader...  So taking him out is a bonus!  Once you do that, loot the chest, grab the plans, and return to Aela -- who thanks you.  The quest ends.  You can ask her for work again -- and flag the next quest.


Blood's Honor

The Man-Wolf Seeking a Cure

It seems that Kodiak Whitemane has learned of the missions we have been doing for Aela and he wants a chat -- when you do chat with him you learn that he feels you two have gone a tad too far in the revenge business.  He then asks if you know the story about how the Companions became werewolves?    Let him tell you so you know...

After you hear the story you get your mission -- find the witches, kill them, bring him their heads!  Hey, this is not revenge mates, he wants to umm, yeah...  Yeah it is.  And it is solo mission too -- he wants us to do it alone!

The witches are located at Glenmoril Coven -- and you have two choices here depending on your level...  You can either sneak in and do it all ninja-like, or make a full-on frontal approach seeking a high body count.  You know what I did, right?  Nuh Uh you don't!  I went ninja, took out just the one I needed, and left!

The first thing you should be aware of is these witches like to blast fire-based spells -- so if you are lower level you may want to drink a fire protection potion, right? 

When we get back we discover that the Silver Hand attacked while we were gone -- Kodiak is dead, and the Silver Hand have won a minor victory...  And so ends this quest.


Purity of Revenge

Recovering the Fragments of Wuuthrad

The Silver Hand attacked the HQ and stole all the Wuuthrad Fragments -- we have to get them back!  Or at least that is what we have been told to do anyway.  Right, don't question the officers, get on the mission!

We are headed to Driftshade Refuge and we have the option of taking out all of the Silver Hand if that is what we want to do.  The important thing though is to recover what they took.  This is a bit of a trip as chances are you do not have any fast travel spots in close -- and this time we are not alone as Vilkas is with us!

The battle rages throughout the building until we reach their bastion, where we kill the officers and take back the fragments of the special blade that is the honor of the Circle!  After that we just have to return to the HQ and the quest ends!


Glory of the Dead

Rest in Peace Kodiak

After we returned to Whiterun the last quest ended and this one automatically begins, as it is the funeral of Kodiak -- who is laid out in state on the Skyforge.  His body is laid out on a wooden cairn and, after honorable words were said, the body is burned.

Eorlund Gray-Mane asks you for the fragments of the blade -- and then asks you to retrieve some other bits form the HQ -- so head on in and go to Kodiak's room, where you will find not only the fragment but also Kodiak's personal journal...  Hey, that may tell us how to cure our condition!  We should take it that and read it...

After we deliver the fragment he tells us that everyone is in the Underforge and they are waiting for us -- and we walk into a conversation in which the discussion of obtaining a cure is the topic...  And then Eorlund comes in with the now repaired axe! 

Follow the Circle out the main gate of town and to the tomb, where you will follow them for a while, and then realize that the place they are running to is halfway across the bloody Kingdom!  Fast travel is your mate, that is all I am saying...

At the tomb you join the Circle, and you place the axe on the statue which opens a secret door.  After battling through ghosts, spiders, more ghosts, and finding the switch, we end up in the tomb and whoa!  It is Kodiak! 

After you tell him about the idea to free him, he has you throw the witches head into the flames, and the released magic releases his Wolf Spirit -- which you kill -- thus freeing his soul!  This unlocks the Achievement "Glory of the Dead" (30 GS) and ends the quest.

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All - around great guide. Detailed- but not so much it gives everything away. And great sense of humor!
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I want to know how to sneak in there not kill everybody because when you are level four its not that easy to just kill everyone.
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thanks this really helped me it was a very detailed and useful guide Smile
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