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The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim PlayStation 3 Cheats and Tips

We have 51 cheats and tips on PS3. If you have any cheats or tips for The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim please send them in here. We also have cheats for this game on : PC : Xbox 360 : Switch

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Remove Fast Travel Weight Limit

Normally, if your hero is 'over-encumbered', you can't fast travel. This prevents you from pillaging treasure rich locations and just traveling back to store it.

There is a way around this issue, however. Basically you just need to buy yourself a horse. Because horses can take the extra weight, the game allows you to fast travel in this situation, regardless of your excess weight.

Easy Illusion Leveling

To quickly boost your Illusion skills early on, cast the Muffle spell as often as possible. It makes your movements quieter, and the bonus is that you can use it while walking around all the time.

You also gain general experience from doing this.

Rotating Models

You can move the models on all of the loading screens around by moving the analogue sticks.

Use the Sneak Roll without the Perk

To do this, just activate Sneak Mode and hold the 'Sprint' button, then double tap the 'Ready/Sheath' button and move forward, you'll then doa forward roll, but if you do this done while moving sideways you will instead do a hop in that direction.

Invincible Dog Friend

Visit Falkreath and speak to Lod. Once you accept the task of finding his dog, Barbas, go outside the village and you should locate it. Barbas will then lead you to the Shrin of Clavicus Vile, after which you will receive the 'A Daedra's Best Friend' quest.

Throughout this quest, the dog is invincible, must survive, and can't be killed. This means that you can use him for other tasks, and he will provide a very effective addition to your combat strategies.

Easy Arrows

If you come across someone who is shooting arrows at a dummy target, you can pickpocket the arrows they have been using and then give them an arrow of another type - I.e. The one that you want to get a lot more of!

The NPC will then begin to use this type of arrow to shoot their target, allowing you to get them as they hit the target and build up a stash of your own in this particular variety.

Mountain Climbing Glitch

If you reach a point on a mountain that is too steep to climb up, turn around and jump backwards, moving all the way. So you should be looking down the mountain and jumping backwards up it.

This should allow you to reach previously inaccessible areas.

No Fall Damage

When falling, as long as you are against a surface I.e. Falling down a steep slope, if you toggle sneak mode, this sticks you to the surface and stops you from receiving damage.

This means you can descend high areas much more easily knowing you are not going to take high damage.

Horse Swimming Glitch

When riding a horse into water, if it is too deep, the horse has to swim - and quite slowly. If you dismount the horse while in deep water, and then get back on, it should be able to effectively run through the water at high speed.

Unbreakable Lockpick

During the "Darkness Returns" quest, you can get an unbreakable lockpick. This is part of the Thieves Guild in Riften line and if you refrain from finishing the quest once you have been given the 'Skeleton Key', you can keep it and use it to unlock doors and chests.

Infinite Storage

If you hit your maximum weight limit, remember that you can store any excess items in storage containers around the world and should be able to return to it and collect them later.

This is not guaranteed but is nearly always the case. The only way to store items with no risk is to buy a property and keep them in there.

Infinite EXP

When your rescuer unbinds you at the begining of the game they will not retaliate if you then attack them. You can exploit this to level archery or any other combat ability on them without no consequence.

Max Speech Glitch

Speak to a Dark Elf named Ungrien at Riften and select the 'Tell me about Maven Black-Briar' option followed by the 'Persuade' option. The 'Persuade' option will now not disappear allowing for infinite experience and maxing out your speech.

'Do Not Delete' Chests

While exploring Skyrim, keep an eye out for an item in a shop's inventory called simply 'Do Not Delete'. It looks like a chest and, when purchased, will float in mid air. You can use it to climb to previous unreachable areas, and, if you get multiple chests, you can build some stairs!

It has been frequently reported as part of the inventory at Arcadia's Cauldron in Whiterun, though is not there all the time.

Easy Dragon Fights

So for those who are having trouble with fighting Dragons then there is a certain shield that you might want to obtain. To obtain it you must complete Peryite's Deadric Quest, his shrine is located in The Reach, far to the northeast of Markarth. Talk to the Khajiit and start the quest. Upon completion you will gain Spellbreaker, a shield that creates a ward that block 50 pts of Magic damage. Pretty much makes all breath attacks useless.

Wierd horse glitch

I was bored and went to the very top of the throat of the world and jumped off without a horse and I fell down the steep montain then died but when I did it with shadowmere he launched hundereds of feet and I fell off and slid down the steep hill hitting trees and the screen didnt go black and loaded my last save untill I stopped. Its not very helpfull but it's fun to watch I enjoyed doing it over and over again! Have fun!

Paper bucket

Ok so in winterhold in the museum you can cast a spell on the oblivion paper and it turns into a bucket (it's best to make sure nobody is there you have to pick a display case lock)

Infinite arrows

All you have to do is go to solitude and find a training post where a man is shooting arrows and wait minute and 15 arrows and can sell to weapons dealers

Easter Egg - Special Pickaxe

Alright so this is the first little Easter Egg that I will be letting you guys in on. This is a nice little pickaxe with some nice enchantments on it.

Req: Need access to top of High Hrothgar, Throat of World, where the friendly talking dragon is at.

Location: Top of Throat of World. Very top, as in above the word wall area. Go to world wall, turn around and look at the mini mountai in front of you. Get to top of that.

At the top you will see a few little ore mining thingies, malachite, moonstone, corodium, and Ebony. Might be one more. Not far from those is a small rock with a pickaxe on it or sticking into it. Pick it up and you have your Easter egg.

Stats: Worth like 300 septims. Does like 15 dmg plus 10 shock dmg. Also significantly increa..

Secret Perk

Nice little secret perk for ya.

Alright so firstly you need to have gotten far enough in the main quest to be able to recruit followers for the Blades (in Sky Haven Temple) from there you must recruit three followers into the blades. Then talk to Esbern and complete the Dragon Hunting quest, when you kill the dragon keep atleast one dragonbone and one dragonscale, return to Esbern. He will now ask you to help him with his research agree and you need to give him 1 dragonbone and 1 dragonscale.

In return he gives you a potion that once drunk gives you the secret perk, Dragon Infusion. This perk gives you a permanent effect of 25% Less Melee damage from Dragons.

Getting to the Major Cities

In the beginning of the game you will find that getting to one of the 7 major cities is quite hard unless you have already visited it once. Your best bet is to find a carriage, drawn by a horse, and talk to the driver. For a small fee up to 50 gold he will bring you to any of the 7 cities.

Free Steel Arrows

After you have joined the thieves guild there is a part of The Ragged Flaggon - Cistern where a guild member shoots an unlimited amount of arrows, all you need to do is collect them.

Stongest light armor

The strongest light armor ive found is glass armor and ancient shrouded boots and gloves with a volsung mask. Note:these armors need to be upgraded all the way using a work bench. the armor excpept glass armor also has very helpful enchantments. the ancient shouded armor can be found in hags end.

Easy Gold

In Skyrim money means everything and getting it can be rather challenging early on. Sure you could go out and risk your life adventuring but it is smarter to just take on smithing and enchanting. Most of the time the materials needed to make an item cost less then what you make meaning easy money buy just making a bunch of iron armors. Then to increase you revenue you just bring your armor to an altar of enchanting and give it an enchantment which increases it's worth. Just use this little strategy early on to build up a large profit and level up two skills a substantial amount.

Theives guild armor trick

Now as we all know, theives guild armor is not possible to get back once it is sold... Somewhat true and wrong. If you sold your armor well thats a different story but the rest you can get. The hands,head,and feet ware are near one of the beds in the theives guild sanctum well boots behind night stand.

Hope this helps, you greedy theives XD

Easter Egg - Leap of Faith

Assumed to be a reference to Assassin's Creed's Leap of Faith.

Location: Bard's Leap Summit, top of waterfall. Should be a raise walkthrough/platform, most ruins or large explorable places have em. Anyway it's above and over the large waterfall, at the end of it is a wooden plank.

Alright this is rather interesting, and slightly suicidal. First get to said platform and save, just in case things go horribly wrong. Then go to edge and jump off, INTO THE WATER. If done correctly some ghost appears and you get your speech skill raised by 1. If not done correctly you either die or have to try again.

The Gift of Charity Blessing

One of the three blessings gained by doing something other than praying to a shrine.

To get this all you must do is spare a single coin to a beggar, one gold.

Effect: Fortifies persuasion by 10 points

Duration: 1 Hour

Money cheat

Go to the gate. Then go to the side storage thing near the forge. Now jump on the BARREL and jump to the corner pointing towards the drawbridge ( try with light armor ) Then run towards dragon reach. Soon you will see a big lot of land not louded then go up that on the egde and walk throw the big rock near the corner. Now you will see the chest so loot it then sell it to the closes blacksmith and sell it to him.

Level up destruction and one handed all the way in first part o

Well in the part were you follow one of the storm cloak and you go into the stronghold he will ask you to find a key to open the gate well don't open it just start hitting him until he falls then stop let him back up then h

Is health should be back up just keep repeting this and your destrucion and one handed will go all the way up and don't weary he wont attack you back

Secret Weapon :)

Yep that's right,I have a secret weapon for you.

But of course this is for those who do not wish to cheat to get this weapon and for those who haven't discovered it prior to me leaving this.

This weapon can only be found, as far as I know, while you are doin the Brotherhood of darkness quest to Kill the Emperor of Tamriel. Once you get onto his ship (The Katariah) you want to navigate your self up to the main deck of the ship; eliminate any and all enemies that stand in your way and look for Mast that leads out over the front of the Ship. Walk yourself slowly out towards it's tip and you'll see a knife sticking out of the Ship's point, put your cursor on it and it'll say. "Take : Windsheer" Do so and, Boom, a Secret weapon. The weapon has a base damege of I believe ..

Critical hits with swords

For swords and Greatswords, there's a Perk in each tree which give them a chance to do critical damage. However, this extra damage is based off the weapon's original damage, not including any upgrades or damage modifiers. So the extra damage will be hardly noticeable.

Easy Troll Kills

Trolls are weak to any type of fire damage, so when facing them just take out a fire spell and sword. Shoot away your fireballs to deal some damage AND temporarily stop it's regeneration. Then hack away at it for a few seconds and shoot another fireball. Repeat this and any troll you face will be an easy quick kill.

Easy Mountain Climbing

So if your having some trouble with getting to the top of mountains or can't find a good path up then buy a horse. If you got Shadowmere then your good. Find yourself a mountain side and start galloping at it, hold down sprint while riding a horse, and eventually you should find yourself riding straight up a hill.

Yeah apparently physics isn't a strong point for Skyrim.

Easy Words of Power

After making it to High Hrothgar and completing the quest Grey Beards give you, you will be able to talk to them and get the option of finding a Word of Power from them. By choosing this option they will locate a Word for you, giving you a quest for it. Meaning you get the location. All you have to do is find it and learn it then return and ask for another.

Epic Glitch

During the Darkness returns quest for the thieves guild in the twilight place after you leave there will be a stone door in the way well go to the right side to the wall to the side of the door if you look to the left you can see past the door and you can jump through the graffics. There is also a bottomless pit through the graffics don't worry if you fall through it will spawn you back at the beggining of the dungeon. Note: you can tell because you can see through the graffics.


Many people have had problems with this game glitching, including me. I found out a way to stop it, although it can be costly at times. Switch off the Autosave option in the menu, and delete all unnecessary saves. This keeps the memory from getting clogged down with useless saves and such. Make sure you SAVE OFTEN if you do this though. Because the Autosave is off, it will not save whenever you walk through a door or something.


When killing a civilian, whether it be for fun or for defense, make sure you don't kill a quest character. Killing quest characters make's it impossible to finish a quest, and many unfinished quests can bug up your game.

Dont worry if you delete theives guild armor heres a lode off

Ok, as you know theives guild armor is only given once in the game.... Thats somewhat true and wrong. U see, in the theives guild there are beds circling the sanctum. Near one of the beds you will find on the ground and near the night stand theives guild hood, theives guild boots, and thieves guild hand ware BUT NOT ARMOR so make sure NOT TO SELL THEIVES GUILD CHEST ARMOR!!!!!

This is my first well hint hope to see more of you guys

I'm a noob :p

Getting past the "ice storm".

On highrothgar there is an ice storm that you must get past but are told that that you can get past it when you are ready.I for one could not wait,so I did a little mountain climbing and came across something that sparked my just so happens that you can get past it by climbing around it,the dropping down part is the kicker as you will almost certainly die from the I thought that using ebony flesh(a spell that you can steal from the safe in the silver-blood treasurey)would help break my fall.oh and you can also find the notched pickaxe at the very top of throat of the world.(it increases your mining ability and inflicts shock damage as a bonus).hope this helps.


In Sky Haven Temple there is a weapon by the name of DragonBane. Can only be found after defeating Alduin in the atrium just off the left to the main chamber also in room with it is Blades Armor.

This sword is a bit special as it has a levelled dmg rating. Depending on what level you are when you find it. It is also enchanted doing 20-40 pts of damage to dragons and 10 pts dmg to everything else.

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