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A Cornered Rat

The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim Walkthrough and Guide

by Chris Boots-Faubert  

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A Cornered Rat

After you sell off the loot you picked up in the Embassy, and take care of replacing any supplies you may need, it is time to travel to Riften and the next adventure on this mystery tour!

--== Welcome to Riften ==--

Quest Givers:
-- Balimund: Misc Quest -- Bring 10 Fire Salts to Balimund
-- Hofgrir Horse-Crusher: Misc Quest -- Strongest
-- Madesi: Misc Quest -- Materials for the Ringmaker
-- Maramal: Misc Quest -- Marriage in Skyrim
-- Marise Aravel: Misc Quest -- Find 5 Ice Wrath Teeth for Marise
-- Mjoll the Lioness: Misc Quest -- Locate Grimsever
-- Shadr: Misc Quest -- Speak to Sapphire about Shadr's debt
-- Svana Far-Shield: Misc Quest -- Obtain a Mark of Dibella

Finding Esbern

Finding Esbern

--== Back to the Story ==--

Chances are you will need to complete at least one Side Quest for Brynjolf before you can advance this quest, but once you can you will need to search the Ratway for Esben's hideout.  Simply follow the marker for the quest to the entrance to the Ratway, which is in the trench below the square, and go inside.

Expect to have to battle a few of the residents of this den of thieves as you work your way along, until you reach the Ragged Flagon -- which you have to go to anyway for the entry mission for the Thieves Guild.  You can talk to the bartender or Brynjold to get the information you are seeking -- either way once you have it, continue the mission and your search!

Head into the Vaults and watch out for the unit of Thalmor that were sent to exact revenge on you -- kill them when they appear and then work your way deeper into the Warrens, until you find the door and Esbern!

Talk to him to learn what he knows -- that black dragon that is raising the others is named Alduin and according to Esbern this marks the end of the world.   You reveal that you are Dragonborn and Esbern asks you to take him to Delphine, flagging the next quest in the story, Alduin's Wall.

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A Cornered Rat


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