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Chapter 7: Unwelcome Guests

Lego Batman 2: DC Super Heroes Walkthrough and Guide

by vhayste  

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Chapter 7: Unwelcome Guests

Return to the Bat Cave and activate the terminal to start this chapter. You'll have to fight Lex and Joker this time. Start off by riding the bike and shooting at them. Lex will then destroy this bike which you can assemble to change into his Electricity Suit.

Continue to the right and activate the terminal so you can change into the Bat Suit. Destroy the transparent material nearby then change into Robin's Acrobat Suit.

Jump to the Bat Wing's platform and reassemble the parts to create a bar that Batman can grab on. Ride the Bat Wing and shoot the nasty pair again to take out one heart. After the Bat Wing is deconstructed, use the pieces so Batman can use his Power Suit.

Next, head to the right this time and step on the two water pumps once you reached it. Ride the next vehicle and shoot the dirty duo again to take out another heart.

Superman will join you again in the next checkpoint. First, start off by cutting through the golden wall. Switch to Batman or Robin then grab unto the grappling handle to reach the next platform. Climb the wall to the next platform, then have Superman extinguish the flame. Destroy the box and reassemble it to become a bar. Do the same thing to the next box so your teammates can continue.

Use Robin to jump on the poles until the part of the cave crashes it and water flows in. Freeze it using Superman's breath then climb up. There's a Joker Card to the left as well that you can destroy. (1/3) Use Superman's Xray Vision to operate the gears and open the door.

In the next area, fly to the right and destroy the golden object to reveal the mini-kit behind. Fly to the central platform and you should find a civilian (Alfred?) trapped in a fire. Put it out to rescue him.

Once done, make your way to the left and destroy the silver object in the upper platform. You'll find the second Joker Card behind it. Have Robin change to his Magnet Suit then cross the other side via the blue pipes. Continue to the right and target the door with your grappling hook to open it. Get inside and destroy the last Joker Card to get the minikit. Have Superman destroy the golden device as well.

Control Batman now, which should be left behind at this point. Make your way to the right, on the platform where the golden boulder is before. Assemble the pieces so you can use the zipline to reach the other side. Destroy all the silver pieces in the central platform and re-assemble them to become a gyro ball control mechanism.

Switch back to Robin's Acrobat Suit, use the zipline to return then use the gyro ball to control the t-rex robot. Keep moving until it stops. Destroy the golden egg to get a minikit as well.  Grab hold of the grappling handle to reach the cavern then blow up the silver object. Ride the air current to exit the cavern and complete the chapter.


Free Roam

After the last mission, you should be able to control Superman now, allowing you access to more gold bricks and character tokens. Exploring the whole city will be a lot more easier now, thanks to his flying ability. You can also start activating all available bat terminals at this point. I recommend in finding the stud multiplier red bricks first as they'll make your life easier later on. Refer  to the other sections of this guide for more information on how to find any particular gold brick, character token, civilian in peril or vehicle.

When ready or if you want to simply continue with the story, head to the flying aircraft

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Comments for Chapter 7: Unwelcome Guests

8 comments, latest first.
Nov 27th 2014 Guest
To blow up the silver object above the fan target it like you would with the batarang
ID #477094
Nov 16th 2023 zFPWdwPk
ID #782087
Nov 23rd 2014 Guest
How do you blow up silver object
ID #475255
Apr 26th 2013 Guest
how do you break the rock in the way!!!!
ID #277778
Apr 20th 2013 Guest
Who do you start with on free roam
ID #275829
Apr 6th 2013 Guest
Targeting the door with the grappling hook doesn't open it!!! Help
ID #271065
Dec 27th 2012 Guest
Which flying aircraft?
ID #229592
Sep 16th 2012 Guest
the fan dose not take you to next level
ID #186581