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Chapter 14: Tower Defiance

Lego Batman 2: DC Super Heroes Walkthrough and Guide

by vhayste  

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Chapter 14: Tower Defiance

You'll have two more allies here; Cyborg and Green Lantern. Cyborg has laser eyes that has the same effect as  Superman's Heatray vision. He also has the ability to pull magnetic objects. Green Lantern in the other hand, can fly and assemble green lego objects.

Start off by destroying the golden case in the middle to get a mini-kit. Head to the right and pull the hanging vault and destroy its knob. Assemble the green pieces using Green Lantern afterward. Use the green hand to pull some debris in the fiery lower floor and create a footbridge.

Cross the narrow footbridge to the right then pull the orange bar and destroy the debris there. Assemble the green lego pieces and wait for it to destroy the elevator door. Assemble the parts to change into Robin's Ice Suit. Freeze the water and climb up.

Melt the golden door to the left then defeat all enemies inside. Hop on the Batwing ride and wait for it to stop until a mini-kit appears. Continue to the left until a part of the upper floor collapses. Use the Ice Cannon to shoot the two ice switches. Pull the cover open then use Cyborg to scale the magnetic  blue pipes.

Once in the upper level, head to the right and melt the two golden containers. Assemble the green pieces and wait for it to clear the debris to the left, and free up some lego pieces which can enable Batman's Power Suit.
Continue upstairs to the left and destroy the elevator gate. Go inside for a short scene. Put out the fire using the ice cannon, then shoot the ice switch. Pull the grappling handle to ride the air vent up.

Activate the ice switch to change to the Electricity Suit. Continue to the right and drain the power from the generator.

Continue up the ramp and power up the generator. Next, use Green Lantern to reconstruct the green lego pieces. Enter the exhaust fan to reach the next part of this level.

Start by destroying the containers ahead to free up the green lego pieces. Have the Green Lantern assemble it  to remove Robot Joker's hands off the glass container ahead. Melt the golden plate to open it, then drain the electricity so Robin can change to his Hazard Suit.

Clean up the toxic spill then destroy the containers. Assemble the pieces so it'll form an orange handle on the nose of the chopper. Pull it out to create a pathway. Head north and put out the fire on the electric outlet. Charge it using Batman for the robot to clear the debris. Continue head for a boss fight.

Start off by destroying the air conditioning units and assembling them to become a missile turret. Operate it and shoot the robot on its stomach. It will release some green lego pieces. Shoot two more times until it destroys the turret and releases all the necessary green lego pieces. Assemble them to hit a critical blow on the robot.

Rooftop fight.

You'll be in a free fall sequence. Press A to dive and catch up with the robot while evading the debris and rockets. Once you landed on the robot, you have to wait for the Joker himself to finish throwing his pies and firing the first barrage of rockets. Stay close to the hatch where he appears and he'll wave after his second rocket barrage. That's the time to hit him. Repeat this process three more times until he's defeated.

I'm free... free falling!

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Sep 10th 2012 Guest
[quote][/quote] how do you get the cannister in this area? Tried everthing
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