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Minikit Guide - Chapter 8

Lego Batman 2: DC Super Heroes Walkthrough and Guide

by vhayste  

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Minikit Guide - Chapter 8: Destination Metropolis

LexCorp VTOL (Minikit)
Required Characters: Cyborg, Lex Luthor

During the flying sequence at the start of the mission, you'll see two golden patterns in front of the aircraft. Destroy both to get the minikit.

Once inside the airship, destroy the two metal chests to the right and reassemble the pieces to become a switch. Pull it down to reveal the minikit under the hatch.


(Free Play)

Once inside the airship and taking out the chopper, deconstruct the two walls and two black objects inside. Step on both switches and the minikit should be accessible from the vent near the ceiling. Fly there to obtain it.

In the first area inside the airship, you'll find a large battery. Destroy it to count for a minikit.

In the next area with a large kryptonite radiation filling the room, fly up a bit to find a glass panel to the left. Destroy it to get the minikit.

In the area where you need to shoot down two jetpack-equipped goons, activate the Joker box to the left to open the next area. Destroy the battery inside.

Clean the toxic sludge on the lever then activate it. Switch to Robin's Acrobat Suit and operate the gyro ball mechanism. Use it to play a mini-game and destroy 10 targets to reveal a mini-kit.

In the same area where you need to shoot down two jetpack-equipped goons, head to the right and deconstruct the black box to get some green lego pieces. Reassemble them and wait until the minikit appears.

Hammer time

In the same area where you need to shoot down two jetpack-equipped goons, deconstruct the door to the right and destroy the last battery for a minikit.

Next, destroy the lego blocks to the far right and reassemble them to become a hovercraft. Ride it to get the minikit that will appear. Hit the red circles on the wall as well to remove the cover of the minikit in the middle. Reach it using the hovercraft.

Hover time

After opening the door and reaching the room before the cockpit, deconstruct the black lego piece to the left the pull the orange bar to get the minikit.

Last one

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