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Minikit Guide - Chapter 9

Lego Batman 2: DC Super Heroes Walkthrough and Guide

by vhayste  

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Minikit Guide - Chapter 9: Research and Development

Police Car (Minikit)
Required Characters: Cyborg, Flash, Aquaman

Melt the golden part of the capsule containing a mini-kit to the left side of the lobby.

Head to the right and deconstruct the black parts of the capsule. Reassemble the parts to get the minikit. Next, fly to the second level and destroy the silver lock on the switch. Pull it down then destroy the containers inside the room to the right. Reassemble the green lego pieces and a minikit will appear where the green device explodes.

Deconstruct and destroy

After taking out the first kryptonite field, you'll have to melt the golden outlet cover. Charge it up destroy the silver piece beside the outlet. Shoot a bomb inside the conveyor belts to power off the next kryptonite field. Next, pull the blue magnetic part then activate the switch. This will change the conveyors' direction. Shoot another bomb inside to blow up the silver holders and free up the minikit.

Head to the right to find the first out of five monitors you should destroy for a mini-kit. After taking the elevator, you should find another monitor to the left. Destroy it as well.

Head to the right and destroy the glass cube. Activate the lever to remove the protective covering of the box beside you. Activate it using the Joker to get the minikit.

Deconstruct and destroy

After reaching the upper floor by riding the air current, you'll find another monitor to destroy.

Continue deactivating the machines as you head to the right. In the second machine where you need to melt the cover, there should be a minikit behind it.

Continue further to the right to find another monitor, right after the third machine. Fly to the other side to find the last monitor. Destroy it to get the minikit.

Switch to Aquaman to clean the sludge then to Cyborg to pull the magnetic cover. This will reveal a minikit.

Hidden minikit

After defeating the LexCorp robot prototype, fly above where the reinforcement switch is to get this minikit.

For the last minikit, clean up the toxic sludge to the lower right corner then activate the switch. Change to the Flash and step on the red pressure switches until all of them are lighted. Once the platform brings down the necessary parts, assemble them to get the minikit.

With the right groove

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Comments for Minikit Guide - Chapter 9

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Dec 2nd 2014 Guest
my 6 year son and I are trying to get to chapter 9, research and development. we have finished destination metrophis, but can not find the next level. can anyone help ??
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