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Chapter 8: Destination Metropolis

Lego Batman 2: DC Super Heroes Walkthrough and Guide

by vhayste  

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Chapter 8: Destination Metropolis

You'll start this level as Superman. Press and hold X to use his Heat Ray vision to destroy the targets and enemy choppers. You'll spot two golden patterns in front of the aircraft so destroy them for the minikit.

Cleaning the skies

As soon as the second phase starts, have Batman pull the covers of the two lower power conduits then have Superman melt all four of them to remove the barrier.

Head inside and use Batman to pull hook in front of the helicopter, then hit the pilot to make it crash.

Not a good idea

Change to Superman then use his X-ray vision to fix the conduit and get access to Batman's Electricity Suit. Switch to Batman then drain the power from the other powered outlet and insert it to the unpowered outlet to the right.

Next, destroy the two metal chests to the right and reassemble the pieces to become a switch. Pull it down to reveal the minikit under the hatch. Use the lift up then have the two characters pull down the switch. Next, melt the pattern on the golden wall to create a path.

Head to the next room and melt the locks. Superman can't get past the kryptonite glow so switch to Batman to assemble the pieces to cover the kryptonite radiation.

Head to the next room and kill the two hovercraft pilots. Ride one of them then press B to fire missiles. Use these to destroy the silver parts in the room. Assemble to broken pieces near the shafts to stop the enemy reinforcements then assemble the pieces in the middle for the two robot claws to become operational. Finally, melt the thruster of the rocket so it blows up the next door.

Continue forth and destroy the golden pipes powering the robot pods to stop the flow of androids. After that, fly up through the hole in the ceiling then pull the power handle.

Assemble the pieces to change into the Bat Suit. Destroy either one of the glass vents to either side then ride the current up to regroup with Superman. Destroy the large glass to access the pilot compartment to complete the mission.

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Comments for Chapter 8: Destination Metropolis

6 comments, latest first.
Sep 22nd 2015 Guest
Pls help! I complete level 8, batman falls, superman catches him, scene cuts to research, lights turn off and screen says "return to Gotham" with no other options. Loading screen starts with hints/tips across top and then nothing else happens. My child is getting most distressed!!!
ID #610566
Jun 9th 2015 Guest
i did it and it worked fine. good job with the walkthrough! :D
ID #568035
Dec 7th 2014 Guest
That does not work when i get the shattered suit and shatter the glass at the top it breaks and the games is down. Can give me more help we need to get to the next level
ID #481839
Aug 21st 2014 Guest
how do you get on this mission im looking for it its making me confused
ID #439049
Mar 1st 2014 Guest
The pilot does not get into the helicopter.
ID #360011
Jan 16th 2014 Guest
My helicopter does not go up to hook it
ID #344342