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Chapter 9: Research and Development

Lego Batman 2: DC Super Heroes Walkthrough and Guide

by vhayste  

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Chapter 9: Research and Development

After the scene, you'll be thrown in a boss fight immediately, after the Evil Receptionist.

First, destroy the Lex Luthor logo where the boss is standing on. Then, assemble the pieces so Batman can change to his Power Suit. Use the power suit's bombs to take out the boss's hearts. For every heart taken, the boss will call in reinforcements. After dispatching the reinforcements, the boss will jump back and turn around while scattering projectiles. Wait for it to stop spinning before targeting it with your bombs. Repeat until it is defeated.

Even his receptionist is evil

Once done, have Superman melt the golden part of the capsule containing a mini-kit to the left. Then, stand in front of the green wall and use his X-ray vision to fix the power pipes and enable the escalator.

Continue upstairs then destroy all the silver pieces. Reassemble the parts to fix the lever. Pull it down to call the elevator. Ride it up to the upper level. Destroy both pieces then assemble the parts so Batman can change to his Electricity Suit.

Drain the power in the middle to deactivate the kryptonite field. Proceed to the right and have Superman melt the golden outlet cover. Charge it up with Batman then change to his Power Suit. Destroy the silver piece beside the outlet. Shoot a bomb inside the conveyor belts to power off the next kryptonite barrier.

Continue to the right and carve open the golden plate to activate the elevator. Proceed to the next level and destroy the golden lock on the vault.

Assemble the pieces then change to Batman's Sensor Suit. Operate the valve in the middle then press on the switch to the right to destroy the target and the guards that will respond. Repeat this two more times to finally destroy the black wall and force the robots to break the glass open. Destroy them then ride the current up.

Continue to the right and destroy the golden parts to stop the heavy kryptonite flow. You may need to fly near the ceiling the destroy the rightmost part. In the second machine, pull the handle then destroy the mechanism behind it. Assemble the pieces on the ground to create a lever. Activate it then switch the Batman.

Pull yourself up using the grappling handle then make your way to the right. Destroy the pieces to change into the Bat Suit. Return to the third machine and destroy the glass panel so Superman can pass.

Destroy the rotating Lex Luthor logo then step on the switch. Switch to Batman then glide to the other side. Destroy the bots and remove the glass door. Activate the switch to power off the kryptonite field. Carve the golden wall open then go through it to reach the next area/ checkpoint.

Destroy all the enemies then examine the green wall. Activate all the pistons to open the door. Destroy the table in the middle and reassemble it to become control seats.

Take your seat to control one of the robots. You'll be fighting the LexBot Prototype next. This is an easy battle; keep distance from it and wait for it to charge. Before it hits you, move away then attack it. Repeat it until it' defeated.

Lex Bot 2000

Once done, the scientists will attempt to turn the valve to call in reinforcements. Kill them before they do; otherwise, turn the valve off yourself. Continue to the right and destroy the two panels using the Bat Suit's Sonic Gun. After that, destroy the golden wall. Ride the elevator next to complete the mission.

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Comments for Chapter 9: Research and Development

7 comments, latest first.
Feb 17th 2014 Guest
how do you get aqaman
ID #356086
Sep 6th 2013 Guest
Just keep flying and flying at that arrow. Gotta stay on that arrow's heading for about 20 seconds after reaching the riverbank...thanks to previous posters for the tip.
ID #308529
Jul 1st 2013 Guest
to get to level nine you fly with superman to metropolis. There should be an arrow to guide you.
ID #294157
Mar 24th 2013 Guest
As per above follow the river. To do this go back to the batcave and then call up the map nd got to the zoo and from there follow the river using superman and little yellow arrows
ID #266609
Mar 23rd 2013 Guest
Me and my 7 year old son also found this very frustrating. We kind of stumbled on level 9. but what you need to do is fly superman down the route of the river near wayne towers. As you fly little arrows will appear on the screen and you need to follow them. you will the be on level nine, once you have flown to the right place --- good luck
ID #266417
Mar 9th 2013 Guest
please help me i cannot find a way to get to level there a secret door or pasageway. please help me
ID #261973
Jan 2nd 2013 Guest
my 7 yr old can't get onto level 9 from gotham city. how do you do it, the blue bricks guide us to a bit we have to do as electric batman and collect gold bricks but once we have gold brick it doesn't tell us where to go?? help from a very frustrated mum with a very very frustrated 7 yr old!
ID #234781