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Minikit Guide - Chapter 5

Lego Batman 2: DC Super Heroes Walkthrough and Guide

by vhayste  

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Minikit Guide - Chapter 5: Chemical Crisis

Joker's Helicopter (Minikit)
Required Characters: Lex Luthor, Green Lantern, Joker, Poison Ivy

After the checkpoint and when Superman joins the group, look for the five small fires you can douse. These look different that the large flames where you need large amounts of water to put out. Superman's Freeze Breath should be enough.

Third checkpoint, on the rooftop, there are five golden cabinets that you can destroy. There are three in the first area; two on the ground and one is located on the wall overhead. The other two are located in the other side, one is located near the power switch while the other is to the far right. After destroying the fifth cabinet, you'll get the minikit.

(Free play)
When you reach the green chemical vat, fly up and you should see a golden cover on the pipe. Destroy it to get the minikit.

Beside the purple chemical vat are some silver pipes. Blow them up then pull the lever down. Jump on the nearby vent to reach the minikit above.

Continue to the right and you should find some black parts beside the water vat. Deconstruct them and re-assemble the pieces. Pull the orange bar to get the minikit.

Hidden minikit

After crossing the large chemical vats, you should see a minikit behind a silver laser fence. Simply fly over it to get the minikit.

At the start of the checkpoint, clear the toxic sludge and fire to find a black covering on the wall. Deconstruct it and destroy the gift box. (1/3) For the second gift box, power up the rightmost power outlet to open the vault cover. For the third gift box, you'll need Robin's Acrobat Suit.

Make your way to the area with the large screen with the Joker's face on it. Destroy the two panels on both sides so you can assemble them to a gyro ball mechanism. Destroy the colorful cover on the lower right to reveal a power outlet. Use Joker to power it up then have Robin activate the mechanism and select the conveyor icon on the screen to reveal the third gift box.

Fly to the right to find a golden support base above a chemical tank. Destroy it then use Green Lantern to assemble the green pieces and get the minikit.

At the start of the checkpoint, pull the magnetic lock to reveal a glass floor panel. Use the colored pumps to guide the ball to the exit. Once you made it out, destroy the ball to get the minikit.

Ball control

After turning off the electric field, switch to Poison Ivy and examine the vine ahead to reach this minikit.

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