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Chapter 10: Down to Earth

Lego Batman 2: DC Super Heroes Walkthrough and Guide

by vhayste  

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Chapter 10: Down to Earth

Approach the giant robot to start this mission. You'll be facing Joker Robot this time. Start by destroying the layers of targets on both of its feet until you reach the silver layer. Take out the enemy chopppers sent to you then switch to Batman to destroy the silver layer. Continue doing this process until you destroyed the thrusters and reached the checkpoint. During this sequence, you'll be able to rescue a civilian in peril by destroying all choppers.

Joker Bot 2000

During the this sequence as well, you can shoot all five flying Joker Boxes to get one mini-kit each.

With the right groove

After the checkpoint, destroy the golden part near the feet then reassemble it to become a missile turret. This will take out the roving chopper and award you with a mini-kit.

Jump to the left then pull the canopy of the chopper open to kill the pilot. Once it crashes, reassemble the pieces to change into the Power Suit.

Continue forth and destroy the left rear exhaust fins of the robot, then melt its golden plates with Superman's heat ray. Pull the handle to take out the fuel lines. Three turrets will appear afterward; destroy them all to get another mini-kit.

Do to the same thing to the other exhaust and fuel line to complete the mission.

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