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Stahl Arms Infiltration

Killzone 3 Walkthrough and Guide

by vhayste  

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Stahl Arms Infiltration

The early part of this chapter is just like replaying the first chapter. Once you've reached the factory floor, you'll be instructed to create a diversion. Look for the glimmering valve and activate it. Next follow Rico until you reach the broadcast room. Watch the following scenes.

Note: If you want to unlock the Shattered Trophy, you need to destroy every glass panel in the next few rooms. Keep a look out and destroy them all.

You'll be carrying the portable Arc Cannon. as your heavy weapon. This is especially powerful so use it as you see fit. Start by fending off the enemy attack. There's also an ammo crate here in case you need it. In the next room, take out the enemies. Be careful of the capture and shock troopers. The arc cannon is practically effective here as it ignores light obstacles and cover, and has a spread effect. Replenish using the ammo crate before if necessary. Continue to the next objective point and go upstairs for another scene.

There's an ammo crate inside the room to your immediate right. Clear out the first wave of enemies here until Rico moves to the terminals. More higs will appear from the balcony so take cover and get rid of them as well.  Before enter the  data center, you may look around and destroy the glass panels. The tricky ones to find are the ones on the second level, on top of the datacenter and the ones on the second level, above where you came from. The others are not hard to miss so refer to the video below to find the ones on the second level.

Shattered Trophy - Glass hunting

Clear the first wave of enemies then the next wave of flyers. Climb upstairs and take out more enemies. There's an ammo crate here as well. Kill the enemies on the other side of the factory then take the lift down. Take out the enemies there. Be careful of the missile troopers up in the balcony and shock troopers on the ground. Head to the next lift then help the POWs clear the enemies in the next room.

Continue outside and equip the jetpack if you want. Take out the footsoldiers and the missile launcher in the far end of the factory yard. Finally, an ATAC will appear. Take cover and shoot it while its hovering. You don't need to chase it around as it has a fixed flight path and pattern. Just keep shooting it until its destroyed.

ATAC Battle - Bird of Steel

You'll now be using a Helghast Ice Saw. You need to steer your vehicle and use the guns at the same time. The gun sight is fixed so you need to manually adjust your direction to align the reticule to your target. The good thing however, is its secondary weapon that locks automatically locks to the target and fires a volley of homing missiles. Destroying all dropships and enemy ice saws will unlock the Iced trophy. Watch the following scene and the chapter concludes.

Speeding Ice Crusher

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