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Six Months On

Killzone 3 Walkthrough and Guide

by vhayste  

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Six Months On

Be careful of the tentacled plants as they'll stab you if you get near. Be wary of the bomb-like bulbs that explode when shot. Continue along the path until the next scene triggers. Once in control, melee kill the guy on your right then shoot the one on the ledge. You can pick up the rifle since the silenced SMG you're carrying right now is considered as a sidearm. If you want things to go smoothly, stick with your silenced weapon. Carefully move along then crouch in the grass as your partner tells you to. Wait for the helghast to stop and turn his back before sneaking behind and melee killing him.

Continue forth and stick to the shadows. Wait for the two helghasts to move beside a burster plant then shoot it to kill them both. Killing them using this method will unlock the Spiky Personality trophy.

Spiky Personality trophy - Burster surprise

Move along and boost yourselves up. Wait for the arriving troops to disperse before leaving the tunnel. Crouch and move through the grass and behind cover. Take out the enemy soldiers one by one. When you encounter two more soldiers, stay put and use the burster plants to kill them both. Continue forth and creep to the shadows. There will be two more soldiers on the ground and one patrol on the ledge ahead. You can do this  either by: (1) headshotting the patrol on the ledge (or the burster when he's near it) when the duo below are not looking or (2) wait for the duo to stop under the ledge then kill them both by shooting the burster near them.

Never There Trophy Part 1 of 4 - Ninja Trainee

If ever the cover is blown and a signal flare was launched, Capture Troopers will appear. These are those soldiers armed only with blades. Shoot them first as they rush towards you then quickly press L1 once it appears to melee kill them. If you didn't press L1 fast enough, you'll die. Doing so will unlock the trophy Turn the Tables. If you're after the trophy “Never There”, you may need to restart the chapter/section to “clean” the slate. Continue through the tunnel and outside until the scene triggers.

Turn the Tables Trophy - Hunter becomes hunted

You'll be alone here so you need to move fast and quiet. Stealth kill the first trooper as soon as his partner walks away. Follow the other helgh and kill him within the tunnel. Next, wait for the nearest trooper to stop and turn his back. Sneak behind and kill him immediately or just place a headshot on him to prevent him from alarming the others. Step back a bit then carefully snipe the trooper above the ledge. Go through the small tunnel to the right then snipe the helg ahead, beside the tunnel. Finally, take out the trooper standing on the edge.

Never There Trophy Part 2 of 4 -Stalker 101

Continue forth until you reach the next open area with a couple of helgs. Wait for the one on the ledge to go to the farthest right then snipe him. Kill the other one afterward. You can also hide behind the waterfall to the left and takeout the guards as you see fit. Move ahead and carefully take out the helg inside the cave.

There will be more enemies on the other side so don't just shoot haphazardly. Wait for the troop carrier to move then crouch in the grass. Even if it seems to obvious that they're too thin or short to provide adequate cover; but still, the enemies won't see you. Forget about engaging the enemies here as you stand no chance. Carefully thread the grass and watch out for the two helgs that will climb down from the right. Stick to the shadows and carefully move to the next patch of grass. As soon as a troop carrier walks down, quickly move back to cover as it will detect you and alarm the nearby helgs. Once it leaves, move along the grass up until you reach the next cave. Continue forth until the next scene triggers.

Never There Trophy Part 3 of 4 and Trophy unlocked: Grassman

Once ready, melee kill the first helg in view. You can get through the area by either going to the left or right. Both provide adequate cover and efficient killing spots. Take out the enemies then approach the control panel.

Never There Trophy Part 4 of 4 - Mister Assassin

Note: If you managed to reach the uplink without alerting a single guard, the trophy Never There will be unlocked after the scene. Refer to the Trophies section for more details.

After the scene, switch to your primary and fight off the helgs. The biggest threats here are the troop carriers. Run to the right and take cover. You can use the small cavern to snipe and shoot the mechs' heads to destroy them. If you need ammo, head back to the ammo crate and replenish. There's also a light machine gun beside the crate in the middle so don't forget to pick it up as well.

Climb up the ramp and through the tunnel until you reach the next open area. Take cover and fend off the helg assault. Continue whittling down their ranks until the area's clear. Continue fighting your way until you find some allies. Follow the objective marker until you reach the base. Keep following the path until the next scene is triggered.

Once in control, you need to stand your ground and fend off the attack. There will be plenty of ammo here so don't hesitate to go all out and kill as many as you can. Use the LMG against the troop carriers to destroy them faster. Fall back as your allies do. Just keep fighting them until the enemy deploys a smokescreen. Watch the following scenes and this chapter ends.

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