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Killzone 3 Walkthrough and Guide

by vhayste  

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Be careful of the orange, glowing insects since they'll explode when you get near them. Your shotgun pistol works wonders against them. Push your way forward and clear the path. There are LMGs from helghs here so look out for one. It will help you in clearing out the enemies more efficiently. Make your way to the airlock and press the button. Watch the next scene.

Once back in control, take out the volatile bugs first. Move along and take out more helgs and sentries. The gravity control will be offline somehow as well. There's an ammo cache on the ground level, to the left should you need to replenish your ammo. Continue clearing the path until you reach the gravity control Valve. Turn it to re-activate the gravity then take out the enemies in the next room. There will also be a Heavy that will appear, as well as some sentries. The Missile Launcher will be your weapon of choice here. Don't completed head inside the room so you can easily have access to the ammo crate right outside. Take the elevator afterward and fight your way to the airlock.

Continue fighting your way through again. The enemies all have heavy weapons so don't be foolish to rush. Dig in and shoot behind cover. If possible try to get one of the LMGs from fallen helgs. There's also an arc cannon halfway in this corridor. Continue to the objective point and watch the scene.

You'll be on board a strike ship. Like the other vehicles you've ridden before, R1 is MG/mini-gun fire while L1 fires the homing missiles. You need to use both in order to survive the whole ride. Concentrate on taking out the fighters until you find Stahl's transport. You'll then need to destroy his cruiser's engines and guns. Take out the fighters first then the defensive guns. Next, take out the warp coils. Watch the following scenes.

You'll need to chase the cruiser down as it descends. You need to shoot down the missiles using your MG and your own homing missiles. Finally, release your nuke once you get the prompt to do so. Watch the credits.

Final Boss Part 1 of 3

Final Boss Part 2 of 3

Final Boss Part 3 of 3

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