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Phyrrhus Evac

Killzone 3 Walkthrough and Guide

by vhayste  

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Phyrrhus Evac

You'll be in the gunner seat of an HAMR. You have two weapons at your disposal; the heavy machine gun to the right (R1) and the cannon to the left (L1) Use the cannon against enemies behind cover or enemy armor. Remember to go easy on the MG trigger since it will overheat after continuous fire and will take a few seconds to cool down. When you reach a section where there are turret emplacement and dropships, prioritize the turrets first as they'll easily chew you guys down. After that, take out the missile troopers, then the drop ships. A few direct cannon hits should be enough to take them out. Killing 40 foot soldiers during this sequence will unlock the trophy Mopping Up. See the Trophies section for more details.

HAMR helghan sweep

As you continue forth, enemy APC will start chasing you down as soon as you see your cruiser overhead. Just focus your gun behind the vesicle and concentrate on one target at a time to kill them faster. Get rid of them all to unlock the Sawn Off trophy.

Sawn Off Trophy

You'll encounter heavy armor as well that will take a considerable number of direct hits before getting destroyed. Make sure to make your shots count to avoid getting too damaged. Take out the MG emplacements along the way as well. Continue doing this until you trigger the next scene. Destroying all tanks in the area will unlock the Smoking Wrecks trophy.

Smoking Wrecks trophy - Ah, the smell of burning metal...

You'll be alone to flank the enemy force and take out their MGs. Go upstairs and follow the corridor. Continue breaking the doors until you find an MG emplacement. Take out the helg and man it to tear down the enemy forces below. Once your allies successfully pushed through, leave the MG and continue forth. There will laser sights as soon as you take the next hallway, indicating the snipers on the other side. Hug the walls then carefully move till you reach the corner. Kill the unwary snipers then use their rifles to take out the other snipers if you want. Move forward as you clear the enemies on the buildings and continue until the next scene triggers.

Use your sniper rifle to take out the MG positions. While here, you can also attempt to unlock the Eagle Eye trophy by shooting 6 helghasts using the sniper rifle without reloading or changing weapons. This is the best spot to do this since the enemies are technically limitless until you clear the MG positions. Make sure to get rid the ones closes to you as they'll most likely target you.

Helping the ISA, one bullet at a time.

Move along as you clear the targets within your line of sight. There's an ammo crate around the corner if case you need it. You still need to clear out of the snipers that will appear from the buildings. Don't bother killing the ground troops for now; just concentrate on taking out the snipers. Once you've cleared the snipers, the allied ground troops will request assistance in killing off the few remaining helgs. Take them out and watch them demo the arc.

After the scene, you'll be given access to ride the EXO. Piloting the EXO is rather easy as the controls are pretty much the same as when you're walking. You can sprint, jump and fire two different weapons. The machine gun overheats as well and the missile launcher has low firing rate so do your best to maximize their effectiveness. The EXO is sturdy but it is not invincible. Use covers to avoid enemy fire as you normally do on foot.

Into the moving steel cage.

Regroup with the convoy and take out the enemy fortifications. Take the broken fly-over to the left and take out the enemy tanks as well as the arc cannon on the other side. Enemy MG emplacements may be hard to spot from a distance since they blend well with the ruined buildings so take note where the tracers are coming from and zoom it to increase your accuracy. Take out the remaining enemy armors and emplacements to update the mission objectives.

Once in control, follow the path and take out the enemy forces, including the flamethrower-totting ones. Around the second corner is a ramp to your right, which you can climb to pick up the flamethrowers dropped by the flame troopers a while ago. This is considered as a heavy weapon so you'll still have you primary weapon with you. Continue fighting your way and clear the path. You'll soon encounter an enemy NPC. Immediately take cover and shoot them with your assault rifle or burn them to crisp as they charge towards you using the flamethrower. Continue upstairs and watch the next scenes.

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