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Scrapyard Shortcut

Killzone 3 Walkthrough and Guide

by vhayste  

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Scrapyard Shortcut

Follow the main path until you reach a deadend with a couple of explosive barrels on it. Shoot it to clear the path. Continue following the path until the scene triggers. Backtrack a bit and grab the Boltgun from the nearby weapon cache. Sentry bots and helgs will attack right before you cross the footbridge. After getting rid of them, continue along the path to reach a gate. Take out the guards then place a demo charge to blast it open.

Fight your way through the first corner then replenish your ammo using the nearby crate. Take out the sentry bots first then take down the sniper in the upper platform. Clear the area of enemies. Use your Boltgun to take out enemies behind cover. Once cleared, head to the crane then use the ladder to go up. More enemies will appear. You can switch to the sniper rifle or stick with your Boltgun to take out the Helghast reinforcements. This will consist of several dropships as well as some ground forces rushing in. Take note of Rico's prompts since he'll tell you to watch the ladders if ever there's any enemy that managed to break through. Take out the last couple of sentries and Rico will be able to operate the crane and smash open a path for the two of you.

Climb down and go through the broken gate to continue. Take cover and take out the helghs that will start rushing in. Again, the Boltgun will be practically effective (normally) here. Just don't rush and move from cover to cover.

Note: If you're after the Pinpoint trophy, you may want to pick up the Sta-14 Rifle from the weapon rack here before the next section starts. Otherwise, you won't have the chance to get it again unless you start off the previous section again.

Continue along as a scene is triggered. You'll encounter a Heavy with some footsoldiers so immediately take cover and take out the lesser armored helghs first. Then, concentrate on landing headshots on its head and force it to expose the tank on its back. Shoot the red tank on its back to damage it and to kill it. If you managed to kill the Heavy using a StA-14 Rifle, you'll also unlock the Pinpoint trophy.

Pinpoint trophy

Once you're inside the mobile factory, grab a heavy weapon of your choice (Boltgun or the LMG) then head inside. After clearing the first room, continue outside and destroy the sentries that will appear. Follow the walkway until you reach the next ammo crate. Stay put and wait for the enemies to appear. Take them all out then follow Rico. Continue clearing the path until you reach the interior. Let Rico open the door and continue to the top. Take cover and take out the helghasts as you push forward. Use the mini-gun to take out the flyers. Take note that Rico can't revive you while he is using the mini-gun. If you're having problems keeping yourself alive, take out the mini-gun and carry it on foot so you can move to cover if you have to. Just quickly  mount/remove the weapon to replenish its ammo.

Continue forth; just make sure you move behind cover since there will be helgs carrying missile launchers and shotguns. Finally, you need to break through the heavy AA guns. There will be missile launchers scattered here so use them to destroy the guns. Once cleared, go downstairs and blow open the hatch using a demo charge. Immediately lob some grenades inside and kill any stragglers to complete this section.

Mobile Factory Showdown

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