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Basics and Tips

Killzone 3 Walkthrough and Guide

by vhayste  

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Like most shooters you've probably played, there's no healthbars or health counters in KZ3. As you take damage, splattered blood appears in your screen. If you continue to take damage, your screen will turn red, citing critical damage. You need to take cover and avoid taking damage to recuperate and restore your health.

You don't die immediately after taking fatal damage. Your partner Rico can also revive you as long as he's not taking heavy fire, incapacitated or if you're not too far from him. Take note that if you die too often, he won't be able to revive you anymore, resulting in instant death. You can also revive fallen (named) allies using the same method.

Fight from Cover
Take note that your character is not heavily armored nor bullet resistant. The Helghast sport some really powerful weapons in the game and you'll really die easily if you're not careful or if you're not fighting from cover. That said, always try to find the nearest cover as you advance through enemy fire. This will help you survive and take out enemies more efficiently.

Heavy weapons
Unlike its predecessor that only allows you to carry a primary weapon and a sidearm, KZ3 allows you to carry a heavy weapon. These include the flamethrower, WASP, missile launcher, mini-gun, arc cannon, etc. Mounted weapons have infinite ammo but they can be detached from their mounts so you can carry them with you. Take note that detached heavy weapons will have a limited ammo supply which you can replenish using the ammo crates scattered along the way or just by remounting them.

There will always be times when you can't use mounted weapons efficiently because of heavy enemy fire. In this situation, it is better to detach the weapon and shoot enemies from cover. When low in ammo, you can run and remount it to replenish its ammo. You can repeat the process until you whittle down the enemy resistance.

That said, ALWAYS carry a heavy weapon.

Brutal Melee
There will be instances when charging towards an enemy and finishing him off with a melee kill works best than shooting him. The game will allow you execute brutal melees and kill enemies off instantly and stealthily. For heavier enemies, you need to deal damage to them first before you can execute them with hand-to-hand combat.

Keep yourself oriented to your mission objectives by pressing the UP arrow in your DPAD to make the waypoints. This will help you get around confusing hallways and buildings.

Ammo Crates
You'll find plentiful of ammo crates along the way that will replenish all your ammo (heavy weapon included) and your grenades. Running back to an ammo crate will give you access to infinite ammo, especially if you're engaged with numerous enemies. The crates looks the same and they're glimmering, making it easy to spot them.

This game offer pure action and shooting fun. Don't worry about exploring the area too much since Kz3 doesn't have any collectibles at all!

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