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Follow the dark path or use the light

Chapter 14

Dead Space 2 Walkthrough and Guide

by vhayste  

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Chapter 14

From here on, an new necromorph, called the Ubermorph will appear. This regenerates its body parts so your best bet is to chop it down to pieces using your ripper (or any weapon of your choice) then use stasis to slow down its regeneration. Quickly hack the panel and use the stasis recharge station as needed. Open the door and start running. You'll come across this chapter's first log on the floor (Illegal Evacuation), along the hallway. 

This necromorph will follow you, in addition with more enemies that you need to take care off. Continue fighting your way until you reach a large room with a security scanner. You need to take the dead body of the scientist in the middle platform and have the scanner scan it and unlock the door. There's also a log located near the body. (Evacuation SNAFU) The regenerating enemy is also here, in addition to advanced pukers and slashers so you need to work quickly before you get overwhelmed. Loot the lockers and power node inside when you have the chance. The best way to do this is by grabbing the corpse from a distance then throw it directly to the door. If done correctly, the scanner should be able to register the corpse and unlock the door for you without too much fuss. If not, kill all enemies then disable/ slow down the Ubermorph and manually grab the body and present it to the scanner.

After exiting the room, keep running to the next two hallways. Before entering the corridor on the second catwalk, check behind the pillar to grab a power node and a random item. Fight through the narrow corridor as the Ubermorph joins the fray. Take out the slashers and call the elevator. Stand behind by the elevator door while waiting for it.

Upon disembarking the elevator, quickly work on opening the door as more enemies, including the Ubermorph appears. Disable it and exit through the door. Activate the panel to enter the vacuum. Hover and make your way through the dangerous machines. There's also a nest at the far end so carefully move through the dangerous flame jets while evading/ shooting its projectiles.

ZeroG Sequence

After clearing the area, turn on the gravity then head to the next area. There's a secure storage here so open it with a power node and loot the stuff inside. Past it is a room with a store, save point and workbench.

TIP: This is where you can earn unlimited number of Power Nodes and ruby semi-conductors. Save your game, exit it and reload it. Now, make your way back to the secured storage room earlier and you'll find replenished power nodes. (If you see credits only, just restart the checkpoint and try again.) Now head back to save your game, reload the saved file and do it again. Sometimes you'll get one or two power nodes. If you're lucky, you'll find two nodes and Ruby Semi-conductor.

Credits to the other gamers (and whoever is the original discoverer of this glitch) for sharing this trick on the internet.

Unlimited Power Node Glitch

You may also need to upgrade your Pulse Rifle and bring lots of ammo for it. When you have enough, exit through the next door.

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Comments for Chapter 14

4 comments, latest first.
Jun 11th 2013 Guest
use horizon to mod credits(999,999,990) and nodes(999,999,990)
ID #289529
Aug 12th 2012 Guest
You don't need to quit out of the game at all, just save, reload checkpoint, and repeat. Simple.
ID #175335
Feb 16th 2011 vhayste
^ If that happens you need to reload the checkpoint and try again. This happens normally and randomly.
ID #29304
Feb 16th 2011 Guest
when u do it three time it only give 3000 dollars not power node just to let anyone know so they dont get mad
ID #29300