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Dead Space 2

Dead Space 2 Guide

Dead Space 2 Walkthrough and Guide

by vhayste  

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Dead Space 2 Guide

Unofficial Dead Space 2 Guide by vhayste for SuperCheats.com


Dead Space 2 is a space-based, third-person survival-horror game by Visceral Games and EA. Players take control of Isaac Clarke, the protagonist from the first game and his struggle to survive the terror that's been released on the space station he was brought in.

Players of the first game will be able to immediately adapt as the same bloody, gory and creepy atmosphere lingers in every corner. The Necromorphs, the hideous monsters that overrun the station are back, with new variants that will require various tactics to defeat. New players won't have a problem as well as the tutorials are activated by default.

Players will have access to stores later in the game where they can purchase new equipment and supplies to help them survive. New inventory items can be found by bringing “schematics” to the store. Power Nodes are also scattered about; these little devices are used to upgrade Isaac's weapons and rig (armor), as well as open especially-locked doors that may contain more loot.

This guide will help players find their way around The Sprawl, offer helpful gameplay tips and feature screenshots and videos needed to unlock various achievements or simply display some of the game's various highlights.

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Comments for Introduction

5 comments, latest first.
ID #135336 | Apr 20th 2012 mr.wise94
it was a good game but i need cheats as well to unlock all weapons so if anyone one has them please let me know
ID #30662 | Feb 26th 2011 Forgoten_Scars
Nice guide, and even nicer game.
ID #30320 | Feb 24th 2011 Guest
is there or will there be codes for stasis and oxygen refills?
ID #30222 | Feb 24th 2011 Guest
i would like you to send me codes for dead space2 to beat the hard core mode.my email is [email protected] thanks.
ID #28955 | Feb 12th 2011 Guest
Why aren't there any codes for dead space like the first game?
Without codes for at least Stasis, its next to impossible to beat the
Game on a harder level.