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The Final Hours

Dead Rising Walkthrough and Guide

by Michael Monette  

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Dead Rising Guide - Walkthrough

The Final Hours

Trapped in a zombie-infested mall, with hours to waste waiting for your helicopter ride out of there...what is there to do? Well, not much, at least not during your first few hours of free time. Try to earn some achievements, perhaps?

Achievement Tip -- Snuff Shot J: As you move through the mall, you will trigger more cutscenes. After viewing the cutscene with the Special Forces soldiers and Jessie, return to the Security Room before 12:00AM and snap a picture of zombie Jessie to earn the "Snuff Shot J" achievement.

Snuff Shot J

Achievement Tip -- Legendary Soldier: At 12:00AM, the mall will be crawling with Special Forces soldiers. To unlock the "Legendary Soldier" achievement, you'll have to take out ten of these guys.

The soldiers carry machine guns, which makes them formidable opponents. You are likely not used to having multiple enemies shooting at you at one time. In some instances, such as in the North Plaza, you may find yourself caught by crossfire and unable to move until your health is completely depleted. For this reason, do not try to go up against more than two soldiers at once. The seemingly best weapon to use to quickly kill one of these soldiers is the Katana. With a few slices, the soldier should fall. Each soldier yields a large PP bonus when killed.

If you need food items, there tend to be few soldiers around the Colombian Roastmasters restaurant in Paradise Plaza. Do not try the Seon's Food & Stuff in the North Plaza, as it's packed with soldiers. It may be a good idea to stop by Ripper's Blades, which is right next to Seon's, to stock up on katanas. The machine gun that the soldiers drop when killed is effective against them.

The Katana is an effective weapon against the Special Forces soldiers in the mall.

Achievement Tip -- Perfect Gunner: Since you've got time to spare, you can take a fully-loaded Machine Gun down to the Meat Processing Area in the Maintenance Tunnel to earn this achievement. Unload an entire, fully-loaded Machine Gun into one of hanging animal carcasses to earn the "Perfect Gunner" achievement.

Achievement Tip -- Hella Copter: The convicts in Leisure Park have been replaced by a Special Forces helicopter. Shooting this helicopter down unlocks the "Hella Copter" achievement. Use a Machine Gun and continuously aim and shoot at the helicopter as it flies over. Be careful though, as the helicopter has some heavy weaponry strapped to it.

If there's nothing left for you to accomplish, make your way back to Carlito's Hideout in the North Plaza. This must be done if you wish to unlock Overtime mode and see the true ending. To unlock Overtime mode, you must speak to Isabela after the cutscene at 10:00AM. Be at the Heliport at 12:00PM. To get to the Heliport, head up the stairs across from the Janitor's room door in the Security Room. View a cutscene, and then sit through the credits.

All hope is lost? Not quite. Read on.

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