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Case 1

Dead Rising Walkthrough and Guide

by Michael Monette  

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Dead Rising Guide - Walkthrough

Case 1

Part 1: Backup for Brad

You have to get to the Food Court, where you then must aid Jessie's partner, Brad. Press the left button on the directional pad to look at Frank's watch. While looking at the watch, press the A button to select the Backup for Brad case file. With the case selected, an arrow appears at the top of the screen. Follow this arrow, and you will eventually be led to the Food Court where this part of the case takes place.

Before you get started, there are several areas of interest in Paradise Plaza that should be taken note off. If you head straight from the door you just came through and off to the right, you'll come to a set of steps that lead up to the second level of the plaza. Head up these steps and start down the walkway. Keep an eye on your left, as you'll soon reach the Colombian Roastmasters restaurant. This is a great place to stock up on food supplies.

Food is used to replenish lost health; simply select the food in your inventory using the Left and Right Bumpers and then press the X button to have Frank consume it. Orange Juice restores three squares of health, so take as many of them from the fridge in the Colombian Roastmasters as you have room for. Get in the habit of visiting this outlet whenever you visit Paradise Plaza and stock up on supplies.

It is important to always have some type of food in your inventory, as you never want to be caught without some way of replenishing health in a dire situation. To the right of the fridge that holds the Orange Juice, you can jump out of the window and onto the orange awning to find a Katana there. This weapon is very effective when used against zombies, however it isn't very durable.

Colombian Roastmasters


Once you've loaded up your inventory, hop down off of the awning and follow the arrow to reach the Leisure Park area.

Leisure Park is a large, outdoor area that you need to traverse to get to the Food Court. Luckily, since the area is so large, it is very easy to simply run past all of the zombies here. Make your way over door to the Food Court by following the arrow at the top of the screen.

Taking a stroll in Leisure Park.

There is a large group of zombies in front of the entrance to the Food Court. You should be able to easily cleave a path through this hoard with your Katana. Once you've cut your way through, open the door to enter the Food Court. Inside, you'll spot Brad in the middle of a gun fight.

Psychopaths are the boss characters of Dead Rising. You'll encounter plenty of them in the Willamette Mall. Your first psychopath fight is against Carlito, who you surely recognize from your encounter with him on the mall rooftop.

To succeed here, you must help Brad repel Carlito without either Frank or Brad being killed. After the cutscene, you can run over and grab a couple of bottles of Wine from the counter if you lack health items. Brad has given Frank a second Handgun, so running out of ammo shouldn't be an issue.

Although it may seem like a good idea, do not climb up the boxes to reach Carlito. Carlito is wielding a very powerful gun, so trying to run at him won't do much good since you won't be able to move Frank while he's being shot at. Instead, move to the area behind the platform that Carlito is gunning from and shoot at him through the three windows using one of the handguns in your inventory. Aim and shoot for Carlito's head to deal more damage.

Carlito does scurry around quite a bit, so try to get a few shots on him as he moves from cover to cover. As Carlito's health dwindles, he'll move from the platform and take cover behind the signs above the chain of food stands. When Carlito runs out from behind one of the signs, fire at him until he ducks back behind cover.

While Carlito is above the food stands, he will occasionally throw bombs down toward you. Continue to aim and shoot at Carlito, but when he throws a bomb, quickly move away from it. After the blast, take aim and continue shooting at Carlito.

It's very easy to get a couple of headshots in while Carlito is lobbing one of his bombs down;  just be sure not to stand by one for too long to avoid getting caught in the explosion. If you are low on health, take cover behind something and consume a food item bring replenish lost health. Remember, bottles of wine can be found on the bar if your inventory is empty.

Deal enough damage to Carlito and he will quickly retreat.

Part 2: An Odd Old Man

After the cutscene, follow Brad through the Food Court and outside to the Al Fresca Plaza. Be sure that Brad is with you before heading through the doors that lead outside, as you don't want to have to go back and get him. Turn right upon entering Al Fresca Plaza to reach the Flexin' Gym, where you can save your game by interacting with the door straight across from the first pane of breakable glass.

Across from the gym is McHardy's Hardware store. Inside, you'll find sledgehammers and chainsaws. While wielding a Chainsaw, you can cut through droves of zombies with relative ease, so consider grabbing one to make the journey through Al Fresca Plaza much less daunting. With a Chainsaw in hand, first press the X button to rev it up, and then once it's started you can use the X button to swing it about. The Chainsaw can't be stored in Frank's inventory, so you can't switch to another weapon while wielding one without dropping it. Furthermore, getting struck by a zombie will cause Frank to drop the weapon, so try your best to swerve away from lunging zombies.

Use the Chainsaw to cut your way through Al Fresca Plaza.

Follow Brad to the other end of Al Fresca Plaza and head through the door there to return to the Entrance Plaza. Once Brad has raised the gate here, continue following him through the plaza. You will soon encounter an old man who has locked himself inside of a store. There is nothing you can do for him at this point.

Part 3: A Temporary Agreement

You now must travel back through Al Fresca Plaza, through the Food Court, through Leisure Park, and back into Paradise Plaza to reach the safety of the Security Room. Before leaving the Entrance Plaza, however, you can find a man named Bill in the "In the Closet" store on the upper level of the plaza. He is in the back area of the store, behind several stacks of boxes. Talk to him a few times, and when he realizes what has happened, talk to him again to have him follow you. Escort Bill to the Security Room to earn PP.

Rescuing Bill is completely optional, so if you aren't interested, just make your way back to the Security Room.

Look for Bill in the back room of the “In the Closet” store on the second floor of the Entrance Plaza.

The warehouse area is no longer zombie free; it is now swarming with zombies, and the elevator is packed too, so be ready for that. When you've reached the warehouse, ride the elevator up to the roof, make your way to the duct and head through to reach the Security Room. Once inside, step through the yellow door to trigger a short cutscene. That's it for the first case. You've now got some time to waste before the next case begins.

The second case starts at 6:00AM, so you can use this time now to unlock some achievements, or to complete the optional scoops that you have undoubtedly received from Otis over the transceiver. Refer to the "Scoops" section of this guide for information on every scoop that occurs on September 19th.

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There is an outside door that is locked on the inside how do I open it?
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