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Dead Rising Cheats and Tips

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A large collection of cheats for you to check out including unlocking playing modes, getting the shotgun at the start of the game and how to defeat Carlito.

More Dead Rising Cheats and Tips

We have 113 cheats and tips on Xbox 360. If you have any cheats or tips for Dead Rising please send them in here.

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Ending Requirements

Get the following achievements in 72 Hours mode to unlock the corresponding ending
Unlock Ending A:
Solve ALL the cases and return to the Heliport at 12am on the 22nd
Unlock Ending B:
Solve ALL the cases and rescue a certain amount of survivors
Unlock Ending C:
Don't get to the Heliport on time and solve ALL the cases
Unlock Ending D:
At 12am on the 22nd be a prisoner of the Special Forces
Unlock Ending E:
Don't be at the Heliport and don't solve ALL the cases
Unlock Ending F:
Fail to collect ALL of Carlitos bombs on act 7-2

Unlock Lasor Sword

When you have beaten the game and unlocked overtime mode and got the 5-Day Survivor Achievement the laser sword will spawn in the security room along with your wrestling boots and Megaman outfit.

Unlockable Playing Modes

Complete the following tasks to unlock the corresponding playing mode
Unlock Infinity Mode:
Obtain the 'True Ending'

Unlock Overtime Mode:
Complete the first 72 hours of Frank's stay in the mall and then return to the helipad by noon on the 22nd

Punch Bag Bonus

At Al Fresca Plaza in the Flex's Gym break each punch bag along the back wall for 2,000 PP each and then 10,000 PP for breaking them ALL.

Shotgun at the start of the game

When you atart inside the mall,(when you need to get stuff for the barricade) a guy named Brian or Mark is talking with another guy. When the zomies come inside, look for Brian or Mark (look quickly because he dies very fast) and go to where he died (he will be surrounded by zombies) and you will see a shotgun with ammo in it then you can go F*CKING BANG, BANG, BANG!

Easy experince

At the start when you are on the roof find natalie meyer and bring her to jeff meyer get a picture of when they hug then go through the elevator to the zombies then let them kill you then choose to save and you'll start at the beging but you'll have the experince of the picture of them hugging then just repeat P.S the shot of them hugging is worth up to 10'000

Second best melee wepon

If you can't beat adem the clown (like me) the best melee wepon is the maniken torso. Yes, you read right the maniken torso. You can pretty much take down almost every physcopath.

Indoorsman And Outdoorsman Achievements for the Price of One

Okay, so if you don't want to waste 4 hours of sitting inside and outside then simply do this glitch. First, start a new game and go down to entrance plaza. But don't activate the cutscene that lets the zombies in. If you want to go do something else for 2 hours, then make sure that you make the right analog stick move to the right or the left by taping it down, or just put something on it to make it stay. Then when the 2 hours is up, come back and make sure you got the Indoorsman achievement. If you didn't get it yet then make sure that it is noon on the 2nd day. When you do get it then let the zombies in and just run to the stairs. After the cut-scene in the security room, save your game and turn your 360 off then back on. When you get back to the main menu, load your game and when you..

Easy Way To Kill Zombies

When you are outside the shopping mall (were the 3 phscyopaths are in the car) Along one of the walls is a sort of tunnel go through it there will be quite a few zombies there but just walk past them after you have done that there will be a sports car and a motorbike in the car park get in one of the vehicles and go through the tunnel you didnt come through before there will be a bit of a wait because a loading screen will come up after it's gone off there will be loads and loads of zombies down that tunnel just keep running them over and you will have killed loads of zombies in just a short time


your very first accual mission will be to help brad DONT. go down into the m.tunnel and get the m.tunnel key and then get the map up of the m.tunnel up make your way to the north plaza entrance from the m.tunnel .
now you would be in the food store. go out. NONE OF THE SYCHOPATHS SPAWN YOUR FREE TO GET GUNS AND EVERYTHING. small thing to remember dont open the mane doors go back through the m.tunnel. enjoy ur sychopath free mall.

How to Beat Carlito

1st time: Run around to the back of the food court and jump on the boxes in the seating area, then follow the catwalk to where Carlito is, when he reloads time to UNLEASH A HAIL OF F*CKING BULLETS INTO HIM!then he runs around the back and there is a wall you get behind (on top of a restaurant) the wall will be blue, you can aim at Carlito and he will just shoot the wall so UNLEASH A HAIL OF F*CKING BULLETS IN TO HIM!
2nd time: Use the Machine gun from the convicts vehiclem (go onto the the second floor carlito should die in abot 3-8 seconds deponding on your accuracy.

Easy Perfect Gunner

To get the Perfect Gunner achievement easily and without breaking a sweat, go into the Butcher's place and unload an SMG into a side of beef that is hanging from the cieling. I don't know why but this counts as a hit.

Easy Karate Champ

To get the Karate Champ achievement quickly is a bit of a drag but just use the double lariet move time and time again on the multiple zombies down in the M. Tunnels

Easy PP!!!!!!!!

First, go to the plaza where you fight this insane old dude and a bunch of phycos (at least 50). Go where all the zombies are (you WILL se them!) and take pictures and you should get 2000PP each time!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

super easy pp and a lot of zombie deaths

First go to the hardware store in al fresca plaza set up a barricade and get alot of lead pipes and throw them at the zombies. It's a timed insta kill that gives you pp. After that kill some zombies with queens and since your in al fresca plaza theres millions of zombies clusterd together so bombs away if it gets to late run over to the fitnest place and got to the bathroom and save make sure none of the windows are broken the when the lights come back on run back to the hardware store and let the zombie killing spree begin again

Unlimited Guns

To get unlimited guns (pistols only) go on a little zombie hunt and look for zombie security guards. They usually have a pistol with full ammo. Use this cheat and fill your pockets with guns and maybe some food then go to the north district. In the north district there is a gun shop with a guy who refuses to let you have guns and you have to fight him. DON'T TRY TO FIGHT HIM WITH JUST MELEE AND CLOSE RANGE WEAPONS. You'll probably die unless some miracle happens and even if you get close enough to have an edge on the fight he'll just throw you out which is why you need to use the security guard cheat and get lots of pistols and maybe some food just incase.

Sub machine guns

1. There is a sub machine gun in the paradise plaza first you go to the stairs to the right and there is a blue balcany thin on the wall. Go to the middle of the stais and jump up on it then go all the way back and there it is
2.there is one to the top left corner of the park and it is in a tree marked with a rock and pick it up and throw it in the tree where the gun is
3.there is one in al fresca plaza in the fountain
4.there is one in the entrace plaza it is in one of the palm trees you can only do this if you have zombie ride you jump on the zombie for zombie ride and jump off the zombie on to the tree

PP gain: Objects and Locations

Easy PP gain: Objects and Locations:
Line serverbot faces with the correct place/Toy Store/Paradise Plaza/10,000 PP
Use stoves:2,ooo PP each/10,000 PP in all
-Colombian Roastmasters/Paradise Plaza
-Jill's Sandwhiches/Paradise Plaza
-Chris's Fine Foods/Food Court
-That's A Spicy Meatball/Food Court
-Colombian Roastmasters/Al Fresca Plaza
Use Microwaves:2,000 PP each/10,000 in all
-Jill's Sandwhiches/Paradise Plaza
-Chris's Fine Foods/Food Court
-Jade Paradise/Food Court
-Teresa's oven/Food Court
-Central Taco's/Food Court
Use all 5 Treadmills/Flexin' Gym/Al Fresca Plaza/2,000 PP each/10,000 PP in all
Destroy Punching bags/Flexin' Gym/Al Fresca Plaza/2,000 PP each/10,000..

Sub-machine gun

Near the car park (outside) there is a tree with a rock underneath it and in the tree there is a sub-machine gun but you don't have to throw the rock at it but it's muck easier

super small CHAINSAW

The way to get the super small chainsaw is to go to the first book store you see and pick up a book to do with diy then go to the bachmans booktorium in paradise plaza and look for the entertainment book then go to sir book-a-lot in wonderland plaza where you fight addam the clown (the jappeneese tourists are there)in the back row pick up the criminal book then finally kill addam and take as many chainsaws as you want(realy you only need two because I've nearly completed the game and the special forces have come and it's flashing).
Happy zombie choping
P.s when you reach level 50 you can walk like a zombie.

Secret weapons in PARADISE PLACE

MACHINE GUN ~ ok to get the machine gun you go up the stairs next to the childrens store [kids choice clothing] or something like that, climb up the stairs and like half way up the stairs you walk pass the blue roof thing well not roof but like a ledge anyways when you see it you jump on it then you walk on it till you see a bear [stuffed one] and a box plus a hat open the box and there is like some baking ingrdents, keep walking to the end and there is a machine gun.!
KARATIMA SWORD ~ ok go up stairs to the mexican food place where you find kent the photographer guy, and if you go to the window close-est to the kitchen peek over and make sure that there is a red canopy ledge on that ledge there is the sword ok theres no way back up from that ledge s..

'Untouchable' Drink

When you go in the Columbian rose masters store get the 2 pies and put them in the blender. Then the thing pops out when you drink it it should say 'untouchable' somewhere on the screen.

High level At Start?

If you complete the game and start a New Game, who should still be the level you Finished with, and you will have all the skills

Fast Spinning

If You want to spin really fast, spin the right thimbstick araound (any direction) really fast


When you are surrounded by tons of zombies you can do 3 things
*Fight your way easily using the double lariat
*Dive all your way out or jump your way
*Get a queen and bust it in the middle

Best weapons for free

When you find the gun shop there should be a guy gaurding it with a shot gun. Go inside and hide behind a magazine rack. When he takes 6 shots he reloads so when he does sprint behind the counter closest to the door and grab a sniper rifle. Let him thorugh you out and go back in. This time when he reloads, snipe him in the head a few times and the gun store is yours! Now you can get unlimited sniper rifles and shotguns.

How to aim good with good weapons!

Here is a way to kill zombies or mini-bosses fast. First, you need any kind of gun, but I should request that you should get the snipers, shoguns, sub machine gun, heavy machine gun, and the machine gun you get from the special troops. All you have to do is stand their and press the shoot button once at a time and Frank should kill the zombies one at a time. Here I will list soime of the types of gun you can use and how good are they at aiming:
Sniper Gun: It has really good aiming and can kill 30 zombies without missing a bullet if the zombies are in a group. Each time you shoot your gun, frank aims at their heads and you see alot of bleed, and taking a picture of it will be good PP.
Shogun: This weapon is really good at killing multiple zombies at once and can cle..

How To Defeat These Bosses Easily

These are the bosses that I have beaten quite a few times now and these are the ways I found best.
The first Carlito fight takes place in the food court and Brad is also there in the mission "Back-up For Brad". Carlito is on top of the stands just by the main seating area to start off with and will soon move to run around the shops around the outside of the main seating area.
The easiest way to kill Carlito is to find the hidden SMG in the Paradise Plaza (see other submissions) and first riddle him with bullets by standing in the main seating area and shooting him through the windows. After some of his life drains, he will move to the rooves of shops around the main seating area, Again stay where you are and shoot at him..

Kathy Peterson can be saved!!!!

Just about impossible I noticed at the start when the zombies get let in protect KATHY PETERSON and clear all the zombies out her way STAY and protect her when most zombies are cleared out her way she will start to limp to the stairs this is the hard bit she will not stop if there are zombies in her way thats why you grab a bench or tv or bin and run ahead and kill all the zombies if she makes it up the stairs youve saved her OH BY THE WAY all the others at the start must be dead to do this like verelene wills alan peterson mark and brian ect

The Treadmill trick

Go to the gym and run onthe treadmill and it will give you 2,ooopp but when you run on all of them it gives 10,000pp

easy great weapons at the beinning of the game

When the zombies first come at you, you will notice a man with a shotgun by the water fountain. Now when he dies pick it up and run up the stairs. If you can't find it kill some zombies on the ground like they are praying. Then once you finish run to north plaza and find the food in the fountain and continue forward until you come to a hall way that is filled with zombie. Run down this but use a melee weapon not your shotgun. Once you reach the end go in the store. There will be a guy shooting at you. Get behind the rack and pull out your shot gun. Then every 6 shots he will reload, that is when you jump out and fire off a round or adjust your positioning.once you finish him you get 3 shotguns 2 snipers and infinite handguns, happy hunting


A great way to kill a bunch of zombies is to use the soccer ball. It will usually bounce off other zombies and kill others.

how to kill adam the clow easy

Ok this is what you do first you kill the convicts then you get the gun from the back not using any of the ammo go to where adam is and keeping your distance shoot him with it but only when he is rolling around and blowing fire and blowing up ballons and you should be able to kill him easy
Plus don't shoot at him when he is holding the chainsaws cus he will deflect the bullets hope this helps


The Mega-man suit can be obtained by getting the achivement "Punisher" The requirements for this achivement are: Kill 10 psychopaths(actual ones not the idiots in the raincoats)The effect of this suit is that it lets you keep your weapons after you die
The Mega-man boots can be obtained by getting the achivement "Unbreakable" The requirements for this achivement are: Get the true ending(the one where you fight the Soldier on the tank)without being knocked out. The effect of the boots is that all the weapons you carry are unbreakable(I'm still trying to figure out if this includes Firearms)
The real Mega Buster can be obtained by getting the achivemnt "Zombie Genocider" The requirements for this achivement are: Kill 53,594 zombies. The Mega Buster is a powerful weapon with infin..


With the saucepan, it seems pretty rubbish on it's own, but, with it equippend examine a stove and wait about 2 seconds till you see it go red the pick it up, walk over to a zombie and hold X, Frank shoves the heated saucepan into a poor zombies face.

Easy psychopath defeat

First, I must tell you that you must defeat Adam from the scoop "Out of Control" for any of this to work.
Ignore what anyone else says about defeating psychopaths. Some must be done a certain way, but most do not.
Adam: Have Yuu and Shinjo armed with handguns and make them hide in the store right outside the platform to the Space Rider. When the battle starts, immediately run away in any direction. Shoot his balloons. If you get lucky like me, he will get stuck in the store that Yuu and Shinjo are in. They will continually shoot, and you may not have to do anything at all.
Cletus: Hide behind the display rack closest to the right wall. After Cletus fires six shots, pop out and fire a shot at his head. Continue until he is defeated.
Cliff: Have ..

How To Kill The Super-Market Owner

If you want to kill him, I got the lead pipe from the warrehouse, then I got 1 or 2 pistols from the guards near the door, then I got a baseballbat from near a tree base, when you get into the store, he will go at you, jump up on the isle thing then hop down so he doesnt shoot you with his shotgun, also have a coffe drink or orange juice and if you drink and he still wears you down, get milk from the back thing, anyway get out your lead pipe or the baseball bat and charge up to him on the milk place hop up there then when he rins into the thing hop down and whack him with it, then he should hold hos trolley and you will go to the ground, repeat this till you have 1 or 2 bars of health, then run away at the back and get ut pistol aime up and shoot him a couple of time, he should try and s..

Free PP

At the workout store in alfrancesca plaza,run on each track thingy for about 12
Seconds.You'll get free PP for every track thingie you run on

LOT'S OF PP!!!!!!

This may happen a few times........
When people are joining with you,Before their names pop up on the screen
Take out your camera and take a picture of them..(ONLY IF THEY HAVE A PP SIGN ON TOP OF THEIR HEAD!)

Get high zombie killing achevments easy

Go to the park in the middle of the mall and use your map and go to the parking garage and
Get a vehical (a car or truck is recomended) and just start running over zombis. Watch out for zombies with the big oxygen tanks becouse they explode and take alot of health from your car.

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