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Case 2

Dead Rising Walkthrough and Guide

by Michael Monette  

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Dead Rising Guide - Walkthrough

Case 2

Part 1: Image in the Monitor

Case 2 begins at 6:00AM on September 20th. Get to the Security Room after 6:00AM to trigger a short cutscene. The monitor catches Carlito dragging Dr. Barnaby, the old man you encountered near the end of the first case, through the Entrance Plaza.

If you are trying to complete all of the scoops as well as the cases, you will likely have more difficulty managing your time during the second day. Some of the scoops that you receive on the second day will conflict with the cases. So, depending on how fast you progress, you may need to skip some scoops for now, since cases are more important. If you want to try to complete all of the scoops, you'll need to use this walkthrough in conjunction with the scoops section of the guide, since several of them are best completed at the same time as one of these cases.

Part 2: Rescue the Professor

Your next task is to rescue the professor from Carlito. Leave the Security Room and head through the door across from the duct to enter the warehouse. Be sure to grab the Sledgehammer that's on the shelf, because it will definitely come in handy.

You will be facing Carlito again, so make sure to bring plenty of health supplies. Luckily, the shutter in the Paradise Plaza is now open, meaning you can quickly reach the Entrance Plaza from there. Upon exiting the warehouse, turn left and walk to the end of the screen to reach the Entrance Plaza.

Before Dr. Barnaby can be rescued, you must defeat Carlito. When you gain control of Frank after the cutscene, head up the stairs to reach the Entrance Plaza walkway. Carlito is wielding a Sniper Rifle this time around, so he decidedly more deadly than when you first encountered him.

Round 2

If you only have a Handgun in your inventory, it won't be of much use against Carlito this time. Melee weapons or a powerful gun such as the Shotgun, work best. If you went into the warehouse area via the doorway, the Sledgehammer on one of the shelves may help you here.

The various shops along the walkway can be used to your advantage. Run and take cover in one of shops, wait until Carlito's attention is focused on Brad, and then quickly run out from cover and hide in another store closer to his location. Repeat this manoeuvre until you are close enough to run out and smash him with a melee weapon. Remain hidden in a store near to Carlito, and when he is aiming for Brad, run out and hit him a couple of times. Of course, Carlito won't stay in one spot, so you will be forced to run after him.

The Sniper Rifle Carlito wields is quite powerful; it can knock off two blocks of health with a single shot, as well as send Frank flying back. Though it may not do much good, try to jump around from side to side as you are chasing Carlito, just until you to a store that you can duck into. Don't follow directly behind Carlito, as he will periodically drop a bomb in his wake. Find a store to duck into quickly, because Carlito will turn around and focus on you once he has gained enough distance. While you a striking him with a melee weapon, only hit him two times at the most, because when you are close to him, he will use his Sniper Rifle as a melee weapon too.

A surprisingly effective weapon against Carlito is the Hockey Stick. You can find a supply of hockey sticks in the Shootingstar Sporting Goods store along the walkway. To get to this store, follow the walkway along to the right when you reach the top of the stairs and keep an eye on your right. Brad will most likely duck into this store and remain there for the majority of the fight. His job is to essentially act as a distraction. You don't want to stick around in the sporting goods store, because doing so would allow Carlito to keep track of both of his opponents at the same time.

Get a Hockey Stick from the sporting goods store along the upper walkway.

Wait until Carlito has just been shot, or is focused on Brad, before dashing out of the store and running over to the opposite end of the walkway. Duck into the first store you come to and keep an eye on Carlito from there. When his attention is focused away from you, leave the current store and enter one that is further down the walkway. Try to gradually make your way over to the store behind Carlito, so that he is positioned between yourself and Brad.

Once you've made it safely into the store behind Carlito, keep an eye on him and only pop out when he is focused on Brad. When you are out on the walkway, use the Hockey Stick to whip pucks at him. Get off as many pucks as you can before he can turn around, at which point duck back into the store to avoid getting shot.

If you have an SMG, Sniper Rifle, or Shotgun, just use the same method described above, but instead, pop out from cover and shoot him with the gun instead of running up and hitting him with a melee weapon.

Part 3: Medicine Run

Brad is injured, so you'll need to run down to the market in the North Plaza to retrieve some medicine for him. If you have completed the "Cut from the Same Cloth" scoop on the 19th, you can acquire an erotic photo for Kent requires at this point. While Jessie is sitting down on the bed next to Brad, back up from her and switch to your camera. Zoom in and focus on her crotch, but make sure that her breasts are in still in the shot. You should get 700-1,000 points for this erotic photo, which can be shown to Kent to complete the "Photo Challenge" scoop. Don't worry about giving Kent the photo right away, since for the time being, you still have a good amount of time left to complete the scoop.

You should also have received a transmission from Otis about the "Lovers" scoop, which takes place in Wonderland Plaza. Disregard this for now, as completing the current case is more important. If you have enough time after obtaining the medicine for Brad, you can complete that scoop on your way back to the Security Room.

The medicine that Brad needs can be found in the pharmacy section of the Seon's Food & Stuff supermarket, which is located in the North Plaza. The North Plaza isn't too far from the Security Room; you will have to travel through Leisure Park, and then, with “Medicine Run” set as your active mission, follow the arrow at the top of the screen to reach the entrance to the North Plaza. Time is of the essence here, so move as quickly as you can.

Note that if you have defeated Adam the Clown on the first day and have access to the secret passage, you can take the shortcut in the Paradise Plaza ladies room' to quickly reach Wonderland Plaza. Also, you can take the Small Chainsaw from the Space Rider platform on your way through Wonderland Plaza. Head to the north end of Wonderland Plaza reach the North Plaza, and then head down the long walkway to reach Seon's Food & Stuff. If you did not defeat Adam, unfortunately you'll have to run through Leisure Park.

Once you're in the North Plaza, run past the zombies and make your way to Seon's Market. Before stepping in though, stop by the Ripper's Blades store nearby. Smash the display case, grab a couple of katanas.

Head to Ripper's Blades, which is just outside of Seon's Food & Stuff, to find an unlimited supply of katanas.

Cletus may or may not be in the Huntin' Shack on the second day if you didn't defeat him on the 19th, but if you did kill him, consider stopping by the store to grab a couple of guns.

Upon entering Seon's, head to the back of the store and grab as many drinks from the fridge as you can carry. To get the medicine, you'll need to go through the door at the back of the store, which leads into the area behind the counter where the medicine can be found.

Attempt to open the door leading to the medicine to trigger a cutscene.

PSYCHOPATH: Steven Chapman
Did you really think you would be able to acquire the medicine that easily? Not surprisingly, you'll have to fight a psychopath before you can proceed. Keep in mind that even if you have the medicine, the timer is still going. You need to kill this guy fast enough to afford yourself enough time to get the medicine to Brad in the Security Room.

This guy has well earned the title of psychopath. Apparently, you're not allowed to shop in his store. That can't be good for business. That can't be good for anybody.

What a situation.

As soon as you gain control of Frank after the cutscene, you'll find yourself in the path of Steven's shopping cart of pointy objects. Quickly turn to the side and press the A button to jump up and grab onto one of the shelves to avoid being skewered by the crazed manager. That's not all; Steven also has a gun. You'll probably want to drop down to the opposite side of this shelf to avoid the blast.

This psychopath battle, luckily, isn't too tough. For one thing, you're surrounded by food items. Furthermore, there are many aisles that you can duck into to block yourself off from Steven and his shopping cart. If you are low on health and lack food items, just run to the fridges at the back of the store and grab a couple of drinks as you run by.

Steven's primary method of attack is running you down with his shopping cart. He will also turn the cart sharply if you are close enough to him; this move deals heavy damage and will throw Frank back.

If you are using a melee weapon, you will have to be much more cautious. One strategy is to run around the store and through the aisles to avoid Steven's shopping cart, and then running out when he stops to take out his gun. Steven's Shotgun is deadly accurate, so only run at him if his back is turned. The Katana or Sledgehammer work well here.

When you spot Steven with his Shotgun out and his back turned, run up to him, strike him with a melee weapon a few times, and then quickly duck into the next aisle to avoid his retaliation. If you're standing at the end of an aisle and Steven has his Shotgun trained in your direction, run to the opposite end of your current aisle, and try to get Steven's attention so that he'll run down the opposite aisle with his cart.

The perfect time to run out and attack Steven.

Another opportunity to get a couple of hits in is just as Steven turns a corner in an effort to chase you down an adjacent aisle. A melee weapon may stun Steven for a moment or so, but don't push your luck, as he can whip around his shopping cart rather quickly.

If you are using a gun, a good strategy is to stand behind the pillars near the shelves of food in the aisles to avoid his fire, and when he stops, pop out from cover and blast him a few times.

Steven can be killed quite quickly with a strong melee weapon. When he is dead, be sure to take a picture of his body if you are after the achievement associated with taking pictures of the psychopaths.

With Steven out of the way, you need to procure the medicine for Brad. You acquired a key after defeating Steven, so proceed through the door that you were unable to access before and run to the end the room. Grab the medicine, run out of the pharmacy, and exit Seon's Food & Stuff.

If you care to complete the Lovers scoop, you'll need to rescue the two survivors associated with the scoop on your way back to the Security Room. Provided, of course, that you have enough time. If you don't think you'll have enough time to make it back with the scoop in the equation, don't bother trying, as getting the medicine Brad to complete the case is much more important.

If you want to attempt to rescue the survivors associated with the Lovers scoop, it is almost mandatory that you have defeated Adam and have access to the secret passage in Wonderland Plaza. You won't be able to use the shortcut unless you defeated Adam on the first day.

So, if you have time to spare and think you can make it back to the Security Room before time runs out, what follows is one way to go about rescuing the survivors.

You're in the North Plaza now. The North Plaza is connected to Wonderland Plaza; look to the mall map to orient yourself if need be. Enter Wonderland Plaza, and visit the book store where Tanya and Ross can be found. Talk to both of them. When Ross asks for a gun, DO NOT give it to him! He'll just use it to kill himself, and Tonya will then refuse to follow you. When he asks for the gun, just start talking to Tonya and eventually she should agree to go with you, but you'll have to carry Ross, as he is severely injured.

Look for Ross and Tonya inside the “Run Like the Wind” shoe store in Wonderland Plaza.

Assuming you have defeated Adam the Clown, pick up Ross and make your way to the ladies room at the north end of the plaza. Once there, take shortcut to Paradise Plaza. You'll have to equip Tonya with a weapon, since there will surely be droves of zombies in your path. If you still have a Katana from your encounter with Steven, hand it over to Tonya.

By the time you reach Paradise Plaza, two women named Pamela Tompkins and Heather Tompkins may have spawned there. Saving Ross, Tonya, Pamela and Heather is ridiculously tough, in part due to terrible AI. If Pamela and Heather have not spawned in Paradise Plaza by the time you get there with Ross and Tonya, count yourself lucky, as they will likely spawn on your next trip through the plaza when you have more time to spare.

If Pamela and Heather have spawned in the plaza and you want to attempt to rescue all four survivors, you may have a difficult time of it. When you first reach Paradise Plaza via the Wonderland Paradise shortcut, tell Ross and Tonya to wait in the restroom. Pamela is likely in the middle of a pack of zombies, so the only chance you really have to rescue her is by throwing down a Queen. Heather should be in the Child's Play store on the lower level, while Pamela is outside surrounded by a pack of zombies.

This is going to be tough...

If you managed to save both of the women, lead them to the restroom where the other survivors are waiting. Take the stairs to the right of the ladies' room up and follow it around to pass a large group of zombies on the lower level of the plaza. Put down Ross for a moment and clear the zombies on the stairs that lead back to ground floor.

Lead all four survivors back to the Security Room to earn a massive amount of PP. Then, head into the main room to end the second case.

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