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Case 7

Dead Rising Walkthrough and Guide

by Michael Monette  

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Dead Rising Guide - Walkthrough

Case 7

Part 1: The Last Resort

When you hear Carlito's announcement to Isabela over the intercom, you should receive a transmission from Otis soon after. You need to report back to the Security Room before time runs out.

Part 2: Bomb Collector

Get started on this case as soon as you can. Carlito has apparently prepared some bombs and plans to blow up the mall. There are five bombs attached to five different trucks in the Maintenance Tunnel.

If you completed the "Photo Challenge" scoop on the second day, be in Paradise Plaza at 12:00PM to complete the “A Photographer's Pride” scoop. For more information, check out the Scoops section of this guide. You should be able to complete this scoop relatively quickly, as well as “A Woman in Despair” before setting out to complete the case. If, however, you are very short on time, completing the case is much more important.

First and foremost, grab as many food items as you can carry, because you'll surely need for what's to come. To get to the Maintenance Tunnel, have the "Bomb Collector" case selected and enter Leisure Park. Once in Leisure Park, follow the arrow at the top of the screen to reach the parking lot. Hop on the motorcycle make your way to the Maintenance Tunnel entrance.

Upon entering the Maintenance Tunnel, ignore the arrow at the top of the screen and instead head straight and take a left. Continue heading in this direction and you will come to one of the trucks that contains a timed bomb. When you reach one of the rigged trucks, get out of your vehicle, approach and throw open the back doors, and remove the time bomb.

If you followed the instructions above, there should be a vacant, functional truck a few parking spaces away from the rigged truck. Swap this truck for your motorcycle, as it is much more durable.

A truck makes moving through the Maintenance Tunnel much less of a hassle. It is not unbreakable, however, so enjoy it while it lasts.

Once you're in the truck, start following the arrow at the top of the screen. The truck is not unbreakable; running over zombies will quickly wear it out. So, as tempting as it may be, avoid running over too many zombies by only running over those you absolutely have to.

Press the Back button to bring up a map of the Maintenance Tunnel. Each question mark symbol indicates one of the time bombs, so plan out your route and head to the time bomb closest to your current location.

This case eventually becomes much more difficult. Carlito, of course, is not content to sit idly by while you remove the bombs and spoil his plan. As such, Carlito eventually shows up in a truck and is generally a pain.

If your vehicle happens to breakdown in the middle of the tunnel, this case becomes especially difficult. Carlito's truck can sustain an indefinite amount of damage, so if you're forced to travel on foot, he will continue trailing after you. Press on regardless, and continue following the arrow at the top of the screen.

When light is visible from the headlights of Carlito's truck, quickly swerve off to the side. Carlito isn't the best driver, so it is likely that he will run over some zombies rather than Frank, or simply ram into the wall. While attempting to remove a bomb from one of the trucks, Carlito will throw grenades to try and stop you. These deal some heavy damage, so waste no time. Be sure to take the time to heal by consuming a food item when you are in a clear patch and Carlito isn't driving straight for you.

Remove all five time bombs from the back of the trucks in the Maintenance Tunnel and make it back to the exit before it's too late!

Once you have collected all of the bombs, make your way back to the Maintenance Tunnel entrance to trigger a cutscene. If you don't make to the exit in time, it's game over for you.

Achievement Tip -- Snuff Shot B: To get this achievement, you must return to the Maintenance Tunnel and snap a picture of Zombie Brad. To get to Brad, turn right upon entering the tunnel. Keep traveling in this direction and turn left when the time comes. Continue heading in this direction and turn right when you can. After the cutscene that ensues, snap the picture of Brad to earn the achievement. While you're here, you can enter the room at the end of this area and retrieve the Maintenance Tunnel key.

Snuff Shot B

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