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- September 21

Dead Rising Walkthrough and Guide

by Michael Monette  

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Dead Rising Guide - Scoops

September 21st Scoops

A Strange Group
Long-Haired Punk
A Sick Man
A Photographer's Pride
A Woman in Despair

A Strange Group

This scoop becomes available at around 1:00AM. This is a good scoop to take the time to complete, as because you can earn a massive amount of PP by rescuing the survivors afterwards.

The raincoat cult has been spotted in Colby's Movieland, the cinema in Paradise Plaza. You must make your way to Colby's Movieland and defeat the leader of the mysterious True Eye cult to disband the group once and for all.

Before getting started, be sure to get the Sledgehammer in the warehouse on your way into Paradise Plaza. Also, stop by the Colombian Roastmasters restaurant on the second floor of Paradise Plaza and pick up some Orange Juice, as well as the Katana on the awning below the window next to the fridge.

Once you're all set, enter the Colby's Movieland theatre. Upon entering, head down the hall straight ahead, and turn right when you can. You'll come to a group True Eye cult members. This is where the Sledgehammer comes in handy. If you picked up this weapon, equip it and stand in the middle of the pack. Tap and hold the X button to swing the Sledgehammer around, hopefully sweeping the cult members off of their feet. Repeat this method until all of the cult members have been dealt with, or until the way is clear. Whichever you see fit.

Use a Sledgehammer to clear away the True Eye cult members outside of the theatre. Tap and hold the X button to swing the hammer.

Be careful, however; if you see one of the cult members slowly reaching into his pocket, stand back, as he will soon throw dust toward you. If you're hit by this dust, Frank will pass out, and be taken to the True Eye cult headquarters.

Sean, the leader of the cult, is in Theater 4. Locate and enter this theatre to trigger a cutscene.

Sean's attacks are fast and damaging, so hopefully you have plenty of food items in your inventory. If you followed the instructions above, you should have a Katana and a Sledgehammer going into this fight. The Katana is a quick and powerful weapon—ideal for taking out the cult leader.

Because Sean's attacks are so quick, it can be difficult to get a hit in without taking some damage yourself. There are three ideal opportunities to attack Sean: just as he lands after performing his lunge attack, just after he slides across the floor, and when he takes a step forward and thrusts his sword upward. If you're near enough to Sean to hit him just as he finishes or is in the middle of performing one of the attacks described above, go for it. However, only hit Sean once and then back off, as he can usually immediately retaliate with a sword swing. You want to minimize close-contact with Sean to avoid getting caught in a combo, which can be quite damaging.

The one attack to look out for is the aforementioned lunge, as it can knock off three health blocks per hit. If you're low on health and need to heal, run far from Sean and try to use a health item before he can catch up. Though Sean is fast and can easily keep up with Frank, he tends to become trapped by obstacles just like any other AI.

The True Eye cult leader at work.

If Sean has been damaged enough, he may fall to his knees and remain stunned for a few seconds. At this point, switch to your Sledgehammer and tap the X button to hit Sean, damaging him significantly. Then, you can hit once more as he moves to stand.

Once Sean has been defeated, be sure to take a picture of his corpse for the Psycho Collector achievement. You can pick up and use the sword he was wielding as well.

After the battle, Sean's lackeys will form a line outside and slowly funnel into the theatre. Pick up the Ceremonial Sword that Sean dropped, as it can easily cut through the cultists.

Once all of the cultists are dead, make your way around the theatre and free the captive survivors. The Warehouse Key can be used to free an additional survivor; use the key to unlock the door in the northeast corner of the theatre to reveal Cheryl.

The "Brainwashing Tips" book that Sean drops makes survivors more aggressive. Not particularly useful, so it's probably best to just leave it. Paradise Plaza is swarming with zombies as per usual, and that, coupled with abysmal AI, can make escorting the group of five back to the Security Room quite difficult. However, you'll receive a massive PP boost if all five survivors are rescued, so it's worth the trouble.

Long-Haired Punk

You should receive a transmission from Otis with this scoop at around 6:00AM. The Casual Gal's clothing store is located in Wonderland Plaza. Be sure to collect the Sledgehammer on your way through the warehouse, as well as the Katana on the awning outside of the Colombian Roastmasters restaurant in Paradise Plaza. Then, you can either head through Leisure Park and then the Food Court to reach Wonderland Plaza, or use the shortcut in the Paradise Plaza ladies' room (provided you defeated Adam the Clown on the first day).

If you head through the Food Court, you will more than likely encounter a man named Gil. He can be found drinking in the Chris' Fine Foods restaurant. Talk to the drunk, and when that gets you nowhere, hit him with something and then speak to him a few more times. Gil will eventually join the party. Get your camera ready and snap a picture when he poses PP icon to earn a substantial amount of PP. Gil is too drunk to walk unfortunately, so you'll have to support him.

Gil is not handling the zombie outbreak particularly well. Look for him in the Food Court.

Since you are heading to Wonderland Plaza to investigate the Casual Gals clothing store, there isn't much sense in taking Gil back to the Security Room just yet. You should take him with you, and then lead him back to the Security Room along with the survivors to be rescued during this scoop. Grab some Wine and then support Gil; lead him through the Food Court and into Wonderland Plaza.

Once you've reached the plaza, equip your Sledgehammer, locate the Casual Gals clothing store and step inside

Paul Carson, an angry teenager, has trapped two women in the Casual Gals clothing store. He is evidently quite the arsonist, as he has an unlimited supply of Molotov Cocktails. If you followed the instructions above, you should have at least a Sledgehammer going into this fight. As soon as you gain control of Frank, run at Paul and hit him with the Sledgehammer. Hit him once more when he hits the ground, and then try to hook him back by pressing and hold the X button to swing the Sledgehammer to the side. It is possible to knock quite a bit off of Paul's health bar before he can even leave the store.

Paul Carson

If Paul manages to flee the store and Gil is in your company, command him to wait somewhere in the store while you pursue the psychopath.

Once out of the store, Paul will proceed to frantically run through the mall, dropping active pipe bombs behind him. A Shotgun would likely work well here, however the Sledgehammer alone is more than adequate. Since Paul is constantly dropping bombs in his wake, you'll have to be especially careful while pursuing him. If you can follow him and avoid getting caught in a blast radius long enough, he will eventually stop to catch his breath. This is the perfect time to deal some damage. Hit Paul as many times as you can with the Sledgehammer, and then try to trip him (press and hold the X button) as once he's back on his feet.

Aside from Pipe Bombs, Paul attacks using other types of explosives as well. He'll occasionally stop, light a Molotov Cocktail, and then throw it your way. Hitting him while he is doing this will cause the Molotov to drop; the ensuing explosion will damage you, while dealing minimal damage to Paul. As well, Paul also attaches explosives to RC cars and sends them your way. These can be easily avoided by simply running or jumping past them.

Chase Paul and continue to beat on him until his health bar has been completely depleted.

After the cutscene, you will appear in the Casual Gals clothing store, no matter your previous location. Paul ends up lighting himself on fire; you can choose to save him, or you can leave him to burn. Saving Paul is a good idea, because he counts as a survivor. If that isn't incentive enough, he'll eventually act as a Molotov Cocktail source back in the Security Room.

First and foremost, snap a picture of the burning teenager to earn a large amount of PP. To save him, grab the nearby Fire Extinguisher, equip it, and stand over Paul while holding the X button. It may not look like the extinguisher is even reaching the flames if the camera is spun around, but just keep the X button held down and eventually, when most of the extinguisher has been used, the flames will fizzle out.

Use the Fire Extinguisher to snuff out the flames and save Paul. Or don't.

Once Paul has been saved, he agrees to follow Frank back to the Security Room. Now save the ladies who are locked in the closet. Speak either one of them to have them join the group.

If you have received the "A Sick Man" scoop, you can save the man associated with that scoop as well. Depending on the time, a woman named Susan may have spawned on the giant soccer ball near the entrance to the Food Court. If she is there, you can rescue this woman too. It might be the case that Susan will not appear if Gil is in your party. If you wish to save Susan but she does not appear, return to Wonderland Plaza sometime later and she should still be there.

Saving Susan is tough without a Queen.

If you defeated Adam the Clown on the first day, head into the ladies' room and use the shortcut there to jump to Paradise Plaza. Then, lead the survivors to the safety of the Security Room to earn PP.

A Sick Man

Otis should call you about a sick man in Wonderland Plaza at around 10:00AM. You can find this survivor in Estelle's Fine-Lady Cosmetics on the first floor of Wonderland Plaza. This is a simple escort mission, since despite being sick, you don't need to carry or support this man.

Look for Leroy in Estelle's Fine-Lady Cosmetics, which is on the first floor of Wonderland Plaza. He may be injured, but luckily he can still walk on his own.

A woman named Susan may be marooned on the giant soccer ball at the north end of the plaza. If she is there, you can rescue her as well. Since you are in Wonderland Plaza, you can use the shortcut in the ladies' room to jump to the Paradise Plaza, provided you defeated Adam the Clown on the first day. Once you're in Paradise Plaza, lead the survivors back to the Security Room to successfully rescue them.

A Photographer's Pride

This scoop becomes available at around the same time as the 7-2 case "Bomb Collector". Complete this scoop before moving on to Bomb Collector. Make sure you have a Sledgehammer in your inventory and you should be able to get this scoop out of the way in just a few minutes. This scoop is only available if you completed the "Photo Challenge" scoop on the second day. If you've fulfilled that prerequisite, be in Paradise Plaza at 12:00PM to trigger a cutscene.

If you are late for the meeting, Kent will be angry and something very unpleasant will happen to Frank. In the event that you are this late, you won't be able to save the survivor being held hostage by Kent, and you will have to fight him with your bare hands. For the sake of simplicity, just be there on time!

Though this isn't a particularly tough battle, Kent's attacks do deal a lot of damage, especially his flying kick. Aside punches and kicks, Kent also has a Handgun which he may use. The Handgun fire will stagger Frank a bit, but its shots are easy enough to avoid.

Use the Sledgehammer to make short work of Kent.

If you brought a Sledgehammer, you can end this battle in under a minute. First, use the secondary attack by pressing and holding the X button to swing the Sledgehammer to the side. If you manage to hit Kent with this attack, he'll be thrown to the ground. Quickly run up to him and use the weapon's primary attack by simply tapping the X button. This attack will knock off a large chunk of Kent's health. Hit him with a few more of these and to end the fight.

When Kent falls, take his advice and snap a picture of him. This photo counts toward the Psycho Collector achievement.

After the battle, free Tad and speak to him to have him join your party. You can pick up the “Camera 2" book that Kent dropped. This book increases the PP earned from photos by 100%. It's a good book to have with you, provided you have the inventory space to spare.

At this point, Paradise Plaza should be pretty much desolate, and in that case it will be very easy to rescue Tad. If get a call concerning the "A Woman in Despair" scoop, you can stop by the Players CD store in Paradise Plaza and pick her up if you wish. Most importantly, if you received a call from Otis about Kindell's Betrayal, be sure to stop by the Security Room to talk some sense into him before moving on.

A Woman in Despair

You should receive a call about an injured woman in the Players CD store in the Paradise Plaza at around the same time you receive the "Bomb Collector" case mission. A good time to complete this scoop is just before you proceed to the Maintenance Tunnels to stop Carlito, since the Players CD store is very close to the warehouse door.

Look for Simone in the Players CD store on the first floor of Paradise Plaza. She has been bitten, but she isn't a threat.

Simone, the woman associated with this scoop, has been bitten by a zombie, and fears that she is infected. At first she will refuse to follow Frank back to the Security Room, but continue talking to her until she agrees.

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