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Case 8

Dead Rising Walkthrough and Guide

by Michael Monette  

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Dead Rising Guide - Walkthrough

Case 8

Part 1: Jamming Device

This is just a cutscene. Get to the Security Room before time runs out on this mission to view the cutscene and move on to the next part of this case.

Part 2: Hideout

According to Isabela, Carlito has a hideout in the North Plaza. He keeps a computer there, and Isabela believes that the group may be able to learn if Carlito has any future plans by logging on to it.

Head through the duct when you're ready to get moving. Speak to Isabela and she will take the lead. She insists on taking the elevator down to the warehouse, so be to deal with the pack of zombies inside. All you have to do is follow Isabela and kill the zombies around her. She will lead you through Leisure Park and into the North Plaza. Follow her through the plaza and eventually she will lead you to an empty store. The entrance to Carlito's hideout is above the stack of boxes in this area.

Follow Isabela to Carlito's hideout.

Once in Carlito's hideout, approach Isabela to trigger a cutscene.

Part 3: Jessie's Discovery

Make your way to the Security Room to view a short cutscene. You can save your game in Carlito's hideout by interacting with the rug on the floor if you wish. When you're ready to move on, leave Isabela at the hideout and get to the Security Room before time runs out. Be sure to grab a couple of shotguns from the Huntin' Shack on your way through the North Plaza.

Part 4: The Butcher

Make your way to the meat processing room in the Maintenance Tunnel post-haste! On your way through Paradise Plaza, stop by the Colombian Roastmasters restaurant on the second floor and grab as much Orange Juice as you can carry. Also, be sure to grab the Katana on the awning outside of the store before entering Leisure Park.

Have “The Butcher” selected and follow the arrow at the top of the screen to the parking lot outside of the Maintenance Tunnel. Hop in the vacant car here and drive into the tunnel. To get to the Meat Processing Area door, take the left turn once in the Maintenance Tunnel and follow this straight-forward route until you reach a large parking lot. Hop out of the car and locate the double-door here. Then, head through the door to trigger a cutscene.

PSYCHOPATH: Larry Chiang
Each one of Larry the butcher's attacks is quite damaging, and on top of that, he is rather quick for his size. Regardless of his brute strength and surprising speed, however, Larry is not an overly formidable opponent, considering the fact that this far into the game, Frank is most likely sufficiently levelled to handle some punishment.

At the start of the battle, Larry will not attack until attacked first. So, hit him with a headshot or melee weapon and then quickly scurry away to avoid taking damage.

Larry the Butcher.

Though ranged weapons don't seem to work particularly well here, having one in your inventory can be an asset, because by using one, you can keep your distance from Larry and thus remain out of range of his most devastating attack. If you lack a ranged weapon however, you should be fine, provided you have a strong melee weapon in your inventory, such as the Katana.

From a distance, Larry uses throwing knives which deal a far amount of damage and will knock Frank to the ground. The knives are quite easy to avoid if you keep moving, but Larry has another ranged attack in his arsenal that comparatively harder to dodge. Larry will frequently remove one of the animal carcasses from the rows of hooks in the middle of the processing area and proceed to hurl it in your direction. If struck by the carcass, Frank will suffer a large amount of damage. The best way to avoid getting hit by a thrown carcass is by positioning yourself behind one of the other slabs of meat. If you're obstructed in this fashion, the thrown carcass shouldn't reach you.

Larry's close-ranged attacks are no less daunting. A common swipe from his meat cleaver can knock off a couple of blocks of health, and his overhead bludgeon attack even more. The move most importantly avoided, however, is his meat hook grapple. If you're close enough to Larry, he can grab Frank, carry him over to one of the vacant meat hooks in the processing area, hang him on it, and then proceed to furiously slash him. There doesn't seem to be an easy way out of this attack, so once you're caught, you are likely to take quite a bit of damage. Rotate the Left Thumbstick and tap the Left Trigger in an attempt to shake free. For this reason, you won't want to strike Larry with a melee weapon consecutively unless his back is turned. Just hit him once and dash away to avoid his retaliation.

Try your best to avoid this painful situation.

The ideal opportunity to get a hit or two in is while Larry is sharpening his cleaver. This animation frequently ensues just after one of Larry's attacks hit Frank. When you spot Larry sharpening his cleaver, Switch to a melee weapon, run in and hit Larry once or twice and then move out to avoid getting hit. Also hit Larry just after he throws a knife, provided you are close enough, and at the end of his duck-and-run manoeuvre.

If you need to restore health, take cover behind the machine that Carlito is hitched to and use a food item. You'll want to avoid taking cover behind this machine for too long, however, as Larry may still attempt to hit Frank with one of the animal carcasses, and in this event, there is a high chance that Carlito will be hit and sustain a large amount of damage. If Carlito dies during the fight, the case is over, so try to direct Larry's attacks away from him.

Continue attacking Larry until he finally falls. After the cutscene, get in the vacant truck just outside of the Meat Processing Area and quickly drive out of the Maintenance Tunnel and back into Leisure Park.

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Jun 23rd 2010 Guest
that was the worst fighting larry butcher ive ever seen, if you have the clowns saw and a couple books with the saw your unstopable he lasted about 5 seconds against me.
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