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Follow the dark path or use the light

- September 19

Dead Rising Walkthrough and Guide

by Michael Monette  

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Dead Rising Guide - Scoops

September 19th Scoops

Cut From the Same Cloth
Photo Challenge
Barricade A and B
A Mother's Lament
Out of Control
Japanese Tourists
Shadow of the North Plaza

Cut From the Same Cloth

This is likely the first scoop you'll receive from Otis. At around 2:00PM, you should receive a call from Otis about a man taking pictures in Paradise Plaza. Enter Paradise Plaza and look for the man Otis spoke of in the Colombian Roastmasters restaurant on the upper level.

Once you've have located the man, speak to him a few times. Kent offers to give you some pointers on photography. To complete this scoop, you'll need to take a few pictures of Kent and earn a certain amount of points for each picture.

The point requirement for the first picture is 500 points. To take an adequate picture, stand close to Kent and zoom in on him by pressing and holding the B button. When he crouches to take a picture, snap one of him. Provided you were close enough and the subject is centered, you should earn the amount of points required to move on.

For the second photo, you just need to take a picture of Kent performing his "signature pose" worth at least 700 points. Keep Kent in the frame and snap the picture when he poses. Zoom in and make sure Kent is not too far away to get the most points.

Snap a picture of Kent when he performs his signature pose and score at least 700 points to complete this scoop.

There is also an optional photo opportunity here. To get this one, wait until Kent jumps up into the air to kick a zombie. Take the picture when the PP icon appears above him. Just make sure he's in the shot and you should score a decent amount of points.

Photo Challenge

Once you've completed the “Cut From the Same Cloth” scoop, Kent gives you a challenge. To complete this scoop, you must find a suitable subject to take a high-quality erotic photo of, and then deliver that photo to Kent. Creepy.

Finding a subject for an erotic photo in a mall full of zombies is a decidedly difficult task, but an opportunity to acquire such a picture does arise on September 20th. The Photo Challenge scoop is available until sometime later on the second day, but be sure not to speak to Kent until you have an erotic photo to show him. If you speak to Kent without having an erotic photo to present to him, he'll laugh and walk away, effectively ending the scoop.

There is an opportunity to acquire an adequate erotic photo during Case 2-3 on the second day. In the Security Room, while Jessie is sitting on the bed next to Brad, take a few steps back from her and switch to your camera. Capture Jessie's face, breasts, and crotch in the picture. You should get 700-1,000 points for this photo, which is enough to complete the challenge.

Take this picture during Case 2-3 on the second day, and present it to Kent before time expires to complete the challenge.

When you have the photo, be sure to speak to Kent in Paradise Plaza before the scoop expires on the second day. Select the erotica photo to present it to Kent. Once you've completed this scoop, Kent demands another contest. He tells you to meet him in Paradise Plaza, tomorrow at noon, for another challenge...

Barricade Pair A and B

You should receive word of this scoop from Otis at around 4:00PM. A couple of survivors have barricaded themselves in the Weber's Garments clothing store in Al Fresca Plaza. Before you get going, stock up on Orange Juice from the Colombian Roastmasters restaurant on the second floor of Paradise Plaza, and grab the Katana on the awning if you have any space in your inventory. You'll be facing tons of zombies during your quest to save these two, so you'll need enough food items to heal both Frank and the two men in the event that they sustain serious damage.

If you're starting this scoop a little later (past 6:00PM), entering Leisure Park will trigger a cutscene depicting a group of psychopaths terrorizing a couple of survivors. In the event that you do encounter the convicts on your way to complete this scoop, it would make the trip back to the Security Room much easier if you take them out now.

You'll need a Handgun to defeat these guys; there should be two zombie cops carrying handguns in the water by the Leisure Park entrance in Paradise Plaza. Kill these zombies on your way to Leisure Park and pick up one or both of the handguns if you have room in your inventory.

Rescue Sophie from the crazed convicts in Leisure Park after 6:00PM.

Taking down the convicts is substantially easier if you can manage to have them trap their jeep behind a tree. Perhaps because the AI in Dead Rising is so abysmal, if the convicts happen to hit a tree, there is a good chance that the driver will continuously reverse and accelerate back into the tree if you are standing on the other side of it, giving you a good opportunity to take out the gunner.

Run around one of the wider tress until hopefully, the driver crashes into it and becomes stuck. Once you've succeeded, take cover behind the tree, and then quickly pop out and try to score a few headshots on the gunner. The mounted turret on the back of the jeep is very powerful, so be careful. If you are low on health, use the tree as cover and down a bottle of Wine or some Orange Juice.

When you've taken care of the gunner, run around to the back of the jeep and grab hold the mounted turret. With the machine gun in hand, run around to the side of the jeep and shoot the two remaining convicts dead. When all three convicts have been dealt with, make your way over to Sophie to have her join your party.

Achievement Tip -- Carjacker: Once the convicts have been taken care of, hop in the driver's seat of the now-vacant jeep to earn this achievement.

Alternatively, you may be able to avoid the convicts completely with a little luck. However, killing them will greatly improve the likelihood of your success in escorting the four survivors.

If you didn't grab any Orange Juice from the Columbian Roastmasters restaurant on your way through Paradise Plaza, you can take a couple of bottles of Wine from the counter in the area to your left just as you enter the Food Court. If you wish, you can save your game once you reach Al Fresca Plaza by interacting with the restroom door in Flexin' Gym.

Once you've reached Al Fresca Plaza, make your way over to Weber's Garments, which is the second store on the left. Tear down the shoddy barricade and step inside. Burt, the man wielding a Baseball Bat, will immediately begin attacking you. Don't kill him; just rough him up a bit. To do this, don't use a weapon; instead, press up on the d-pad to put away your current item, and then start tapping the X button to pummel him. After he's taken enough punishment, speak to him until both Burt and Aaron agree to follow you.

Aaron and Burt are holed up in the Weber's Garments store in Al Fresca Plaza.

To avoid wasting time, wait in the Food Court—just outside of the door that leads into Al Fresca Plaza—until 5:00PM. At this point, you should get a call about another scoop from Otis, this one concerning a woman who is also trapped Al Fresca Plaza. When you get the call, re-enter Al Fresca Plaza. Before moving on, tell Burt and Aaron to wait in Flexin' Gym or McHardy's Hardware Store (hold RT and press the Y button while looking at the floor). Refer to the section for the "A Mother's Lament" scoop for tips on saving the woman in that scoop, as well as the two men who are in your company now.

A Mother's Lament

For maximum efficiency, this scoop is best completed at the same time as the Barricade Pair A and B scoop. Enter Al Fresca Plaza after receiving a call about a woman in the jewellery store there.

If you're in need weapons, you can grab some sledgehammers from the hardware store to the left upon entering Al Fresca Plaza from the Food Court. To equip Burt and Aaron with a weapon, stand by the character you wish to equip while holding a suitable weapon and press the B button when the "Give" prompt appears. Clear away the hoard of zombies in front of the door to the Food Court, and then command Aaron and Burt to stay there. They should be fine here if left alone, provided you've given each one a weapon and swept the vicinity of zombies. With "A Mother's Lament" as your active scoop, follow the arrow at the top of the screen through Al Fresca Plaza until you come to the jewellery store. You'll find Leah inside.

Look for Leah in the jewellery store in Al Fresca Plaza.

Speak to Leah until she agrees to follow. Hop over the display case, and then wait for her to jump over as well. Once she has made it over the barricade, approach her and press the B button near her to start carrying her. If for some reason she refuses to jump over the case, you will have to press the Y button to call her over. Unfortunately, calling Leah will call Aaron and Burt (and Sophie if she's with you) over too. If you're forced to call Leah, quickly clear the path for the other survivors with a Sledgehammer or Baseball Bat, then run back over to Leah and start carrying her.

Swerve between the zombies in the plaza and carry Leah back to the doors that lead into the Food Court. When you reach the door, tap the Y button to have Aaron and Burt follow you again. With the three survivors in tow, enter the Food Court. You can grab a couple of Wine bottles from the counter here if Frank or one of the survivors needs a health boost.

The journey through Leisure Park will be much easier if you've already killed the convicts and have Sophie with you. If this is your first encounter with the convicts, or if you left them alive on your way through, this next step may prove to be exceedingly difficult. Unfortunately at this point, the only way back to the Security Room is through Leisure Park.

Lead Leah and the other survivors through Leisure Park.

A woman named Sophie is being harassed by the convicts. Saving her is tough, but the PP boost makes the effort worthwhile. You can take out these psychopaths if you have a Handgun in your inventory, however doing so is rather tough. If you don't have a Handgun, zombie cops have a small chance of dropping one when killed.

If you're going to try and kill the convicts, first clear out a small area of zombies and command the survivors with you to wait there by holding RT and pressing the Y button while looking at the spot you wish for them to wait. Refer to the strategy included in the “Barricade Pair A and B” scoop section, or the strategy under the “Other Occurrences” section for tips on killing the convicts.

Alternatively, you may be able to avoid the convicts completely with a little luck. However, killing them will greatly improve the likelihood of your success in escorting the four survivors.

Once you've reached Paradise Plaza, lead the survivors up the steps ahead to bypass the mobs of  zombies on the lower level. Stop by the Colombian Roastmasters restaurant and grab some Orange Juice if need be. When you're ready to move on, make your way through the warehouse then take the elevator to reach the rooftop. The elevator is full of zombies, so be careful!

On the rooftop, Hold RT and press the Y button while focused on a spot next to the duct. By doing this, you can avoid having the survivors constantly bump into each other as they attempt to follow you up onto the platform. When everyone on the platform, climb up yourself and go through the duct to bring the survivors into the Security Room.

Out of Control

At around 9:00PM, you should receive a transmission from Otis about this scoop. He tells you that one of the rides in Wonderland Plaza is spiralling out of control. Sounds like it's time to investigate. It would be a good idea to not start this scoop until at least 10:00PM, at which time you should get a transmission about a pair of Japanese tourists in Wonderland Plaza. It is much easier and less time consuming to complete the two scoops together.

If you're passing through Paradise Plaza, be sure to take some Orange Juice from the Colombian Roastmasters restaurant if you're low on health supplies, as well as the Katana from the awning through the window. Make your way through Leisure Park and enter the Food Court. If you haven't killed the convicts now, kill them now, as the machine gun mounted on the back of their jeep will make defeating the psychopath associated with this scoop much easier. Refer to the “Other Occurrences” section for tips on killing the convicts. You'll have to lug the machine gun through the next couple of areas. When you reach the Food Court (grab some Wine from the counter if need be), turn right and make your way over to Wonderland Plaza.

Upon entering Wonderland Plaza, you will receive another transmission from Otis. You may want to save your game at this point, so you won't have to walk all the way back to Wonderland Plaza in the event that you don't make it through this scoop alive. There is a washroom at the far end of the lower level of the plaza; interacting with one of the stall doors to save your game.

Before inspecting the rides, speak with the Japanese tourists in the book store to have them join your party. See the “Japanese Tourists” section of this guide for more information on rescuing these survivors. With the tourists in your party, equip one or both of them with a Handgun if you have a couple to spare and tell them to wait in the book store.

Inspect the controls of the Space Rider attraction in Wonderland Plaza.

The malfunctioning ride is located in the middle of the plaza. Approach the ride and climb up to the top of the metal steps. Wait until just after a car has gone over the track, and then jump over to the other side. Inspect the controls to your right to trigger a cutscene.

PSYCHOPATH: Adam the Clown
If you're afraid of clowns, you'll hate this guy. Unfortunately, yelling "GET A GRIP MAN!" here won't do anything. You're going to have to fight this insane clown.

Adam the Clown is rather tough to defeat, so if Frank is at a low level, you may have a difficult time fighting him. However, the rewards gained for defeating Adam can make much of the rest of your stay in the mall less difficult, so it is very worthwhile to put the effort in to take him down.

The quick and easy way to defeat Adam is by using the machine gun that is mounted on the back of the convicts' jeep in Leisure Park. Unfortunately, if you've already taken care of the convicts prior to facing Adam and therefore the machine gun is no longer available, you're out of luck as far as an easy route goes. On the flip side, if you managed to make it through the park without killing the convicts, kill them now so you can acquire this weapon.

Besides the turret, guns don't work particularly well against Adam, as he is surprisingly agile and able to dodge and block bullets. Melee weapons are one way to go, so hopefully you grabbed that Katana on your way through Paradise Plaza.

Adam the Clown. He's a little nuts.

If you've told the Japanese tourists to wait somewhere for you, they will cease waiting and start moving to your location after the cutscene. At this point, tell them to wait somewhere on the walkway. If you gave the survivors Handguns, they may be able to shave off a bit of Adam's health. They won't be in any danger, as Adam is fixated on Frank and will not attack them unless they get in his way.

Adam wields two mini-chainsaws that can dish out some serious damage, so try your best to avoid coming into contact with them. He also has a cache of throwing knives that he'll toss your way, however the thrown knives are quite easy to dodge and deal minimal damage. It is not wise to stay on the Space Rider platform where you first encounter Adam the Clown, because his attacks can throw Frank up into the air and onto the tracks, where he may then be hit by one of the cars as it whips by.

One way to kill Adam is to slowly whittle away his health by hitting him with a string of melee attacks, and then quickly moving out of his reach to avoid retaliation. Try to familiarize yourself with the moves he uses and learn to avoid them. Adam can destroy your melee weapon if you aren't careful. To avoid losing your weapon, do not attack him while he is in a defensive posture with his two mini-chainsaws crossed.

Though guns alone aren't particularly effective when used against Adam, you'll definitely want to have one in your inventory, as it can be used to counter one of his attacks. When Adam begins to fill a balloon with air, take aim and pop the balloon as he releases it, or just as it drops in front of him, to deal a significant amount of damage and send him into a coughing fit for a few moments. At this point, get in as much damage as you can—by continuing to shoot him, or by running in with a melee weapon—before he snaps out of it. Avoid hitting the balloon with a melee weapon, because doing so will send Frank staggering as well. If Adam manages to set the balloon loose, avoid it, because if it comes into contact with Frank, it will pop, leaving you vulnerable for a couple of seconds.

Shoot the balloon as Adam fills it with air to deal damage momentarily stun him.

If you run out of ammo, there should be a mob of zombie cops at the north end of the walkway, by the Sir Books-a-lot book store where the Japanese tourists were found. Kill one of these zombies and he should drop a Handgun. Also, if you need to heal, duck into one of the stores along the walkway and down some Orange Juice or a bottle of Wine.

Aside from dealing heavy damage with his mini-chainsaws, Adam can breathe fire too. To avoid getting scorched, do not directly in front of him, as he can get execute his flamethrower attack quite quickly. If Adam is knocked down at any point, quickly distances yourself from him, as he always retaliates with a flamethrower attack.

An opportunity to get a few strikes in with a melee weapon is just after Adam has finished performing his spinning attack. When he does this, he spins around over a large distance with his arms extended, and then is left vulnerable for a moment. Simply run away while Adam spins around to avoid taking damage, and then quickly move in and get a few hits in. If Adam performs more than one spinning attack in quick succession, chances are that he will become dizzy. While dizzy, he is completely vulnerable for several seconds. Guns will work against Adam at this point.

After Adam's disturbing death sequence, be sure to snap a picture of the dead clown if you are interested in unlocking the Xbox 360 achievements associated with taking pictures of the psychopaths in the mall.

One dead clown.

When Adam is defeated, he leaves behind two mini-chainsaws. The Small Chainsaw is an incredibly powerful, nearly game breaking weapon that makes most of the psychopath battles a cinch. Though Adam chainsaw will break after continued use just like any other melee weapon, a fresh one will respawn on the Space Rider platform in Wonderland Plaza when one breaks. Furthermore, by carrying a certain combination of books, the durability of this weapon can be greatly improved.

Examine the machine once again to shut it down. Once the machine has been shut down, you will find a man named Greg. Thankfully, Greg knows of a secret passage out of Wonderland Plaza. This means that you won't have to lead the group through the misleadingly-named Leisure Park.

Call the Japanese tourists over by tapping the Y button and begin to follow Greg to the secret passage. You have to follow Greg there, as he will stop moving if you get too far ahead or fall behind. Use the Small Chainsaw to clear the way for Greg as he heads for the shortcut. The secret passage is a vent on the ladies' room ceiling, which leads back to Paradise Plaza. Keep this shortcut in mind when near Wonderland Plaza in the future.

The Wonderland shortcut to Paradise.

Make your way through Paradise Plaza, through the warehouse, and back to the Security Room to rescue the survivors.

Japanese Tourists

This scoop is best completed in conjunction with the "Out of Control" scoop. Wait outside of Wonderland Plaza if you have yet to receive this scoop from Otis. At around 10:00PM you should receive a transmission from Otis concerning this scoop.

Before fighting Adam the Clown, travel to the "Sir Book-a-lot" store along the upper walkway. The two survivors are Japanese, so they won't be able to understand what Frank is saying unless you pick up the "Japanese Conversation" book near one of the book cases in the store. With this book in your inventory, speak to the tourists to start a conversation with them.

Pick up the Japanese Conversation book in the corner of the store so the Japanese tourists can understand Frank.

Continue speaking to the survivors until they agree to follow. At this point, get your camera ready, because when they agree to follow Frank, a PP icon will appear above their heads. Zoom in and capture both of the subjects' faces to acquire maximum PP. You no longer need the book, so discard it for another item if you wish.

Snap a picture of the tourists once they have finished arguing and agree to follow Frank to earn a substantial amount of points.

With the two survivors in tow, command them to wait in the book store (hold RT and press the Y button while focusing on a section of the floor). If you happen to be carrying a Handgun or two, equip the survivors so they can defend themselves if a zombie approaches. If you don't have any weapons to give them, there are likely several zombies dressed in police uniforms outside of the store. These zombies are likely carrying Handguns, which they will drop when killed. If you need to make some room in your inventory by swapping out a few weapons for the handguns, do so, because you can just pick the dropped weapons back up on your way to the Space Rider.

Once the tourists are equipped, climb up the metal steps that lead up to the Space Rider attraction and inspect the controls to face Adam the Clown. While fighting Adam, you can command the tourists to wait somewhere on the walkway where there aren't many zombies if you fear for their survival.

Shadow of the North Plaza

You should receive a call from Otis on the transceiver about a man in the North Plaza at around 11:00PM.

If you have quite a bit of time to spare, since you will be in the North Plaza, you may as well get a side quest out of the way. If you visit the Huntin' Shack gun shop in the North Plaza, you'll encounter a psychopath named Cletus. This is arguably the toughest psychopath battle of the game, so if you only have time to either save David or kill Cletus, save David and leave Cletus for a future playthrough when Frank is at a higher level. If you do wish to face Cletus, be sure to bring along plenty of food items to restore lost health, as well as a melee weapon, such as a Katana. Melee weapons aren't particularly effective against this psychopath, so lean more towards guns. For more information on defeating Cletus, refer to the “Other Occurrences” section of this guide. Killing Cletus is optional, but killing him does give you access to a number of powerful weapons.

To get to the North Plaza, first enter Leisure Park. Set "Shadow of the North Plaza" as the active scoop, and follow the arrow to reach the doors that lead into the plaza. Once in the North Plaza, follow the arrow to a man David. David has a wounded leg, as he was attacked by a psychopath in the market. For this reason, you must provide support for David to get him safely back to the Security Room.

You'll find David wounded in an empty room in the North Plaza.

If you've defeated Adam to completed "Out of Control" scoop, you can use the secret passage in Wonderland Plaza's ladies' room. If not, you'll have to take David across Leisure Park while trying your best to avoid the convicts in the jeep. Frank can move quite fast even while supporting David, so you shouldn't have any trouble swerving around the zombies in your path.

Escort David to the Security Room to rescue and finish the scoop. When you get to the duct, you'll have to put him down, let him climb up onto the platform, and then go through the duct to reach the Security Room.

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