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Escort Tips

Dead Rising Walkthrough and Guide

by Michael Monette  

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Dead Rising Guide

Escort Tips

Don't lead, follow: Unfortunately, the AI in Dead Rising isn't the brightest. As such, the AI can make rescuing survivors a rather frustrating experience. In most cases, you can't really count on survivors to follow you, as they will frequently get trapped in the middle of large packs of zombies. This will ultimately lead to their death if not rectified; you could always backtrack and help them, but this wastes valuable time, especially if you are in a rush. What you can do is use the goal command to tell the survivors where to go. To assign a goal, hold RT and press the Y button while looking at the area you want the survivors to head for, such as a door leading into the next area. Once the goal is set, help the survivors get to this location by following them and attacking the zombies in their path.

I'd rather take the stairs: When heading back to the Security Room with survivors in tow, you will unavoidably have to ride the elevator up to the rooftop. The elevator, of course, is packed with zombies. This can make things difficult if Frank and/or company are injured. Fortunately, there are a couple of mannequins just outside of the elevator that can be used to clear the way. Pick one of these weapons up, hit the switch to open the elevator door, and give those zombies a face full of mannequin! While the zombies are knocked down, you can press the switch inside to take the elevator up to the rooftop. Any survivors with you do not need to be in the elevator, but just near it to travel up with you.

Masochist: Zombait can be used to attract zombies to Frank. With this effect, zombies will ignore survivors and go after Frank exclusively. To make Zombait, take some Pie and Snacks, find a blender, and mix the two items. Keep Zombait for use during an escort mission if things get hectic. While Frank is likely to take damage from the extra attention, you should be able to survive longer than an AI survivor ever could, since you can swerve rather easily between the zombies. Basically, run to the exit of the current area, fight off the zombies that are coming for you until the survivors are close, and then take off into the next area.

Zombies ate my survivors: When escorting a large group of survivors, you'll really need to keep an eye on them. As you run past groups of zombies, one or more of the survivors may get surrounded and trapped in the middle of a mob. If you reach a relatively clear area, happen to look back and spot one or more survivors surrounded by a mob of zombies, press and hold the RT button to command the survivors that managed to follow you to stay where they are. You can then run over to aid those who are trapped. Once you have cleared away the zombies, the stragglers will then run to join the waiting survivor(s). This time, help them get to this location by attacking the zombies in their path.

Braindamage: If you have more than one survivor with you and are in the Rooftop area, the survivors will commonly bump into each other and be unable to take turns climbing up the ledge to reach the Air Duct. Instead of jumping up and waiting for them sort things out, as soon as you reach the Rooftop via the elevator, hold RT and press the Y button while looking at a spot near the Air Duct. The survivors should be able get up this way without any trouble. When they are all up on the platform, climb up yourself and proceed through the duct to rescue the survivors.

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Jul 2nd 2015 Guest
Hey Dude!!! This was a great blog. Thank you for being so open and straight forward. Love to read your post. This post is very helpful for me. Thanks
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