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Weapons and Equipment

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 Walkthrough and Guide

by Absolute Steve and Just One More  

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Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 Multiplayer Guide

Weapons and Equipment

One of the weapons you start off with is a very effective Assault Rifle, the trusty M4A1.

Many of COD4’s weapons return in the sequel, but most have changed in one way or another; the reliable AK-47 is now the last weapon you earn, semi-auto pistols and a revolver add the Tactical Knife as an unlockable option, and some old favorites have been updated to a more current version. The dependable MP5, for example, has been ‘upgraded’ to the MP5K and has a much look and feel from its predecessor. Of course some new weapons replace old ones, and often with very distinctive results.

Another major change in MW2 is the addition of shotguns and machine pistols to the secondary weapon slot. No longer do you have to define a class based around an assault rifle for longer shots or a shotgun for close quarters, now you can have both. The machine pistols are also very effect in confined spaces. This news is probably best appreciated by snipers, who can now take enemies apart from a distance but not have to rely on a semi-automatic pistol or knife if the game play moves indoors.

Though it has added new weapons and changed some of the old ones, IW put their usual amount of attention into overall balance from one weapon to the next. Weapons with a higher firing rate do less damage per round than slow fire weapons and vice versa, so that theoretically a good player could be just as effective with one weapon as another if he or she were willing to adjust playing style to fit a given weapon’s characteristics. Lying in the grass and sniping with a P90 would not be very effective, nor would charging a room with an Intervention. But all weapons are intended to be effective if used properly. So far there appears to be only one weapon in need of adjustment in this regard: if you meet a player using akimbo the Model 1887 shotguns you’ll understand why.

It’s deadlier than it looks.

There are some new additions beyond firearms. You may now equip a Riot Shield in your primary weapon slot and compliment it with a Blast Shield as your Equipment choice for even more protection. The Riot Shield not only protects you from enemy rounds and explosions but acts as a melee weapon if you get close enough. The Riot Shield will absorb quite a bit of damage before failing to protect its user. Don’t forget to crouch to protect your feet when you come under fire.

Like all weapons in the game, the Riot Shield has its strong points and its drawbacks. Map: Karachi.

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