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Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 Xbox 360 Cheats and Tips

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Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 is a first-person shooter game that is the sequel to the Call of Duty: Modern Warfare. Set in 2016 the game's campaign follows the Task Force 141 as they go on a series of missions including Cliffhanger, The Gulag, and Whiskey Hotel in their globe-spanning fight to restore order to the world. Modern Warfare 2 also features cooperative, and multiplayer game modes. Check out our Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 cheats and tips for Xbox to see to see how you can get the upper hand in the game.

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 Cheats and Tips for Xbox

The following tips will help you survive longer in the game, our complete guide which is listed below covers all the different sections of the game so be sure to check it out.

Advance Slowly

Resist the temptation to sprint out into the open, you will survive longer if you take in each scenario and work out the best way to weave through firing lines by pushing forward between whatever cover you can find.

Advance Slowly

Get More Perks

In Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 on Xbox you are limited to three perks by default. You can however get more than three perks if you use Specialist mode which replaces your killstreaks with perks meaning for each kill you get works your way towards a new perk.

Easy 'No Russian' Mission on Veteran Mode

When you have beaten the 'No Russian' mission on any difficulty select it again from the 'Mission menu' and choose the Veteran difficulty. When the mission begins pause the game and it will give you the option to skip the level (due to content). Doing so will skip the level but will still credit you the completion on Veteran difficulty as if you had played it through to the end.

Watch the Killcam

The KillCam in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 shows a player's death from the perspective of the killer. If you press 'Start' during the Killcam, you can get positions of their Comrades who could possibly be camping.

Unlock Multiplayer Weapons

Weapons and equipment is unlocked in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 multiplayer when your reach a certain level. Check out Multiplayer Weapons and Equipment page to find out when you can access you favourite gear. Some of the weapons will be hidden, check out the following video to find out exactly where you can find them.

Instant Juggernaut Kill

In Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 the Juggernaut is a heavily armored enemy that is protected by explosive ordnance disposal Armour that requires excessive amounts of damage to kill. Juggernauts are able to deal out massive injuries with a shotgun or a light machine gun. You can however instantly kill a Juggernaut by shooting it in the face with the Thumper.


Unlock Museum Bonus Level

Museum is a bonus level unlocked in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2's campaign mode. The Museum level can be selected from the 'Mission Select' screen once you have completed the game. There will be a big red button on one of the two desks in the museum that says 'do not press'... press it. This level contains ALL the weapons and vehicles featured in the game, the vehicles though are not to scale and cannot be driven.

Unlock Sixth Custom Class Slot

When you reach level 70 in Multiplayer mode and then enter Prestige mode a sixth custom class slot will become available.

Complete Guide

Check out our Complete Guide to find out everything you need to know about Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 on Xbox. This includes the locations of all 45 Enemy Intels which are in the form of laptops. Each Enemy Intel Location is detailed with text and individual videos.

If you are playing Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 on Xbox and have a question about the game, check out our Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 Questions and Answers

More Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 Xbox 360 Cheats and Tips

We have 97 cheats and tips on Xbox 360. If you have any cheats or tips for Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 please send them in here. We also have cheats for this game on : PlayStation 3 : PC

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You can also ask your question on our Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 Questions & Answers page.

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Complete Guide unofficial guide to Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 is now online here.

The locations of all 45 Enemy Intels are detailed with text and individual videos. There is also a complete walkthrough of the main game.

Click here to go to our Modern Warfare 2 Guide.

Awesome Knife Kill

This is the best knife kill you are ever going to see. Rumour has it Chuck Norris was playing the game.

Watch the video

Unlock Trailers

If you allow the game to idle at the 'Main' menu Trailers for the game leading up to it's release will begin to play after a few minutes.

Professional Perks

When you complete the following tasks the corresponding perk will become available.

Danger Close Pro:

Using the Danger Close perk get 100 kills with explosives. Its effect is increased explosive weapon damage and extra air support damage.

Hardline Pro:

Get 40 Killstreaks with the Hardline perk. Its effect is that Killstreak rewards require one less kill and Deathstreak rewards require one less death.

Sitrep Pro:

Destroy 120 detected explosives or tactical insertions with the Sitrep perk. Its effect is detect enemy explosives and tactical insertions and louder enemy footsteps.

Cold-Blooded Pro:

Destroy 40 enemy Killstreak rewards with the Cold-Blooded perk. Its effect is is undetectable by UAV, air support, sentries, and ..

Easy 'No Russian' Mssion on Veteran Mode

When you have beaten the 'No Russian' mission on any difficulty select it again from the 'Mission menu' and choose the Veteran difficulty. When the mission begins pause the game and it will give you the option to skip the level (due to content). Doing so will skip the level but will still credit you the completion on Veteran difficulty as if you had played it through to the end.

Unlock Museum Bonus Level

This feature which is entitled 'An Evening with Infinity Ward' is a bonus level which becomes unlocked when campaign mode has been completed. It contains ALL weapons and vehicles featured in the game. The vehicles though are not to scale and cannot be driven.

Multiplayer Perks

The following Multiplayer Perks have the indicated effect.


Move quicker.


Increased melee distance.


Unlimited sprint.

Sleight of Hand:

Faster reloads.


Resupply from dead enemies.


Killstreaks require one less kill.

Stopping Power:

Increase bullet damage against enemy players.

One Man Army:

Change classes at anytime at the loss of a secondary weapon.

Cold Blooded:

Undetectable by UAVs, air support, sentry guns and thermal vision.

Last Stand:

Fall to the ground and use your secondary weapon unt..

Kill Streak Bonuses

When you reach the indicated number of consecutive kills in Multiplayer mode the corresponding bonus will become available.

Unlock AC130 Gunship (be the gunner of the AC130):

11 Consecutive Kills

Unlock Attack Helicopter:

7 Consecutive Kills

Unlock Care Package (Drops Ammo/Killstreaks):

4 Consecutive Kills

Unlock Chopper Gunner (be the Gunner of the Helicopter):

11 Consecutive Kills

Unlock Counter UAV (Jams Enemy Radar's):

4 Consecutive Kills

Unlock Emergency Airdrop (4 Ammo/Killstreak Drops):

8 Consecutive Kills

Unlock EMP (Disables Electronics):

15 Consecutive Kills

Unlock Harrier Strike (Choose Bomb location and defending Harrier):

7 Consecutive K..

'Cooking' Grenades

To prevent enemies from having enough time to throw your grenades back at you hold your grenades for two seconds before throwing them.

Enemy Intel 6

Possibly Enemy Intel 6 is the hardest piece of one to find in the entire game.

It does not help the situation that you have to drive over it during the snowmobile chase part of the level either.

To give you an indication where this tricky-to-spot Intel is located, it's about 1800 meters away from your goal, so it's relatively early during the course.

To stand the best chance of getting the intel, slow down a lot when you are about 1900 meters away from the final destination and you'll soom arrive at a small fence placed horizontally, there is also a hut on the hill to the right.

Pass the fence and just barely to the left side, this intel is lying a few meters across if you just go straight ahead.

The video below should help to illust..

Untimited Amo Glitch.

Online,Co-op,Special Ops,Split screen

It works Just Hold Down 'LT' And Tapping 'Y' And 'X' If done Properly You should be able to use as many bullets as you like


Multiplayer Weapons and Equipment

When you reach the indicated level in Multiplayer mode the corresponding item will become available.


Unlock USP .45 - Level 1

Unlock .44 Magnum (Colt Anaconda) - Level 26

Unlock M9 - Level 46

Unlock Desert Eagle - Level 62

Sniper Rifles

Unlock CheyTac Intervention - Level 1

Unlock Barrett .50 Caliber (M107) - Level 4

Unlock WA2000 - Level 36

Unlock M21 EBR - Level 56

Assault Rifles

Unlock FAMAS - Level 1

Unlock M4A1 Carbine - Level 4

Unlock SCAR-H - Level 8

Unlock TAR-21 - Level 20

Unlock FAL - Level 28

Unlock M16A4 - Level 40

Unlock ACR - Level 48


Riot Shield Defense

To have a defense from behind when you are holding your secondary weapon equip the riot shield to one of your classes. The riot shield enables you to switch the direction of your defense which is useful in narrow corridors and stairwells.

Unlock Sniper Camouflage

When you complete the 'Ghillie In The Mist' challenge with the indicated results the corresponding Ghillie camouflage suits for Sniper classes will become available.

Unlock Arctic Camouflage:

50 one-shot kills with sniper rifles.

Unlock Urban Camouflage:

100 one-shot kills with sniper rifles.

Unlock Desert Camouflage:

200 one-shot kills with sniper rifles.

Get inside the pipe on Rust

To get in side the long pipe on Rust, first go over to it. There is a mark on the pipe. Run and jump towards it at the same time and you should have a partner see if you are going in on the side. After awhile, you should be in side the pipe. You can see people, but they can't see you. Tip of advice: Don't lay down if you get in the glitch. You will get stuck and will have to tell your partner to shoot you. Sometimes you will get stuck. Don't run through when you get in it. You can also fall out of it. My favorite glitch is this. Please comment and give thumbs up

Dying Bonuses

When you die the indicated number of times in a row without a kill in Multiplayer mode the corresponding bonus will become available.

Painkiller (health boost when you spawn):

Die 3 times in a row.

Martydom (drop a live grenade just after dying):

Die 4 times in a row.

Copycat (steal your killer's class in killcam):

Die 4 times in a row.

Final Stand (get back up after being wounded):

Die 4 times in a row.

Hold a riot shield while on minigun

Choose a class with 1man army. Use one man army to switch to the riot control class. While you're switching go onto a minigun. Wen you're done changing you're class you will be using the mini gun and holding a riot shield.

Extra Custom Class Slot

When you reach level 70 in Multiplayer mode and enter Prestige mode a sixth custom class slot will become available.

Care Package Clone

OK, This is my first cheat on supercheats, so I hope you guys all rate it high!

I am going to do this without mentioning buttons, because it can be confusing to have to work out what I mean, so I will just do a simple walk through of this glitch.

First, you will need a class with your favourite gun. As long as your sure you can get a good killstreak with it, you'll be fine.

Have One Man Army as your first perk, because it means you can resupply quickly. I will explain this more further on.

Next, I would recommend Hardline, because then it is easier to get your killstreak. Third can be anything,it doesn't make much of a difference.

Equipment should be Tactical Insertion, because it helps to go to a nice location and stay there if you get killed.

Hidden Challenges

When you complete the following tasks the corresponding challenge will become available. These challenges will not show in the barracks.


Get knifed by an enemy wearing this title. 1,000 Experience points.

Living Dead:

Survive in Final Stand long enough to get back up. 1,000 Experience points.

Click, Click, Boom:

Kill an enemy with C4 while you are in Last Stand (not Final Stand). 5,000 Experience points.


Defuse a bomb right after it is planted while the planter is still alive. 2,000 Experience points.

The Numb:

Take enough damage that would normally kill you with Painkill active. 0 Experience points.


Transmission Comple..

How To Get Cold Blooded Pro SUPER FAST!!

~For some of you that didn't know, Cold Blooded Pro is a Perk that keeps you from being seen on enemy vehicles and UAV. The Pro part takes away your red name and the red cross hairs when someone takes aim at you. This Perk is VERY useful for camping/sniping.~

With this glitch, you will be able to get the Cold Blooded Pro perk super fast with little to no effort. First off, you must have Cold Blooded as your second Perk. Next, go to a match. When the enemy sends out a Chopper Gunner or Attack Helicopter, you have to shoot it with your gun; this means actual guns, not Stingers or Javelins. Once the vehicle starts to smoke and spin out of control, keep shooting at it. You will notice that the X ,that indicates you are damaging something, will NOT show up. Keep on shooting and you..

Barebones Boosting

You get 4 players and go into Barebones and tell EVERYONE to hold down the X button and it will say starting match in 8....... And so on........ Then start boosting and no one who wants to play barebones ( not boosting ) can NOT join the match Smile

Cold Blooded Pro Glitch

First set up you calss.


Heavy machine Gun [Dosnt Matter what Heavy Machine Gun]

Rocket [Dosnt Matter what Rocket]

Equipment: {Dosntmatter]


Just make sure you have Cold Blooded on the rest dont matter.

To do the cheat. Shoot a Rocket at enemy aircraft then use machine gun to finish shooting the air craft down it will give you +800 points/ more EXP. towards Cold Blooded Pro.

Museum Enemies

When you have completed the game on any difficulty you unlock the musuem. Go to 'Mission Select' and select 'Musuem.' When you start off walk up to the desk and aim over the bell. Then hold X and all of the figures will come alive. (It helps if you get the 'thermal AK-47' and the 'Wa200' and refill the ammo first.)

How to Find Your Enemy's Team

When your watching a killcam in Team Death match or Hardcore Team Death match press the pause menu and look at the UAV and it will show where the enemy is camping at.

How To Kill Juggernauts Faster

We all know that the most annoying enemy is te Juggernuat. Not only becuase they are so hard to kill but becuase nothing is really effective against them. Actually, higher calibur weapons such as the Desert Eagle are more effective than lower CAL weapons. So, make sure you have a Desert Eagle or something on hand when fighting Juggernauts.

Hope I Helped


Barracks and Killstreak Reward Info

YOu can use the Barracks to get Easy XP and emblems and titles. And if you are a high enough level you can get a secret title and emblem.

THis is available by NOT having any killstreak rewards on. you have to get 10 kills in a row without dying and without any killstreak rewards on.

YOu will get a mario emblem and you will get a title with a snake on it saying "behind enemy lines"

Move through ranks quickly

1:go to split screen in multiplayer

2:chose any map

3:have 1 chose the 'riot control' class the other chose any class

4:1 person crouches behinds the shield while the other shots the shield

5:once the person shotting runs out of ammo kill them with your shield

repeat steps 4 and 5 over and you will move through the ranks quickly

Best Nuke Killstreaks

Planning on getting a nuke? There are some sets of killstreaks that will help you immensely when trying to do this. My personal favorite is: Harrier (7 kills), Chopper Gunner (11 kills), Tactical Nuke (25 kills). Where there is a chopper gunner in any of these upcoming sets, you can replace it out with AC-130 also.

Set 2: Harrier (7 kills), Pavelow (9 kills), Tactical Nuke. The Harrier and the Pavelow do the work for you!

Set 3: Pavelow (9 kills), Chopper Gunner (11 kills), Tactical Nuke. This is heavy artillery that most likely won't be shot down quickly!

And Finally, Set 4: UAV (3 kills), Pavelow (9 kills), Tactical Nuke. For you skilled players who like doing most of the work yourselves, or for the timid player who wants a low killstreak first, and the..

How to Quick Scope

With this Cheat, I will teach you how to "Quick Scope" which is a very helpful technique and takes LOTS of practicing. First, you must have a sniper rifle such as Intervention or Barret 50. Cal. (I reccomend using the Intervention). Now, for practice, go to a Private Match and go to Rust. Set the time and score to unlimited for maximum practice. You should have Sleight of Hand Pro as your first perk to make Quick Scoping easier. First off, have your bud stand still for the first QS drill. Press the zoom button and you will bring the scope up to your face. Right before the screen turns into the scoping screen, fire. Since you are probably doing this for the first time, have the scoping screen come up for a a split second and fire then let go of the zoom trigger. For the next dr..

In the mission exodus pick up a tar-21 instead of using the scar

In the mission exodus pick up a tar-21 red dot sight or a tar-21 holographic then halfway through in one of the diners there is a m240 acog then grab that then continue the mission

Ultimate Quick Scope/Snipe Class

Quick Scope:

1.Sleight of Hand Pro-Quick Reloads and faster ADS(Aiming Down Sights)

2.Stopping Power Pro-More bullet damage

3.Steady Aim Pro-Quick Scopes are more accurate and breath is held in longer during Hard Scopes.



In the map SkyRise walk around the edge of the map until you find

A hanging scissor lift back up run toward it and jump toward it BUT

AS SOON AS YOU HIT IT LET GO OF EVERYTHING ON THE CONTROLLER or you will fall to your doom. Next very slowly climb

Up the scissor lift when at the top also very slowly walk along the very edge of the building until you reach the next scissor lift climb

Up that one then walk along the edge of that one and snipe off the


Really cool hiding spots

1st in the level terminal in the room with the bar there are two elevators and a small space go between the spaces a duck all the way down and your enemy should not be able to find you Smile

How to Get Attachements and Coloring for Your Weapon

If you get a 3 to 6 friends in your lobby,you can boost online on Barebones but everyone in your lobby has to hold x when they get in the lobby.If it says TeamDeathmatch, makesure your skip it and make it a Free For All match.On one of your class put what ever gun you want and there attachements and for you equiment put a tactical insertion.Hope this helps!~TrIcK~

Survive a nuke! (glitch)

Ever wanted to survive a nuke? Well you can with a little help with one enemy! Just when the nuke explodes hopefully an enemy will try to kill you but now here's the catch! When the enemy tries to kill you it fails and you go into last stand or final stand (if you get killed repeatedly easily and make sure you have this perk and/or deathstreak on) and you will survive the explosion! BUT ! You have to get into last stand/final stand right when the explosion goes off or it won't work! (I recommend that you have a friend on the enemy team to help you live! Just make sure you two are close by) if you can make it to the spot that your going to be in to help you survive under 10 seconds shoot each other until you both get into last stand/final stand! (DON'T KILL EACH OTHER !) if ..

Sniping tips and maps!

There is alot of good sniping spots on all the maps except for rust :P. One of the best sniping maps in my opinion is favela, there are alot of spots in favela like rooftops, buildings and theres lots of cover on the ground. When your sniping on small maps I recommend using the acog sight, it helps with close range kills and it gets the job done for some long range, but overall when your on a small map use the acog. Now on to the snowy and rainy maps, please like for real use a thermal if you don't your going to be lost and confused. I think the best sniper is the intervention, this guns is basically infinity ward trying to bring back the famous M40 from call of duty 4, but the intervention is very good sniper you just have to control that nasty recoil. My xbox 360 gamertag is elementNER..

Funny elevator

On the level with the white house, after the part where sargent foley told you to use your grenade launchers, go down the hallway and look at the elevator on the left and you will see a dead enemy body being squished by the elevator because it keeps trying to close.

Easy way to rank.In couple of rounds

1.Do hardcore search and destroy.

2.You get a friend

3.Equip riot shield(equip good secondary in case your freind dies

4.Select coldblooded pro and ninja pro

5.Friend must have double p90 and one man army

6.Your friend shoots the riot shield with both p90s and you gain alot of points

7.You should gain 30-60k xp a match if done write

Any problems with this leave me a comment

Acurrcy glith

there is a thing to make your acurrcy perfect !! try it !!! with the intervention or barret 50cal you press y twice on your contoller and its called a y y tap !! and hope its work and makes your day good !!!! and ween u press it twice shoot at your target or shoot at your enemy !! thanks for reading BY: Dirtbike!!! :D

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