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Loose Ends

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 Walkthrough and Guide

by Absolute Steve and Just One More  

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Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 Guide

Loose Ends

Follow your team down the trail and you'll run into an ambush.  Evade the land mine first, then take out the enemies on the cliff to your left and run towards the smoke to avoid .. getting smoked.

There are various enemies in this zone, including well hidden ones with forest camouflage on them.  Stay behind trees and always check your back before attempting to dispatch any enemies in front of you.  Continue west and go over the hill.  Around this time, two trucks attempt to leave the area, although they're soon enough destroyed with a little air support.  Proceed to the house and dispatch a few more enemies before breaching the walls.


Before entering the house, go around the back and travel to the far southwest of the area.  There's a docking house here, and this Intel is located right next to its entrance.


Video showing the location of Enemy Intel #36.

Return to the house and breach the house.  As expected, there are about a dozen enemies inside.  Go upstairs and secure the area.  As you breach the door upstairs, aim your sight at those boxes in front of you as two enemies are hiding behind them.  A third one will assault you up front.


This piece of intel can be found in the room you just breached upstairs. It's on a desk behind those boxes.


Video showing the location of Enemy Intel #37.

Go back to the main hall and head downstairs by the stairs to the south.  Kill a few more enemies here, then breach the doors.  The room to the right/east contains two hostiles, and this is also the armory with plenty enough ammo for you to restock.


Simply grab this Intel from inside the armory.


Video showing the location of Enemy Intel #38.

The other room has a few soldiers attempting to escape, so be quick to kill them.  Regroup with Ghost, then connect the DSM to Makarov's computer network and defend the house.

Several waves of enemies will assault the house very soon, so it might be a good idea to quickly place several claymore mines around the entrance.  With the help of Ghost you can locate which enemy waves are coming from where, and especially the RPG waves are important to take note of considering their threat.

When the upload is complete, make your way to the landing zone to the far northeast side of the area.  Try to kill as many enemies as you can while on the run, and eventually you'll run into a large group of soldiers once again.  Run as far as possible while downing most of them and the game will play a scene.

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That was extremely helpful. Good work and thanks
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