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Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 Walkthrough and Guide

by Absolute Steve and Just One More  

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Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 Guide


This chapter starts off with a bang.  Quickly take cover while still in the car, then follow MacTavish down an alley.  Take the shot at Rojas' right hand man, but make sure to shoot him in the legs for a non-lethal takedown.

The idea is to continue through the alleys, making your way to the top of the favela.


To find this intel, proceed to the southwest corner after dropping down the favela.  You should be able to spot a building with a motorcycle leaning against the wall.  To the left of this building is a house with a big window - go inside and search around for this intel here.


Video showing the location of Enemy Intel #7.

Head up the stairs to the western side of the area and pass the fence where a dog will jump against.  Take cover nearby the green garbage bin and watch those roofs 11 'o clock as several enemies drop down from there.

You'll also encounter a dog here; if it manages to grab you, quickly press the button prompt (right stick) to release yourself.  Head into the alleys and keep an eye out for the rooftops the moment you see a plant in a vase falling from down below.  It helps considerably to take out the higher positioned enemies first, and to use a flashbang for groups of enemies such as in this area.

There are snipers here as well, which you can recognize by the light reflecting from their scope in the distance.


Climb up the building with the ladder and check the room directly in front of you (there usually was a sniper located here).  The intel can be found in this room.


Video showing the location of Enemy Intel #8.


Before continuing southwest, check out the rooms to your left/southeast, accessed by the small wooden steps.  The first room contains a few hostiles, but the bedroom has this intel for the taking.


Video showing the location of Enemy Intel #9.

Keep an eye out for enemies on the rooftops as you proceed southwest.  There will be a lot of Rojas' men in the alleys up ahead, so don't force your way through quickly, but take cover and take them out one by one.  Head through the building up ahead by climbing the small steps.

Immediately take out the enemies with RPG's on top of the rooftops, then go around the corner and mow down the higher positioned enemies first.  Cross the rooftops and dispatch several more enemies in the alley around the corner.


This piece of intel is located in a building to your right after heading over several roofs and some stairs.  Inside this room, go down the slightly concealed stairs to find this intel in the room below.


Video showing the location of Enemy Intel #10.

Press onward through the alleys to complete the mission.

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Sep 26th 2010 Guest
this is the biggest map!!!!!
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Jul 20th 2010 Guest
think it would be better if you hade videos of how to fo it
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