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Challenges and Challenge Groups

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 Walkthrough and Guide

by Absolute Steve and Just One More  

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Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 Multiplayer Guide

Challenges and Challenge Groups

The Challenges Menu, where you can track your progress toward earning bonus XP.

There are challenges for every weapon, perk and item of equipment, as well as for many in-game possibilities. You can view your currently unlocked challenges as well as your progress toward each challenge in the Barracks section. Note that until a given challenge is unlocked in the Barracks section, you may not be able to earn credit toward its completion. Weapons challenges unlock at the same level with which you unlock the weapon itself.

Challenge Groups

Weapons/Equipment: For each weapon, kills with that weapon unlock new attachments and grant XP, but the available attachments vary by weapon/weapon class. For example, Heartbeat Monitors are not available on the SMGs. Sometimes kills with a given attachment in use are required to unlock other attachments. Earning all attachments grants Mastery of that weapon, which earns more XP and weapon-specific titles and emblems for use in your Callsign.

Perks: Each perk has its own challenges.

Killstreaks: Each Killstreak has its own challenges.

Basic Training: Challenges for basic in-game activities such as shooting down a helicopter, destroying a car, getting kills while crouched or prone.

Operations: Each game mode has its own set of challenges, granting XP for things like winning a certain number of matches in that mode or for accomplishments such as defusing a bomb.

Precision: Challenges that require accuracy, such as multiple kills with a single shot and hitting enemies with every round in a single clip.

Finishing Moves: Challenges related to getting the final kill in a match with given Killstreak rewards.

Humiliation: Challenges such as killing everyone on the other team without dying yourself, and getting kills while being stunned by a grenade.

Payback: Challenges related to getting Payback on someone who has killed you earlier by using various equipment options.

Elite: More in-game activity challenges such as completing a match with a 5:1 kill to death ratio and getting kills by shooting C4.

Intimidation: More in-game activity challenges, such as killing the entire team within 10 seconds and killing five opponents with a single air strike.

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