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Of Their Own Accord

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 Walkthrough and Guide

by Absolute Steve and Just One More  

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Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 Guide

Of Their Own Accord

Exit the base and follow Sgt. Foley.  He'll lead you through the trenches.  When you reach the building that's been occupied by the enemy, press onward when told to do so and refll your ammo at the large ammo stack nearby the right entrance.  Dispatch the enemies, preferably with your grenade launcher and continue down the main hall.  Clear the halls and turn right/east. 


You'll pass an elevator with a body blocking the doors, forcing the elevator to open and close continuously.  This piece of intel can be found inside this elevator next to a dead body.


Video showing the location of Enemy Intel #29.

Dispatching the enemies here isn't much trouble, although there's one standing behind a door near the corner.  Continue over the balcony and head up to the next floor, made possible by the big collapsed piles of debris.  Engage the enemies in the office up ahead and turn south - dispatch the soldiers behind those doors first.  Check the balcony on the northeast to plant explosives and trigger them from a safe distance.  You can also restock on ammo on this balcony.


Going south in this office, eliminate the soldiers behind the southern doors.  In the semi-hidden hallway behind these doors you can find this intel nearby the men's restroom on the eastern side.


Video showing the location of Enemy Intel #30.

Proceed upstairs and continue through the rooms on the next floor.  There will be a few enemies around, so watch your back.  You'll reach the crow's nest soon enough. 

Here, take position behind the sniper rifle and take out the very distant troops that are firing at the evac site with Javelins.  After dispatching a few of them, enemies are closing in on the crow's nest, and you're going to have to stand groudn with what you have.  Stand nearby the doorway and mow down all enemies you can get in sight.  After this, grab one of the Javelins and take out the enemy vehicles in the distance.

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