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Ranking Up with XP and Challenges

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 Walkthrough and Guide

by Absolute Steve and Just One More  

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Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 Multiplayer Guide

Ranking Up with XP and Challenges

The Barracks menu, where you can keep track of your progress toward the next rank and view your Challenges, Accolades, and the Leaderboards.

The first thing you’ll notice if you played COD4 MP is that you now get many more points for in-game accomplishments. Not only are basic kills worth 100 points instead of 10, but new aspects of kills are also tracked and rewarded with extra points. Getting revenge on someone who has killed you earlier in that match, for example, gains extra points, as do avenging a teammate or saving a teammate who is under threat from your victim at the time of your kill. Each game mode has its own specific rewards within the context of that match’s rules.

Objective games such as Domination have their own points rewards. Map: Skidrow

Given the many new opportunities to gain XP in-game, it is not surprising that the number of points required to move up in rank has risen accordingly: it now takes almost two and a half million points to reach Level 70.  Once you’ve reached Level 70 and earned enough XP to unlock the Prestige option, you can start over with a shiny Level 1 next to your Prestige icon and work toward another couple million points before Prestige 2 is an option. As with COD4, Prestige 10 is the limit. (Callsign elements and some Prestige Challenges do not reset with each Prestige level, but everything else does; all regular challenges, weapons, perks and equipment are relocked as if you were starting the game for the first time.)

Every level reached unlocks something, as shown below:

Level    Points to Achieve     Unlock

1                          0            Grenadier Class (Famas with grenade launcher, Silenced SPAS-12 shotgun, frag grenade, 2x Stun grenades, Scavenger Pro, Stopping Power, Commando, Copycat)
First Recon Class (UMP with holographic sight, .44 Magnum with knife, Semtex, 2x Flash grenades, Marathon Pro, Lightweight, Ninja Pro, Final Stand)
Overwatch Class (L86 LSW with grip and holographic sight, AT4-HS launcher, Semtex, 2x Flash grenades, Bling Pro, Danger Close, SitRep, Painkiller)

2                      500            Scout Sniper Class (Barrett .50cal with Heartbeat Monitor and FMJ, Silenced USP .45, Tactical Insertion, 1x Smoke grenade, Bling Pro, Cold-Blooded, Scrambler Pro, Copycat)



3                     1700            Riot Control Class (Riot Shield, Akimbo PP2000s, Blast Shield, 2x Stun grenades, Marathon Pro, Hardline Pro, Commando, Painkiller)

4                     3600            Create-a-Class

5                     6200            Challenges (Weapons, Perks, Equipment)

6                     9500            Challenges (Basic Training)

                                         Clan Tag

                                         Painkiller (Death Streak)

7                   13500            Throwing Knife (Equipment)

                                         Challenges (rest of Basic Training)

8                   18200            SCAR-H (Assault Rifle)

9                   23600            Hardline (Slot Two Perk)



10                 29700            Challenges (Operations)

                                         3rd Killstreak slot unlocked

11                 36500            Tactical Insertion (Equipment)

12                 44300            Vector (SMG)

13                 53100            Scavenger (Slot One Perk)

14                 62900            Thumper (Launcher)

15                 73700            4th Killstreak slot unlocked

16                 85500            Challenges (Killstreak)

                                         MG4 (LMG)

17                 98300            Scrambler (Slot Three Perk)

18                112100            AA-12 (Shotgun)

19                126900            Blast Shield (Equipment)



20                142700            TAR-21 (Assault Rifle)

21                159500            Bling (Slot One Perk)

22                177300            G18 (Machine Pistol)

23                196100            5th Killstreak slot unlocked

24                215900            P90 (SMG)

25                236700            Cold-Blooded (Slot Two Perk)

26                258500            Challenges (Precision)

                                         .44 Magnum (Handgun)

27                281300            Martyrdom (Deathstreak)

28                305100            FAL (Assault Rifle)

29                329900            Ninja (Slot Three Perk)



30                355700            Stinger (Launcher)

31                382700            Claymore (Equipment)

32                410900            AUG HBAR (LMG)

33                440300            Danger Close (Slot Two Perk)

34                470900            Striker (Shotgun)

35                502700            Challenges (Finishing Moves)

                                         6th Killstreak slot unlocked

36                535700            WA2000 (Sniper Rifle)

37                569900            SitRep (Slot Three Perk)

38                605300            M93 Raffica (Machine Pistol)

39                641900            Final Stand (Deathstreak)



40                679700            M16A4 (Assault Rifle)

41                718700            Challenges (Humiliation)

                                         Last Stand (Slot Three Perk)

                                         7th Killstreak slot unlocked

42                758900            Ranger (Shotgun)

43                800300            C4 (Equipment)

                                         Challenges (rest of Humiliation)

44                842900            Mini Uzi (SMG)

45                886700            One Man Army (Slot One Perk)

46                931700            M9 (Handgun)

47                977900            Payback Challenges

                                         8th Killstreak slot unlocked

48              1025300            ACR (Assault Rifle)

49              1073900            Challenges (rest of Payback)



50              1123700            Javelin (Launcher)

51              1175000            9th Killstreak slot unlocked

52              1227800            M240 (LMG)

53              1282100            Challenges (Elite)

54              1337900            M1014 (Shotgun)

55              1395200            10th Killstreak slot unlocked

56              1454000            M21 EBR (Sniper Rifle)

57              1514300            Challenges (rest of Elite)

58              1576100            TMP (Machine Pistol)

59              1639400            11th Killstreak slot unlocked



60              1704200            F2000 (Assault Rifle)

61              1770500            Challenges (Intimidation)

62              1838300            Desert Eagle (Handgun)

63              1907600            12th Killstreak slot unlocked

64              1978400            Challenges (rest of Intimidation)

65              2050700            RPG x2 (Launcher)

66              2124500            13th Killstreak slot unlocked

67              2199800            Model 1887 (Shotgun)

68              2276600            14th Killstreak slot unlocked

69              2354900            15th Killstreak slot unlocked

70              2434700            AK47 (Assault Rifle)



It may seem that as your level increases, the number of points needed to rank up becomes much too high, but you regularly unlock new challenges to complete for bonus XP, and the points granted for in-game experience go up steadily as your rank increases. A lower ranked player will receive many fewer XP for a completed match than will a higher ranked player who participates in the same exact game. Winning helps a lot: in Team DM, for example, the winning players get twice as many points for the match as the losers get. You earn points for time spent in each match, and the points you earn are adjusted down from the maximum if you join after the game starts.

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Comments for Ranking Up with XP and Challenges

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Aug 14th 2014 Guest
I'm prestige
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Jun 17th 2012 Guest
i prestiged only so i could get more custom classes
ID #153823
Jun 8th 2012 Guest
I took my first prestige but now to get rank it's like a hundred million xp requiered to move up, isn't that a bit much? Right before that the game was moving fast with endless ammo and players walking in the air.
ID #150113
Aug 22nd 2010 Guest
nice dude im at level 68
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