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Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 Walkthrough and Guide

by Absolute Steve and Just One More  

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Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 Multiplayer Guide


Be creative: try different weapons and options to see what they can do. Map: Rundown.

All of the MP game modes have as their basic underlying principal the idea that it’s better to get more kills for your team than you offer deaths to the other team. This is most obvious in the Deathmatch modes, whether team based of solo (Free For All), but the objective modes are the same in that if, in Domination, you can keep killing the enemy players, they are less able to claim and hold the objectives; whenever they are spawning or running to an objective they are not actively contributing to their side’s score.  The best players realize that a positive kill/death ratio is a better help to a winning effort than a lot of kills balanced by an equal number of deaths. A player who goes 10-5 has made a bigger contribution to a victory than a player who went 20-18 by a factor of 5-2.

The beauty of IW’s multiplayer environment and its many possible combinations of perks and weapons is that it allows players of many different abilities and style to be successful IF each gives some thought to which tools and abilities are available.

Use the tools you’re given—your UAV is invaluable. Map: Afghan.

There will always be more gifted players who can out shoot most opponents, and for whom the more subtle game options are of no interest. Indeed, such perks as Cold Blooded and Ninja may be disadvantages because they make it harder for enemies to find you. If you’re a quick, accurate aimer who never misses and who can outshoot anyone who dares play against you, Cold Blooded is the last perk you’d choose, because you want enemies to know where you are and come to you so you can kill them.

If, however, you prefer a different style of play, the many possibilities will almost certainly allow you to come up with something that helps you win more than you lose. If you’re not a quick shot but you are patient and don’t mind or even prefer a slower pace, create a class that suits those qualities.

If you’re a terrible shot, have no gift for strategy or clear thinking during the game, and you don’t mind the ridicule and ill will back in the lobby after the match, by all means grab some C4 and camp in a dark corner for a while. This is just a video game and all are free to play it however is enjoyable and rewarding to them.

Sometimes you’ll get unlucky. Map: Derail.

Pay attention to what weapons other players use, how they play, and if that combo works. Then try it for yourself to see if it suits you. You can even copy it exactly with the Copycat Deathstreak. Use the Killcam to watch what other players do and you might learn new strategies that will work for you.

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Jun 16th 2012 Guest
yeah he is right about copycat deathstreak should use it against hi level peeps o and great guide
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Aug 20th 2010 rjb1980
what a excellent service, what great guidence.
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