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--- Act 3 ---

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 Walkthrough and Guide

by Absolute Steve and Just One More  

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Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 Guide


Follow Captain Price and he'll tell you to take out one of the patrolling guards - he'll take care of the other.  Next he'll ask you to take out the guard and his dog.  Take out the fast dog first, then quickly dispatch the soldier.  Price will take care of the remaining troops.

Move over the bridge and as soon as enemy vehicles are incoming, rush into the woods with Price until he tells you to slow down.  This should be around a spot with two tombstones.  Continue and Price mentions a three-man patrol.  Take them out.


This intel is found next to the three-man patrol of which Price gave you the option to leave them be or to take them out.  It's found on the box that came down with a parachute.


Video showing the location of Enemy Intel #31.

Next up is another patrol; Quickly down them before they can alert more soldiers around the area, which means more of a hassle.  There'll be another dog patrol up ahead, and it's your call to dispatch or leave them.  You'll soon reach an open area with several barracks.  Meet up with your team and clear the area.

In the next area you're asked to use the Drone on one of the targets around the base.  The chopper is probably a good target to pick.  After using the Drone, the base will be alerted, so move in.  Proceed to the building with the number 33 on it, which is located to the west/northwest. 


Head inside the building with the number 33 on it, go through the next magazine hall and look for the intel nearby the doorway on the other side to the southwest.


Video showing the location of Enemy Intel #32.

Proceed north and a truck will show up.  Use the Drone to take it out, then continue down the road and around the corner, curving west.


Go left past the red bulldozers after going around the previous corner, and head for the building with the sattelite dish on top.  Go underneath the viaduct and look for a staircase to your right.  Dispatch any enemies here and collect the intel from this rooftop.

Video showing the location of Enemy Intel #33.


Head back to the main road and follow Price to the building nearby the sub.  Hold your position here and use the Drone to take out trucks - or better yet, several trucks at once - when those missiles become available to you.  Shortly after standing your ground, a scene will initiate.

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