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Victor Charlie

Call of Duty: Black Ops Walkthrough and Guide

by vhayste  

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Victor Charlie

Shoot the two bastards in front then as the chopper sinks, swim to the hatch and press X repeatedly to open it. Swim to the objective point. Kill all enemies while being protected by your friendly meat shield then press on. Kill the remaining forces to receive your next instructions.

Objective: Rendezvous with Whiskey Team
Follow Woods downstream then swim to the river. Head to the waypoint and stealth kill the guard on the boat. Continue to the next shanty to meet up with the others. Once done, continue following Woods.

Objective: Destroy the ZPU, Place C4
Dive down and place the first C4. After that, climb over to the next shanty then knife the sleeping guard. Carefully exit the room and check the corner to the left to find the first intel of the mission.

Victor Charlie Intel 1/3

Knife the other guard then dive down the hole. Place another C4 nearby then swim to the waypoint. Head out then regroup with your team. When prompted to detonate the charges do so and start clearing the village. If you need more weapons, you can check out the large hut to the left. Later on, Whiskey team will start to get pummeled so go to their aid and destroy the ZPU using the M202 that will be dropped on the ground by a soldier.

Objective: Clear the north village
Before heading to the next objective, check the hut in the northern part of this village, to the left. Another intel is inside. Refer to the video below for more details.

Victor Charlie Intel 2/3

Continue to the next waypoint and clear the next hut. There will be an MG emplacement ahead so make sure you take it out first. Push your way through until you reach a rat tunnel ahead. Jump down there and get some guerilla fun.

Objective: Find Kravchenko
Follow the tunnel and keep your pistol loaded and ready. When you reach a large room, don't go out yet since there several armed rats inside. Kill them all then regroup with Reznov. Follow him again in the tunnels. When you see a fork, take the left path to find the last intel in this mission. Continue until you reach the control room in the other end.

Victor Charlie Intel 3/3

Objective: Escape
The place is rigged and the path will start crumbling. Continue ahead until you reach the exit. Dig your way out and watch the following scenes to complete the mission.

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Dec 16th 2010 Guest
@ID #18643; A 'ZPU' is usually a one to four barreled (ZPU-1 to ZPU-4) anti-aircraft weapon.
ID #21279
Nov 19th 2010 Guest
whats the zpu
ID #18643