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Call of Duty: Black Ops Walkthrough and Guide

by vhayste  

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Objective: Assault the Rusalka, Protect squad, Land helicopter

You'll need to destroy the AA defenses of the ship and that should be easy to do since you're not a stranger to helicopter piloting and combat anymore. Just rain hell on the ship until you get the order to protect the LZ. Continue destroying the new marked targets so your ground forces can safely disembark and assault the ship. A Hind will appear out of nowhere so take it out. Land your severely damaged helicopter to the landing pad and proceed on foot.

Objective: Rendezvous with Weaver below deck, Shoot the helicopters, Pickup the Valkyrie Rockets

Head to the next waypoint. Enemy forces will appear there; just engage them until enemy helicopters appear. The first intel is located on the floor, at the other end of the open container van to the left.

Redemption Intel 1/3

Grab the Valkyrie rockets on the ground and bring down the helicopters. Like the TOW missile, you need to guide the rockets but you can also detonate them manually. The achievement 'Double Whammy' requires you to destroy these two choppers with one missile. If you stop and look at their patterns, there will be plenty of times that they'll hover perilously close to each other or just fly by closely. You need to time your missile and fire it in between them then detonate it. This is a really challenging achievement to unlock as it requires timing and luck. Don't worry, the Valkyrie comes with unlimited ammo while this objective is active.

Continue ahead and the last set of enemies on the deck. Enter the ship and continue following the staircases until you reach a large room below. The second intel is located under the table, stuck in between some small wooden crates. Head to the next room and clear it out to finish this phase of the mission.

Redemption Intel 2/3

Objective: Find and kill Dragovich, Stop the broadcast

Swim up to the broadcast station. Continue inside and sweep the area clean. Head to the next set of staircases and clear the next large room you'll come across to. It will be submerged moments later so swim up again and continue following the path until you reach another room with a map display. Continue upstairs to the right. The last intel is located under the desk on the following room.

Redemption Intel 3/3

Approach the control panel to stop the broadcast. Dragovich will finally make his appearance. Grab him and pull him, then choke him to death.

Just follow Hudson and you'll be swimming to the surface after a few seconds. Watch the following scenes… and you just completed the last mission. Congrats!

... Now check out our Intel and Achievement Guides in case you are missing anything.

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Comments for Redemption

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Apr 16th 2011 Guest
A hind is what I'm gonna call a major helicopter and my strategy is to get in close and never stop shooting your machine gun. When you and the hind are straight fire rockets. Hope I helped from bbeltasassian
ID #37682
Feb 13th 2011 Guest
[size=12][color=purple][/color] [/size] whats up queers
ID #29074
Jan 11th 2011 Guest
What means "A HIND" ?
ID #24940
Jan 2nd 2011 Guest
I havent even finished this mission yet... the russian helicopter is hard to beat even on easy!
ID #23713